11 Amazing Benefits of Purple Potato in Your Child’s Diet


Purple potatoes regulate blood pressure, prevents the occurrence of blood clots, improves eyesight, helps in the building up of fluid, boosts the immune system by many folds, source for a great energy boost, strengthens the skeleton system, promotes weight loss eliminates signs of aging, helps in balancing of hormones and fighting of cancer.

Seeing different colored vegetables can be some sort of a gimmick, but then naturally aspirated vegetables that have some different type of color can spark some really interesting health benefits as well. One such vegetable is the purple potato of Bolivia and Peru. These potatoes generally have a nutty and more of a sand-like taste when compared to the normal brown potatoes. Also, some might be sweet but they aren’t that exclusive to these purple potatoes. Not only this, they are filled with anti-inflammatory properties and other types of enzymes such that it can fight off all kinds of bacteria and other unwanted germs from the human body. Sporting multiple health benefits, it’s a perfect vegetable that you could give your kid in order to boost the all round immunity and other health pertaining factors. Hence let’s check out the benefits of purple potato in a child’s diet.

11 Health Benefits of Purple Potatoes in Your Child’s Diet

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There are plenty of benefits when it comes down to the purple sweet potatoes. All of which are given below.

Regulate blood pressure

Enriched with high sources of vitamins and minerals, they have a knack of regulating and maintaining the blood pressure such that it doesn’t implode under stress. It’s a perfect take to enhance the overall concentration factor of kids to eliminate unwanted stress and give them complete relaxation through the purple potato.

Prevents the occurrence of blood clots

Nowadays, kids of very young age have started to get some really obnoxious conditions where their blood simple starts to clot in a place which turns out to be really harmful if it were to ever reach the heart. Hence consumption of purple sweet potato helps in eliminating these chances of blood clots ever taking place and helps in maintaining proper blood flow all across the body.


Improves eyesight

Having agents such as phosphorus and other antioxidants, it boosts eyes sight and helps in maintaining a stable sight for all growing kids. Needless to say, consumption of purple potato also enables the prevention of night blindness, cataract and macular degeneration which are few of the many conditions that are affecting kids nowadays.

Helps in the building up of fluid

In the human body, there is a significant intake of vitamins and minerals that need to be fulfilled on a daily basis in order to maintain a balanced diet. But for kids, the percentage of vitamins and minerals shoots up because of the growth factor. Purple potato has the tendency to satisfy all of these necessities and increase the fluidity of blood across the body.

Boosts the immune system by many folds

Vitamin C is the major ingredient in the immune system that helps in fighting off diseases and foreign particles in the human body. Not only this but then it boosts the immune system to provide kids the fighting chance if anything were to attack them. Also helps in faster recovery of kids when they are chronically ill.

Source for a great energy boost

No doubt, kids these days are packed with energy and stamina. But on the longer run, to sustain this type of energy, the purple potato is a perfect supplement that can be given in order to boost it up significantly. Not only this but then it helps in proving stamina and energy that kids require during their playtime and never make them feels tired after a long and busy day.

Strengthens the skeleton system

The bone-building enzyme known as manganese is not available in many vegetables out there. Consumption of purple sweet potato helps in the maintenance of the bones and teeth in the human body and also regulates the growth of it as well. Reduction of risks of bone breaking and promoting the growth of bones is what is required in kids that have a knack the break bones very easily through their playful nature.

Promotes weight loss

If your kid ever has the problem of being overweight and needs an immediate diet in the reduction of it, then purple potato is the first thing that you might need to include in your diet. Purple potato is a source of high fiber which supports in all round breakage of excess fat stored in the body and causing a natural weight loss phenomenon to occur.


Eliminates signs of aging

Purple potato has a knack to hide those marks of aging and also rejuvenate the dead cells of your body. Not only this but then it helps in the tightening of skin and promotes the overall oxidation by eliminating the dirt and residue accumulated on top of it giving you a bright and lustrous glow that you once sported.

Helps in balancing of hormones

Regulation of body hormones is the key as an imbalance can send the body down a spiral hole filled with problems that are very difficult to come out of. Vitamin B6 is the supplement that purple potato provides the body with and consumption of this vegetable can be very helpful in maintaining a balanced diet and naturally eliminate any problem causing enzymes.

Fighting of cancer

Cryogenic acid is one of the many supplements that are present in these purple potatoes where it fights off the tumor cells present in the body. Not only this but anti-inflammatory properties have given purple potato a must have if you have cancer like properties starting to build up.

Therefore, not many people have the knowledge about the vital nutrients that purple potato sports. Now that you are fully equipped with the benefits and usefulness of the vegetable, try to spread the word and make others healthy as well. All the best and stay healthy.

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