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51 One Syllable Baby Girl Names with Meanings


Long names are out of trend now. Some may prefer short names for their child but one-syllable names are trending right now. One-syllable names easy to call, very attractive and sound interesting too. If you are looking for a unique one-syllable name for your baby girl, here are 51 best one syllable names for you to choose from.

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Top 51 One Syllable Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Name Origin Meaning
Bay Latin Berry
Bea English A diminutive of Beatrice
Belle French Beautiful
Beth Hebrew House
Bette Hebrew God’s promise
Blaire Scottish Plain, field
Blake English Black or pale
Blanche German White, pure
Blue American The color
Brie Latin Marshland
Brooke English Small stream
Brynn Welsh Hilled area
Cass Greek Mans’s defender
Chelle Hebrew Chalk landing place
Claire French Clear and bright
Clove  Latin Nail
Dawn English The first appearance of light, daybreak
Doe Greek Gift of God
Elle French She
Eve Latin Life, animal
Faith English Devotion
Fawn French Young deer
Faye French Loyalty, belief
Fern English Fern
Fleur French Flower
Gem Latin Gem, jewel
Grace English Gracious one
Grey English Grey-haired
Hope English Desire to be
Jade English Precious stone
Jane Hebrew God is gracious
Jean Hebrew God is gracious
Joan Hebrew God is gracious
Joy Latin Happiness
June Latin Month of June
Kai Polynesian The sea
Kate  English Pure
Kaye Greek Pure
Leigh Hebrew Delicate
Liv Scandinavian Defense
Love English Love, affection
Lux Greek Light
Luz Spanish Light
Lynne Spanish Pretty
May English The fifth month
Maeve Irish Intoxicating
Maude Hebrew Woman from Magdala
Mauve French Mallow plant
Nell Latin Horn, sun ray, shining light
Neve Latin Snow
Nyx Greek Night
Pearl Latin Pearl