71 Adorable Space Baby Names for Boys and Girls


Finding a name for your baby is a strenuous task and all ideas are welcome. People in ancient times used to look up to the sky for inspiration. You can also do the same if you want an inspiration. Our universe is vast and is full of stars, galaxies, and planets from which you can choose from. Here are 101 best space baby names for boys and girls.

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Top 71 Space Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Space Baby Names for Boys

AliothBrightest star in the Great Bear Constellation
AltairThe flying one
ApolloThe son of Zeus
AriesThe Ram- the first zodiac sign
AstrophelStar lover
AtlasTriple star system belonging to Taurus
BadarFull moon
CastorPious one
CometEnglish word for a cosmic body of ice and gas that flies through the galaxy
DonatiGiven by God
ElioGreek sun god
FinlayFair-haired hero
GalileoFrom Galilee
HamalBrightest star in the Aries constellation
HesperosPersonification of Venus
HolmesFrom the island in the river
JupiterChief Roman god
LintangIndonesian name that translates to star
NamedStar dancer
NeptuneFamed god of the sea
OberonNoble or bearlike
OrionThe rising star
PerseusOne of Zeus’ sons
PhoenixMeans Dark red and one of the minor constellations found in the southern sky
PlutoGod of the underworld in Roman mythology
PolluxThe twin brother of Castor in Greek mythology
QamarArabic word for moon
RasalasThe northern star of the lion’s head
RegulusThe brightest star in the Leo constellation
SabikA star in Ophiuchus
SiriusThe brightest star in the galaxy
SolSpanish for Sun
TaurusBull; constellation found in the northern hemisphere
TitanIt means leader in Greek mythology
ZenithRepresents the point of the celestial sphere that’s above an observer on earth
AlphaFirst letter of the Greek alphabet and the brightest star in every constellation
AscellaA star system in Sagittarius
AtenAsteroid group
ColumbaA constellation names after the dove warned Noah about the upcoming flood
HaloGalactic halo
KaleMoon orbiting Jupiter
NashA common name for the star Gamma Sagittari
ProteusOne of Neptune’s moons

Space Baby Names for Girls

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AlcyoneThe daughter of Aeolus and married to Ceyx
AlulaThe first leap
AlyaHeavens, exalted, highborn
AmaltheaTender goddess in Greek mythology
AndromedaThe daughter of Cassiopeia
AquariusThe constellation between Pisces and Capricorn
ArielLion of god
AstraOf the starts
AuroraThe dawn in Latin
BelindaGoddess ruling over heaven and Earth in Babylonian mythology
BellatrixFemale warrior
BiancaOne of the Uranus’ moons
CalypsoShe who hides
CapellaLittle she-goat in Latin
CassiopeiaQueen of great vanity in Greek mythology
CelesteOf the heavens
ChandraHindu Moon goddess
CharonOf keen gaze
CordeliaHeart or daughter of the sea
CoronaCrown; an aura of plasma floating around the sun
CressidaOne of the smaller moons orbiting Uranus
CybeleMother of all gods
DanicaMorning star
DespinaThe daughter of Demeter and Poseidon
DioneDivine queen
ElaraThe mythological lover of Zeus
ElectraBright or shining
ErisThe goddess of discord and strife
For aFlower
GalateaShe who is milk-white
HeleneBright or shining one
HildaBattle woman
IdaIndustrious one
InduMoon in Hindi
KamariaMoonlight in Swahili
LunaThe Roman goddess of the moon
RheaA flowing stream
SelenaMoon goddess
Stella Star
ThalassaThe sea
VenusRoman goddess of love and beauty
ZaniahCorner; a triple star system in the constellation of Virgo
OpheliaA small moon of Uranus
PandoraA moon of Saturn