71 Adorable Space Baby Names for Boys and Girls


Finding a name for your baby is a strenuous task and all ideas are welcome. People in ancient times used to look up to the sky for inspiration. You can also do the same if you want an inspiration. Our universe is vast and is full of stars, galaxies, and planets from which you can choose from. Here are 101 best space baby names for boys and girls.

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Top 71 Space Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Space Baby Names for Boys

Name Meaning
Alioth Brightest star in the Great Bear Constellation
Altair The flying one
Apollo The son of Zeus
Aries The Ram- the first zodiac sign
Astrophel Star lover
Atlas Triple star system belonging to Taurus
Badar Full moon
Castor Pious one
Cielo Sky
Comet English word for a cosmic body of ice and gas that flies through the galaxy
Cupid Desire
Donati Given by God
Draco Dragon
Elio Greek sun god
Finlay Fair-haired hero
Galileo From Galilee
Hamal Brightest star in the Aries constellation
Hesperos Personification of Venus
Hoku Star
Holmes From the island in the river
Izar Star
Janus Gateway
Jupiter Chief Roman god
Leo Lion
Lintang Indonesian name that translates to star
Named Star dancer
Neptune Famed god of the sea
Oberon Noble or bearlike
Orion The rising star
Perseus One of Zeus’ sons
Phoenix Means Dark red and one of the minor constellations found in the southern sky
Pluto God of the underworld in Roman mythology
Pollux The twin brother of Castor in Greek mythology
Qamar Arabic word for moon
Rasalas The northern star of the lion’s head
Regulus The brightest star in the Leo constellation
Sabik A star in Ophiuchus
Samson Sun
Sirius The brightest star in the galaxy
Sol Spanish for Sun
Taurus Bull; constellation found in the northern hemisphere
Titan It means leader in Greek mythology
Zenith Represents the point of the celestial sphere that’s above an observer on earth
Alpha First letter of the Greek alphabet and the brightest star in every constellation
Ascella A star system in Sagittarius
Aten Asteroid group
Columba A constellation names after the dove warned Noah about the upcoming flood
Halo Galactic halo
Kale Moon orbiting Jupiter
Nash A common name for the star Gamma Sagittari
Proteus One of Neptune’s moons

Space Baby Names for Girls

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Name Meaning
Alcyone The daughter of Aeolus and married to Ceyx
Alula The first leap
Alya Heavens, exalted, highborn
Amalthea Tender goddess in Greek mythology
Andromeda The daughter of Cassiopeia
Aquarius The constellation between Pisces and Capricorn
Ariel Lion of god
Astra Of the starts
Aurora The dawn in Latin
Belinda Goddess ruling over heaven and Earth in Babylonian mythology
Bellatrix Female warrior
Bianca One of the Uranus’ moons
Calypso She who hides
Capella Little she-goat in Latin
Cassiopeia Queen of great vanity in Greek mythology
Celeste Of the heavens
Chandra Hindu Moon goddess
Charon Of keen gaze
Cordelia Heart or daughter of the sea
Corona Crown; an aura of plasma floating around the sun
Cressida One of the smaller moons orbiting Uranus
Cybele Mother of all gods
Danica Morning star
Despina The daughter of Demeter and Poseidon
Dione Divine queen
Elara The mythological lover of Zeus
Electra Bright or shining
Eris The goddess of discord and strife
Faye Fairy
For a Flower
Galatea She who is milk-white
Gemini Twins
Helene Bright or shining one
Hilda Battle woman
Hoshi Star
Ida Industrious one
Indu Moon in Hindi
Juliet Youthful
Kamaria Moonlight in Swahili
Larissa Citadel
Luna The Roman goddess of the moon
Nova New
Rhea A flowing stream
Selena Moon goddess
Stella  Star
Thalassa The sea
Venus Roman goddess of love and beauty
Zaniah Corner; a triple star system in the constellation of Virgo
Ophelia A small moon of Uranus
Pandora A moon of Saturn