11 Delicious Homemade Sweet Potato Recipes Your Kids Would Love


Potato fries, potato wedges, soup based dish, casseroles, in the form of rolls, roasted sweet potato fries, spanish quesadilla, pudding sweet potatoes, oven roasted sweet potato chips and ranch dip, as a side dish and sweet potato spread are some of the homemade sweet potato recipes.

The world of health and diet is vast where one can try anything to reduce their weight just by eating the right type of food. But then when you have to work with kids and help them in maintaining the overall stature of their body, then it’s a really difficult task at hand. Kids are very choosy in what they would want to eat. Hence we have one very special ingredient that could go very well with kids. Sweet potato is something that is universally accepted by kids and has most of the nutritious values that other vegetables might not have. Hence let’s take a look at the different recipes that one could try that is really beneficial to your kids.

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11 Sweet Potato Recipes for Babies

sweet potato recipes

Potato Fries

Sweet potato is often really healthy and has several nutritious values that any kid could benefit from. Hence cutting them into fries like shape of fries and then frying them can give your kid the highest levels of nutrients. Not only this, sweet potatoes have a greater taste than normal potatoes. Therefore, it can act as the perfect substitute for normal potatoes and also benefit the body in many different ways.

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Potato wedges

There are so many different ways through which anyone could get the best taste from sweet potatoes. For a healthier consumption and more bang per bite, try out sweet potato wedges that can make a huge difference in how a kid might eat the dish. Mix it with mayo and herbs to create that perfect blend of spiciness and tanginess to just make kids fall in love with the dish.

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Soup based dish

Sweet potato mashed up into a puree and then served in the form of a soup can also prove to be highly beneficial to the body. Not only this but then having a soup based dish has high vitamins and minerals content that could give the kids a boost in their well-being and improve their body as well. Sweet potatoes are rich source of vitamin A which is essential for kids during their growing phase.


Baked sweet potato casseroles are a perfect blend in ensuring that kids enjoy the taste and the goodness of what potatoes have to offer. Both kids and adult loves anything that is sweet and has some form of different taste in them. Therefore, this can be the best form of a supplement to sweet potatoes that your kid will always ask for more.

In the form of rolls

Having sweet potatoes in the form of rolls that are baked really entices the kids to have more and more of it. Sweet potatoes have the best in class blending agents that can add sweetness and also flavor to the dish. Hence, when used in baking products, it brings a totally different kind of taste.

Roasted sweet potato fries

Roasted sweet potato recipe is really easy to make and also brings out the overall flavor of the dish. What you need to do is cut the sweet potatoes in wedges like shapes. Then add your blend of herbs and spices such that the overall taste of the wedges is highlighted. Then roast them perfectly on either side to make the taste go beyond imagination. Serve with honey or mayo. The kids will definitely love it.


Spanish quesadilla

Making quesadillas is very simple. It’s as simple as making a roll that you would normally get anywhere in food outlets. Simply take a quesadilla and then stud the inside with spinach, mashed sweet potato mixed with herbs and spices of sorts and also mayo to act as a garnish. Place it on a pan to ensure that it’s perfectly roasted a little on each side. Add cheese of your wish as the topping and serve with a side dish of onions and lemons. This will be perfect for kids.

Pudding sweet potatoes

The overall conversion of sweet potatoes in the form of the pudding is a really simple process. Simply take mashed sweet potatoes and then add yogurt and honey and other pudding ingredients to make the best pudding that you would have ever tried out. Not only this but then it adds some different kind of taste to the outcome of the dish and makes it kids favorite to have the dish and just want more of it in the end.

Oven roasted sweet potato chips and ranch dip

This recipe can be a kid’s favorite because who doesn’t like a good chip with a really interesting kind of sauce as the primary dip. Simply cut down the sweet potato in the form of chips such that it can be roasted inside the oven. Then make your blend of spices and herbs to be added upon the slices of sweet potato and place in an oven to be roasted for about some time. After this, prepare the dressing with mayo and other spices to create the perfect dish for kids to enjoy.

As a side dish

Who said that sweet potato can only be used as a main dish ingredient? Well, it’s worth every penny when you can get an ingredient that works as both. Therefore, simply mash up some sweet potatoes and then mix it with cheese and milk to create the best side dish or as a dip that and be enjoyed by the kids to dip their chips or sandwiches and have a different kind of taste overall.

Sweet potato spread

Using a sweet potato to make a different kind of spread that you might use inside of sandwiches is something that is very easy to make and can give you the best relish that you would have ever tried. Simply take some mashed sweet potato and then greek style yogurt and curry to mix it and create the best spread that you can use in any of the rolls or subs that kids would definitely love.

Hence, try these recipes out for your kid who would definitely enjoy and also have the best time in having these dishes.





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