Exercises to Avoid in Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most crucial period in any woman’s life. It is very important for a woman to take care of her health as well as her baby’s health at the same time. She must be careful while taking each and every step. Exercises like swimming, walking, cycling during pregnancy yields better sleep, more endurance and strength.

But there are some good exercises that are not good for a pregnant woman and must be avoided completely. Here are the list of exercises that must be avoided by pregnant woman.

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Exercises That Are Not Good For Pregnant Women

1} Avoid all the exercises that indulge lying on stomach

Lying on the stomach can put extra pressure on your uterus and the growing baby inside the womb. This acts as a negative factor and can be dangerous for both you and the baby. Hence, avoid all exercises that involve lying on the stomach.

2} Exercises to Lose Weight

It is normal to gain 20-25 kgs when you are pregnant. Putting on that amount of weight may be depressing and hard to digest. Because of that if you work out to burn the fat, it may cause harm to the baby. Until your diet is healthy there is no need for you to worry about the extra weight as it is the sign of healthy baby growing inside you.

3} Contact Sports

Some sports like ice hockey, basketball involves a lot of contact to stomach. There is a chance of getting hit in the stomach during the sport. So it is better to avoid sports like that during pregnancy.


Exercises to Avoid in Pregnancy

4} Over Doing the Exercise

Doing exercise until you get exhausted is a sign of becoming strong in normal times. But practicing the same while you are pregnant isn’t correct. There is sign to show you whether you are overdoing or not. Never do the exercises where there is a need of holding breath, if you are unable to breath during exercises it is a sign that you are overdoing it and you must stop yourselves.

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5} Avoid Heat

In summers, plan in a way that you are exercising either early in the morning or in the evening when the weather is cold. If you are going to gym, make sure that it is air conditioned. Exercising in hot weather must be avoided in pregnancy.

6} Bouncing Exercises

There is a chance for muscles to become saggy during pregnancy. So it is better to avoid aerobics or kick-boxing in pregnancy.

7} Balancing Exercises

Some exercises like skiing, trekking needs balancing of body.  Riding a two wheeler also needs balancing technique. These activities must be avoided during pregnancy.


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8} Reaching High-Altitude

It is not advisable to do exercises at altitude more than 2,500m .This may reduce the oxygen supply to fetus. Contact your doctor before you decide to perform any form of high altitude exercise.

Watch out for these symptoms and avoid if they persist

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing.

9} Scuba Diving

Never ever plan any scuba diving activities during pregnancy. Nitrogen gas bubbles may surpass the placenta and cause any infections to the fetus.

10} Lying on Back

It is not safe to lie on your back for more time when you are pregnant. This may stop the blood circulation to the baby. So avoid any exercises that involves lying on back like crunches, yoga etc.

11} Weightlifting

Don’t lift heavy weights. Lift lighter weight for more time. You will tire easily and quickly as your pregnancy progresses so avoid lifting heavy weights.


12} Exercise used to Tone Muscles

Inverted poses in upside down bicycles, downward dog yoga position, hand stand and shoulder stand must be avoided during pregnancy. Woman should take a break from leaping exercises during pregnancy.

Some medical conditions like placenta privia, cervical insufficiency, anemia, high blood pressure will stop you from doing exercises completely.  People suffering from heart or lung diseases should also stay away from exercises in the time of pregnancy.

Exercises are good for health and must be done regularly. But some of those exercises (mentioned above aren’t healthy during pregnancy and may even lead to miscarriage. So the moms going to be must be very careful while exercising. Seeking help of doctor and following their suggestions regarding workouts is better. Stressing yourselves because of fitness isn’t a right method during pregnancy. So avoid exercises as much as possible.

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