17 Signs of an Intelligent Baby


Is you little sweetheart a genius? You want him to be one right? Well, all babies are wonderful but in order to help your baby develop efficiently you must have an insight of his intelligence. Parents can infer the intelligence level of their baby simply by observing some signs in their little one. Here is a list of some signs of an intelligent baby:

intelligent baby signs

17 Signs Indicate that your Baby is a Genius

Excellent Memory

The sign of an intelligent baby is their memory. If they have a sharp memory they remember where the toys are hidden,  names of people,  places visited before and other minute details. As a baby they also remember which is the place to sleep and where to eat. So,  if your child remembers every bit of information unlike other children who often forget,  you’re kid belongs to the intelligent slot.

Able to Link Information Well

Scientists say that the ability to link information or to predict actions is a sign if intelligence. For example,  a smart baby can process that a toy is for playing,  if you are going to the kitchen,  you will probably return with food.

Goes Well with Older Children

If you child likes to play with older kid and is able to follow them, no doubt he is a smart kid. They also go along well with adults. Child consultants say that when they are around an older crowd they are actually trying to learn from them.

Able to Converse Earlier than Other Children

Good language skills and the ability to speak earlier than other children is a sign of an intelligent baby.  Good speaking doesn’t mean simply babbling. If your child is able to say sentences and answer back to what other people say. He is undoubtedly smart. Babies generally learn to speak word within 18 months,  so if your baby is interested in books and words and can form sentences before that. They are smart.


Do not Sleep Well

Yes, it can be really frustrating if your child doesn’t sleep for long as while they are awake they keep you engaged with themselves. But this is actually a good sign. Babies who do not sleep well or stay up till late night are intelligent as their brain is so stimulated that they find it hard to fall asleep.

Bold Personality

If your baby is lively at a young age and doesn’t find it hard to mingle with people, it means she has developed good social skills and a sense of humour. This shows they are intelligent as some kids either avoid other people or start crying.

Emotionally Powerful

Babies with additional intelligence have powerful emotions. They tend to feel both positive and negative emotions very strongly. They also have a mature thinking as compared to other kids. So,  in this case you must encourage your child and let him connect with people and pets.

Exceptional Energy

Smart kids have an extra lot of energy. They don’t get tired soon and seem interested in whatever they do.


If your kid is highly interested in his/her surroundings keep asking questions and explores everything that is around his/her. He/she is an intelligent kid. So, get ready to be challenged with new questions everyday. Keep your answers and explanations ready. Don’t be surprised if he/she ends up opening her toys to look what’s inside it.


Well, smart kids also have hobbies. If your child shows extra interest in a particular activity or subject, or has a specific talent or are good at numbers; they are developing a hobby and making their interests clear at an early age.


Loves Talking

If your kid prefers to talk that to simply sleep or play,  they are exceptional. Babies with extra intelligence try to always talk about something or learn something. So,  if your kid keeps asking you what are you cooking and how you are cooking and loves, she has an extra touch of intelligent.

Meets Milestones Early

If your kid is ahead of his time,  that is,  he can sit or stand before four months or if she waves at you in half a year or starts babbling and tries to catch what you’re saying; they will turn out to be the intelligent ones.


An intelligent baby responds to whatever is happening around him very quickly. She will make eye contact with you, notices your emotional changes and respond when you call them.  Such kids are very sensitive to any change in their environment.

High Birth Weight

Babies with high birth weight have high intelligence level as per studies. This is mainly because heavier babies have better nourishment than babies with lower weight.

Good Imagination

Don’t be worried if your kid has started cooking up stories or started playing with imaginary people, or explaining complex situations, this is because they have a good imagination. An intelligent mind is the result of an imaginatively fertile brain. So,  never curb the flight of their imagination.


Being stubborn is not good,  but when you try to look at the positive side of the situation your child is determined. A stubborn child tries to negotiate and try to convince you to let him do what he wants or get him what he needs. This is a sign of intelligence as he has the capability to debate.


Enjoy their Own Company

Smart kids are good at conversations but they also like to spend time alone. They prefer making few friends and are happy by themselves. They can entertain themselves,  so they end up being a bit introverted. Do not push them to be a lot social in such a case as it is just a sign of their intelligence.


Well! Parents can be the best judge of their child’s intellect and these were certain parameters that can help you infer their intellect. In order to enhance their intellect you can also practice certain exercises. Also,  never forget your baby is special and their development depends on how you treat them. Happy Parenting!