11 Ways to Deal With Pregnancy Aches and Pains


Pregnancy is a bitter sweet experience for us women. When the pregnancy test strip shows 2 pink lines, we jump with joy and fly in the seventh heaven. It feels like finally we have reached the pinnacle of womanhood and brought humanity to a complete circle. Yes ! the feeling is that intense and overpowering.

But as reality checks in , we realize that being pregnant is no easy job and definitely not a joke. Gradually we loose control over our mind and body. We experience mood swings , nausea , fatigue ,strange pains and what not ! Even the most confident of women start doubting their credentials. Yes ! It is that difficult.

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Wait ! Wait ! Don’t panic , once your baby is out of your body and you embrace the little miracle, all the pains that you ever endured will vanish. This is no exaggeration. Ask anybody around you who has gone through pregnancy and childbirth, they will surely vouch for this .

The point is , your body is preparing itself for a bigger purpose -labor and finally delivery of the baby , through little aches and pains. Once you are through this , your body will heal naturally in no time. Until then to cope up with the nagging soreness, we bring you some tested tips and tricks. Just give them a try and walk the treacherous path with ease.

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11 Ways to Deal With Pregnancy Aches and Pains

1) Do simple exercises daily

Doing gentle , simple exercises starting from the early stages of pregnancy is very useful. Exercise gives us an “Endorphin rush” making us feel euphoric. Endorphin harmones interact mainly with cell – receptors that block pain and control emotions. This explains how exercises can relieve us of pain and stress. But be gentle and don’t overdo anything.

2) Get intimate with your partner

This , similar to exercise produces endorphins in our body making us feel good and satisfied. Cuddling with your better half not only relieves you of stress, but also strenghtens your bond with him. So , put in a little effort and find out the best positions and best timings for you and your partner to get rollicking under the sheets..

3) Go swimming

Swimming or just loitering inside the pool takes the pressure off your body for sometime. Swimming also helps to build and strengthen abdominal core muscles. This goes a long way in helping in the healing process postpartum.Pregnancy Aches and Pains

4) Join prenatal yoga classes

Expectant women endure a lot of back pain due to the gradually growing belly. Certain yoga poses are believed to provide relief. Yoga improves flexibility of your body, which in turn helps you find a comfortable position while sitting and lying down. But most importantly, have a word with your doctor and consult only a certified yoga trainer to prevent injuries

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5) Always rest your legs on a higher platform propped up with pillows

As you near the 3rd trimister, you almost look like an inflated baloon. Swelling of arms , legs and the tummy altogether gives this illusion. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet , as sodium is said to increase fluid retention. Always sit with your legs on a higher platform supported with cushions. Gravity tends to pull the fluid to your feet leading to edema


6) Lying on the left side of the body

Always lie on the left side while sleeping. This is because liver is on the right side of the abdomen , lying on the left helps keep the uterus off the large organ. Sleeping on left side also improves circulation to the heart and allows for the best blood flow to fetus , uterus and kidneys.

7) Avoid sitting , standing , working or resting for long periods of time

Schedule a time table to alternate between work and rest. Maintaining a balance in your daily activities is the key. Sitting cross – legged, dangling your feet in the air or standing for prolonged periods of time or rushing around with physical work could lead to severe muscle spasms followed by excruciating pain. At the same time sleeping all the time can make you feel groggy and lazy. Conclusion is do not overdo anything and strike a balance between work and rest.

8) Get a prenatal massage

There is nothing like a massage (ahh…) to rub away the pain. You can ask your partner for help or better still hire the services of a professional masseuse. Prenatal massage relieves many discomforts like backaches , stiff neck , leg cramps , headaches and edema.

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9) Sleep well

Get good 8 hours sleep.Uninterrupted sleep during pregnancy is next to impossible. Leg cramps , back ache ,frequent urge to urinate ,nausea , abdominal pain and many other aches and pains make sleep a far away luxury for expectant ladies.

Try taking a nap in the afternoon. Avoid heavy , spicy food before sleep. Drinking warm milk just before bed is also believed to induce sleep. Try sleeping on the left side with pillows propped up.


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10) Watch what you eat

Diet plays a major role maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Eat healthy home cooked food rich in protien , vitamins , minerals and roughage. Cut down on sugar , salt , and junk food. Avoid heavy , spicy and greasy meals. Anaemia , low bone mineral density , edema , heartburn , and constipation are common discomforts faced by mothers – in – the – making. A healthy diet can solve most of these problems than any pills.

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11) Keep yourself happy

Read good books , watch nice television programmes and listen to good music. Psychological health is also mandatory to have a stress less , healthy pregnancy. The above mentioned activities boost up your mood and keep you happy. Overall happiness makes us forget physical discomfort.

Pregnancy aches and pains are not only uncomfortable but downright unpleasant. You would be surprised to discover that your body is strong enough to endure and put up with these troubles with minimal effort. Nature has designed a female body in such a way that it support and nurture pro genesis.

But , in case you find that the discomforts are beyond your capacity to tolerate then visit a doctor Asap to strike off any pregnancy complication.