15 Health Benefits of Green Potatoes for Kids


A common European stable ingredient, green potato is often consumed regularly by a number of families. An American research chalks out how a judicious and balanced consumption of green potatoes does not increase weight rather it helps in monitoring blood pressure levels of the body. Every single serve of green potatoes fulfils the body daily demand of vitamins and minerals.

It contains in itself 2% calcium, 51% vitamin C, 9% zinc, 30% vitamin B6, 12% magnesium and a healthy dose of potassium along with carbohydrates, protein and fibre. It is an essential and highly sought after food ingredients for young children to meet the bodies need for an overall nutritional growth. It is often suggested to eat these green potatoes boiled or steamed without peeling of the skin which contains majority of its nutrients.

Green Potatoes for Kids: 15 Health Benefits

benefits of green potatoes

Boosts the formation of new cells

Children are prone to minor accidents that leave behind cuts, bruises and scrapes. The high concentration of vitamin B in green potatoes enables the body to produce new cells. Kids are stationed at the prime stage of physical and mental growth. The demand for the build-up of new cells is generally higher in as compared to adults. Vitamin B is the key element in the body responsible for the production of energy.

Proper functioning of the nervous system and brain

Green potatoes are essentially important for the proper working of the brain and the nervous system. Its high vitamin constituents help the brain cells and tissues with prior promoted cell growth. The improved nature of the brain cells enables children to concentrate in class and also increases the attention span of children.

Stabilises the digestive system

The aversion of young kids from their daily vegetable intake is a problem tackled by all parents. The decreased fibre consumption directly affects the digestive system of the body. Green potatoes then become a convenient and healthy substitute for fibre since it can easily be blended with multiple recipes and a direct source of fibre. This quality of green potatoes makes it an advisable food product for parent whose kids suffer from digestive troubles.


Sunken Eyes

Crying and wailing is a common sound in parental houses. Yet at times excessive crying leads to sunken eyes commonly called as panda eyes. It may be caused by insomnia in kids and teens, too much electronic exposure or continuous crying are the causes for this condition. Green potatoes come in as a handy remedy to cure this disease. Nutritionists often suggest the patients to cut the potatoes in round or oval shape and keep them on the eyes regular application of it ensures healthy eyes.

Acne face treatment

Acne’s are a common problem in many teenagers on reaching puberty or at times in young children either due to genetic malfunction or exposure to polluted environment. Acnes are often the reason behind low self-esteem in kids and may lead to antisocial behaviour. A simple cure to this problem is green potatoes. One must thoroughly wash and cut them before applying it on the face. As soon as the turn pale grey remove them and wash your face with cold water.

Strengthens Bones

Green potatoes contain a lot of calcium and potassium both of which are a vital element for higher bone density and to rid children of weak bones. Since the young ones are more susceptible to take a fall during the day it is necessary for them to have strong bones. A balanced consumption of green potatoes will help the proper growth of the bones in not only kids but adults also.

Fights hereditary genetic diseases

At times certain diseases are transferred from the parents to offspring. A judicious consumption of green potatoes helps the kids fight against diseases like type two diabetes, weak hair and nails. It boosts the production of red blood cells in the body preventing the children from falling prey to diseases like HIV and anaemia. The traces of vitamin B found in the green potatoes acts as a catalyst to other body fluids such as amino acids and protein which help in the production of DNA in kids.

Improvises healing and immunity system

The heavy concentration of vitamin C in green potatoes becomes a support to the immune structure of the body. It improves healing of minor wounds and prevents small kids from catching regular fever or cold. It ensures that the teeth and gums of children stay healthy by the presence of collagen in it.

Helps the child to sleep

At times small children often face the problem of disturbed and irregular sleeping patterns which may be caused by lack of magnesium or vitamin B. Green potatoes is a perfect amalgamation of both these minerals and help the child sleep peacefully. The result of an increased mineral diet can be observed in kids from the very first day of consumption.


Prevents Cramps

A healthy intake of potassium helps relax the muscles. Children are on the ultimate stage off growth. It is important for them to consume required quantity of potassium to avoid hypokalaemia. One green potato a day generally does the job and enriches the body with the required nutrients.

Prevents Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases in today’s scenario. A balanced consumption of green potatoes lowers the risk of suggestively five servings a week. The essence of these potatoes not only prevents cancer but also fights tumour growths.

Keeps the Heart healthy

At times children are often born with blue baby syndrome, ventricular defect or a weak heart. Green potatoes have low calorie and high fibre contents. It should be steamed and consumed to reap its maximum benefits. It also reduces the level of cholesterol in adults and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fights common cold

Due to their low level of body immunity children often catch fever and cold every second day. Green potatoes encapsulate in itself a good quantity of zinc nutrients that help the body fight against these diseases. It acts as a powerful antioxidant good for the child’s skin and hair.

Oxygen circulation

The presence of vitamin B and zinc in green potatoes helps the body in absorbing other minerals like iron which is important for the circulation of blood in the body. Certain minerals are not directly absorbed by the body and needs other minerals for absorption. Green potatoes provide this crutch to the body and help in a healthy lifestyle.

Reduces inflammation

Green potatoes are a major remedy suggested by doctors to reduce inflammation internal and external. They are easy to digest and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are frequently taken during mouth ulcers which is a common ailment common in young children.
Though green potatoes are highly nutritious yet one must never forget that excess of anything is bad. Thus it is important to maintain a composed diet to lead a healthy life.

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