17 Benefits of Sleeping without a Pillow


Sleeping without a pillow prevents insomnia, enhances creativity and memory,  flat head syndrome, neck pain, overheating, stress, depression and suffocation in the babies. It reduces the risk of diseases and allergies, repairs damaged cells, improves the energy levels, helps in posture and bone alignment, prevents acne and wrinkles and make you look younger.

sleeping without a pillow

Since the very beginning, we have been taught to sleep with a pillow on our bed. But according to the experts, sleeping without a pillow puts our body in a more natural state. Not only this, but sleeping without a pillow is also beneficial for our spine and neck bones. In this article, we will be discussing about 17 benefits of sleeping without a pillow:

Top 17 Health Benefits of Sleeping without a Pillow

Prevents Insomnia

You must try sleeping without a pillow if you wake up in the middle of the night or are insomniac. This will help you fall asleep pretty quickly. Not only this but sleeping without a pillow will also improve your quality of sleep.

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Enhances Creativity and Memory

Good quality sleep is beneficial in improving one’s creativity and memory. When we are sleeping, our mind uses that time to sort through all the information that is stored within during the day. When you sleep without a pillow, you sleep better, which is ultimately reflected in your mental and physical health later on.

Prevents Neck Pain

The neck must be in parallel alignment with the mattress when we sleep. But sleeping on a pillow pushes our neck upward or bent down and the condition gets even worse when we sleep on a wrong pillow. However, the nerve damage can be prevented if we sleep without a pillow.

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Improves the Posture

Sleeping on a thick pillow will push your neck into a curve making it permanent over time. This will obviously affect your posture. So, you can try sleeping without a pillow.

Prevents Depression

Not getting enough sleep ruins your mood, which in the long run, can lead to depression. Sleeping without a pillow provides you with better sleep, which will also reduce your chances of getting depressed as your quality of sleep will be better and so will be your mood.

Prevents Suffocation in the Babies

Accidents are likely to happen when a baby has a number of pillows around him/her that are wrong for them. They may hurt their neck or even suffocate under the pillow.

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Reduces the Risk of Diseases

The production of melatonin and cortisol in the body remains steady when you get proper sleep. If cortisol is in good supply and healthy condition, it can help your body fight against cancer cells, preventing you from a number of diseases.

Repairs Damaged Cells

The body heals and repairs any damaged cells when we sleep. However, the healing and repairing process gets affected when the sleep is interrupted. But when you sleep without a pillow, your body gets a chance of healing.

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

Flat head syndrome is when a baby’s head becomes flat on one side. This happens due to unnatural position of sleeping on a pillow. When the child is not given a pillow to sleep on, they sleep in their own natural position, thus preventing them from flat head syndrome.

Improves the Energy Levels

You are not likely to experience any pain in your back and neck once you give up the pillows. Your body will then get the adequate amount of rest and sleep that it requires and you will wake up the next day rested and energetic.

Prevents Stress

You might keep on changing the positions when you sleep with a wrong pillow, ultimately disturbing your sleep and make you more irritable and stressed out during the next day. But when you sleep without a pillow, you will experience an improvement in your sleep quality and decrease in your stress levels.

Prevents Back Pain

A lot of people suffer from back pain because of bad posture, which is at first caused by wrong pillow choice. In order to prevent the back pain, it is better to sleep without a pillow rather than sleeping with a wrong one.

Reduces Allergies

There are bacteria, dust, dirt and so many other things that tend to settle on the pillow over time and if you are suffering with a dust allergy, sleeping on a pillow case can really worsen your condition. Therefore, there are less chances of any allergies if you sleep without a pillow.

Improves Bone Alignment

Different people will be affected in different ways. Sleeping without a pillow will reduce the effects of this and will help to bring your posture back to normal.

Acne and Wrinkles

A pillowcase is a breeding ground for bacteria. When you sleep with one side of your face on it, the bacteria may get transferred to your face, leading to acne and breakouts.

Looks Younger

Sleeping without a pillow leads to better quality of sleep, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and acne. You will thus wake up with a fresh condition in the morning, thus making you look younger.

Prevents Overheating

Pillowcases made of polyester can make it very uncomfortable for the babies and can even tend to produce heat. Sleeping without a pillow is thus a much better option.


Our bodies are already used to sleeping with pillows and if you have decided to quit on using them, you do not have to rush the process as it is surely going to take some time.




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