51 Celestial Names for Baby Boy or Girl


If you are looking for a unique name that speaks to something bigger than themselves, celestial names are perfect ones for your baby. Here are 51 best celestial names inspired by the stars.

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51 Best Celestial Names for Baby Boy or Girl

Name Meaning
Alya Theta Serpentis star system’s first name
Alula The first twin starts discovered
Aerglo A natural glow of the night sky
Antila Air pump
Andromeda Princess of Ethiopia
Apus Bird of paradise
Aquarius Water bearer
Aquila Eagle
Ara Altar
Apollo Greek god of fun and light
Aries Ram
Archer Half man, half Sagittarius
Astrid Gorgeous Goddess
Auriga Charioteer
Ariel The shiniest moon in Uranus
Atlas Greek Titan of Astronomy
Bianca A small moon in Uranus
Callisto The third largest moon in the universe
Carina Keel of Argonaut’s ship
Cassiopeia Queen of Ethiopia
Centaurus Centaur
Cetus Sea monster
Circinus Compasses
Columba Dove
Crater Cup
Crux Cross
Cygnus Swan
Draco Dragon
Delphinus Porpoise
Elara A moon of Jupiter
Eridanus River
Equuleus Little horse
Fornax Furnace
Gemini Twins
Grus Crane
Halley A comet visible from Earth with the naked eye
Hercules Hercules, son of Zeus
Leo Lion
Holmes A comet
Janus A moon of Saturn
Lupus Wolf
Mensa Table mountain