Best Dogs for Kids


There’s always a lot of excitement in families that are considering bringing a pet dog home. But on a more serious note, there are several parameters that will decide which pup your family is going to treasure for the next decade or more. These parameters include the dog’s personality, its size and its energy level. For a pet that’s going into a household of little kids, here are the most ideal of all dog breeds to consider:

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Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Golden Retriever

Here’s one smart, confident, loyal and kind breed that’s neither timid nor aggressive but very, very patient. These qualities make it perfect for a kids household. They love to play, need to be exercised a lot and are fun-loving, obedient and very affectionate. It also has a wonderful coat that needs to be brushed often and it loves to be outdoors. Does this sound like your pet?

Bull Dog

This one is devoted to his master and shows a lot of patience in general. He’s also very loving to kids and his sturdy build is perfect for kids who want to play rough and also loyal and friendly and is equally at home in an apartment as in a large house. He’s also good with visitors to your home and can live comfortably with other pets, which makes it right for social families.

Labrador Retriever

Your kids will love to play with this guy, who’s not just playful but protective, patient and reliable. This breed is also known for its intelligence and adapts to training very well. They need to be exercised a lot, so be prepared for swimming and running.


You may choose to go with a black, yellow or chocolate Retriever, but the one you take home will be of high stamina and strength, and extremely obedient. They are compatible with other domestic pets. Their short coats means you need to comb them each week, so be prepared for it.


Kids will love this pet just for its different look, its stand-out haircut and its gentleness. But it’s also smart and makes a great pet, whether standard or miniature. They don’t shed much hair, so they are great for families with little kids and for those children who have allergies.

The standard variety is smart, playful and obedient while the miniature one is a one-person pet, obedient, responsive and playful. These qualities make them ideal for kids. Their coats, however, do need regular grooming, but this is a breed you’d be proud to show off, not just for its looks but its great qualities too.


What a fun- and play-loving this dog is and totally people-oriented. Of course, your family will also love him for his spotted coat and the fact that they can spend hours in his company without tiring of him. He’s energetic and will run with your kids for long and cosy up to them at night. He’s good with horses too, if you live on a farm.


Apart from all other pets, the Beagle is so small that you can carry him around. Besides, his calm nature and his love for being in the outdoors make him a great choice for families with little kids. He loves to explore his surroundings and go on long walks too. And, he’s a happy dog that radiates his happiness all over the house, so he’s great for your kids’ moods. But on the flip side, they shed a lot and need to have their coats brushed often.

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Here’s a golden-hearted large dog that bonds almost immediately with your kids. You’ll also find that he loves to be with people. He’s also great with kids, a big reason to take him home. He will also protect your family against thieves and other attackers.

Bull Terrier

Why do we link aggression with this breed when he’s actually a loving and friendly pet? Bred to be a companion dog, he’s popular among kids and adults. He can take a lot of pain, so kids love to run around with him and do some rough play. He’s also mischievous, particularly with other small dog breeds and other animals. If you pick him up to take home, remember to keep him physically and mentally engaged, to care for his coat and to play with him every day.

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Now that you know a little about kid-oriented dogs, choosing one for your family will be easier. Now that you know a little about kid-oriented dogs choosing one for your family will be easier. Signing up for dog insurance to cover your dog’s care is also essential. Check out Bivvy, which is one of the most affordable pet insurance companies.