11 Super Foods that Help to Fight Obesity in Kids


So  what  exactly  is  obesity!  Those  2-3  extra  pounds  or  that accumulated  fat  on  your  thighs?  People often wonder  exactly  what amount of fat should be consumed in pregnancy. Should I force feed my  child?  These  are  some  common  questions  related  to  obesity. Obesity is  the  extra  fat  in  your  body.  “My baby is not fat, he/she  is healthy” or “children should consume more oily food” are some of most common advices given by Indian adults. Obesity is just not restricted to developed nations; it has grown in developing nations as well and is sadly  most  neglected  topic.  Obesity has nothing to do  with  being healthy.  A  fat  person  may  not  necessarily  have  all  the  nutrients  in adequate amounts; he/she may be deficient. So how to recognize and tackle this problem in kids! First, we need to understand why obesity is an issue by acknowledging the dangers it posses to our well-being; it is one  of  the  leading  causes  in  pre-  mature  diabetes  mellitus,  heart problems,  hypertension,  osteoporosis,  liver  problems,  and  hormonal imbalance in adolescent age group.

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Golden rules for tackling obesity are-

  1. Physical activity, which is irreplaceable
  2. Proper wholesome diet

Physical activity is to be done by you, but we can surely help you with some super foods to tackle obesity in your kid. Super food is not well defined; they are just food tightly packed with nutrients which are very much necessary. So, let’s take a look in some of those-

11 Super Foods that Help to Fight Obesity in Kids

1)  Wheat grass

Wheat grass is young grass of common wheat plant.

It is an edible grass which is mostly cheap, commonly found and most feasible super food. Available as juice, capsule, tablets, powders. It can be  grown  on  your  own  wheat  grass  in  a  small  kitchen  space. Encourage your child to take some wheat grains, add them in a small pot, and water them daily and viola. You can take fresh shoots, crush them and take juice out of them. Wheat grass is full of nutrients like


chlorophyll, which is most significant constituent as it is natural liver

detoxifier blood strengtheners and also increases metabolism aiding weight  loss.  Antioxidants,  Vitamins  A,  Vitamin  C,  Vitamin  E  and Selenium- These all nutrients act as antibacterial and antiseptic. They reduce  blood  sugar  levels  and  increase  body  metabolism.  So,  go ahead and make a daily routine of including wheat grass!

Fight Obesity

2)  Coconut

Coconut as well as coconut oil both are full of nutrients they help to reduce fat in body. Coconut has many minerals like copper, phosphorous,  iron,  magnesium,  phosphorus,  selenium  and  a  nice amount of vitamin C which helps to keep skin more elastic and flexible (remember grandma suggesting to massage baby with it, well she was right).  Along with  that,  selenium  helps  to  reduce  joint  inflammation. Coconut  doesn’t  stop  here.  Along  with  nutrients;  Coconut  water soothes digestion also relieves any irritation in the GIT and improves stomach upset and aid digestion. The fibers help in increasing gastric motility and also reduces food craving. So yes, do use coconut oil in food preparation and also instead of flavoured drinks and carbonated drinks coconut water can do the work.

3)  Lotus Seeds

My personal favorite being a grownup. I still treat on those, commonly known as “Makhanas” they appear as popped cotton seeds.  And  have  loads  and  loads  of  calcium.  Also  rich  in  protein, carbohydrates,   fibers,   magnesium,   potassium,   phosphorus.   They reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It can easily replace the buttery  popcorn  with  cheese.  It  can  be  served  by  tossing  in  bit  of coconut oil and then adding some paprika or pepper.

4)  Greek yogurt

Yoghurt is in a debate for a long time now, so Greek yoghurt can be the middle man and does attain the title of a super food. Since Greek yogurt is strained three times it gets a thicker consistency and high concentration of proteins. So, a high nutritional quantity in a low physical quantity is attained. Also, it is thicker and creamier ready to  replace  the  age-old  sugar  loaded  ice-cream.  Its  high  amount  of protein takes care of the daily protein requirement. Also, its probiotic nature helps proper digestions and avoids the small tummy aches.


5)  Almonds

Yes, a very common and age-old nut but our super food list will  surely  be  incomplete  without  it.  Probably  these  are  the  most nutritional  nuts  in  the  market.  Being  a  great  source  of  potassium,

calcium,  vitamin  E,  magnesium,  phosphorus  and  iron.  They  aid  in weight loss, reducing fat mass, also lowering systolic BP (beneficial for adults). 4-5 almonds per day are enough to reap their benefits.

And yes a great replacement for the daily candy in your kid’s Tiffin box.

6)  Citrus fruits

Also called as super fruits, I think these are a common suggestion for obesity. Yeah, they increase body metabolism and help in reducing weight, but they also help in preventing obesity and giving much more health benefits. They are rich in vitamins like C and Vitamin A and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium along with great     anti-oxidant   properties.   Also,   cheap,   easily   available   and commonly loved by all. Nowadays an organic variety of oranges like baby oranges are available. I am sure they will fascinate your kid and they can easily substitute the hunger pangs throughout the day.

7)  Oats

A  great  substitute  for  the  morning  sugar  loaded  Chocó’s breakfast.  Oats  have  high  amount  of  fibers  which  lower  the  blood cholesterol, increases bowel movement and reduces food craving. Oat being  a  very versatile  grain can be  added  in some quantity in  daily chapatti atta, or porridge or fruits.

8)  Sweet  potato

These  root  vegetables  are  loaded  with  vitamin  C, vitamin  A,  potassium  and  magnesium.  Vitamin  A  being  the  highest content, it almost meets the daily requirement of vitamin A thus helps to keep vision healthy and it fights inflammations. And of course, fights the biggest accused vegetable for obesity “potato”. So, snack on them as wedges or toss them in a curry and enjoy the super food.


9)  Spinach

Cheap, easily available and loaded with nutrients, flooded with anti-oxidants, vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin K, and iron! And I tell you these are not found in traces it is literally loaded with all these nutrients, after all Popeye was not a fool. Having your kid to eat it can be a problem but some hacks like using in a sandwich, salads, omelets and  preparing  with  their  favorite  veggie  can  be  useful.  So  surely spinach cannot be ignored in daily diet.

10) Honey

Known as royal jelly. It has too much of benefits; to mention some,  it  is  antibacterial,  anti-inflammatory,  has  soothing  properties, increases calcium absorption provides instant energy without insulin surge unlike sugar and also high in minerals like copper, magnesium, iron  and  calcium.  Also,  one  of  the  most  loved  properties  is  that  it doesn’t increase your blood sugar level as it has maximum of fructose,

so it is a great natural substitute for sugar, jams and jelly.

11) Garlic

There are many other super foods which can be included here, but our list would be incomplete without this condiment. Apart from  giving  a  great  flavor  to  our  food  it  has  great  anti-microbial properties, so I don’t know if it protects us from vampires but surely it does  from  the  unwanted  bacteria’s  and  viruses.  Apart  from  that  it lowers the cholesterol level and is beneficial for heart problems. So, go on add some garlic tadka. It can also replace your various unhealthy side dips with garlic sauce or garlic chutney.

Here I conclude my list. Of course, many other super foods are left, but these are some which I feel are of great importance. These are  easily  available  and  also  can  be  used  without  making  many changes in lifestyle. Remember many small changes make a great change.

A  health  outside  starts  from  inside,  gift  your  baby a  healthy lifestyle!