Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy


Some of the home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy can include soaking feet in tonic water, warm bath with grapefruit essential oil, bathing with Epsom salts, practicing yoga regularly, taking magnesium supplement, using support hose, elevating the swollen foot and hydrating the body.

Pregnancy is known to be the most beautiful yet daunting experience in the life of a woman. Pregnancy fills the life of women with so much joy and excitement. Giving birth to a child is probably one of the most miraculous moments one can witness. It is one of the most memorable phases in a woman’s life. Pregnancy along with being beautiful can be very taxing on a woman’s health. With the amount of changes that go on in every pregnant woman’s body, it is obvious that there are many consequences they’ll have to bear with. There are many health issues pregnant women deal with. Morning sickness, back pain, giddiness and swollen feet are some of the drawbacks of pregnancy that women have to deal with. Swollen feet are common in almost all pregnant women.

Swollen Feet During Pregnancy
Home Remedies for Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

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What causes swollen feet?

Swollen feet are as a result of an increase in body fluids. These body fluids are secreted to help nurture you and your baby and tend to get accumulated in your tissues due to more blood flow and pressure exerted by your growing uterus on the pelvic veins and vena cava. The vena cava is a large vein that is responsible in the transportation of blood from your lower limbs to your heart. As a result of this build up, your feet are known to get swollen.

Another factor that is known to cause swollen feet is caused by the hormone relaxin. Relaxin as the name suggests is responsible of relaxing the ligaments of the pelvic region in order to get you ready for giving birth. Relaxin also loosens the ligaments in the feet; this allows the bones to spread out.

Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Although not harmful, swollen feet can be very uncomfortable. Below are a few easy steps that are natural, easy and effective in soothing down the swelling.

  1. Soak your feet in tonic water

The quinine that is present in tonic water helps in bringing down the inflammation and helps reduce the swelling. Soaking your feet at room temperature or cold tonic water is known to be better. You can do this twice every day to reduce inflammation in the feet.

  1. Grapefruit essential oil

Essential oils are so in right now, they are known for the numerous benefits they have for various ailments. Grapefruit essential oil is known to work well on your muscles. So a warm bath with a few drops of this oil can work miracles. You can mix a few drops of this oil with a carrier oil and give yourself a foot massage to get the lymph flowing. This can alleviate the swelling.

  1. Epsom salts

Epsom salt is your best friend during pregnancy. People all over the world know about the benefits of Epsom salts. These salts work like magic on tired or stressed muscles. Just add a two spoonfuls of this salt in your bath and soak away. In addition to working on your swollen feet, these salts will relax all the muscles in your body leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

  1. Yoga

Exercise works well in improving blood flow and circulation. Although other ways of exercising can be a little taxing, yoga is often what pregnant women are recommended to do. Look for yoga positions that focus on the circulatory system. Before taking a step it is always better to consult your doctor, even though yoga is seen practiced by many pregnant women, every pregnancy is different.

  1. Magnesium supplement

It is known that magnesium deficiency can significantly contribute to swollen feet. So taking a magnesium supplement can provide some relief. Again, before taking any medication that is not prescribed by your doctor, it is best you consult with him to be on the safer side.

  1. Get some support hose

Support hose or compression gear can prevent swelling to a great amount, especially from being on your feet. You can easily find compression socks that are knee- or thigh-high or full-on compression stockings. These can really help bring down the swelling and is tried and tested by many pregnant women.

  1. Elevate those feet

Gravity is your biggest enemy during pregnancy, especially, when it comes to swollen feet. So elevate your feet every chance you get! When you’re relaxing in the evening, place your legs up on some pillows or lie down on the floor and elevate them up against the wall.

  1. Water

Excess salt in the body, largely contributes to the swelling, so drinking a lot of water can help dilute the salt the system. Try drinking at 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. You can add lemon and cucumber and lemon to your drinking water. These have anti-inflammatory properties and hence, can help reduce the swelling in your feet to a great extent.

Swollen feet don’t have to slow you down during your pregnancy. While it’s natural to experience a little discomfort, you don’t have to suffer. With a few relaxing habits, you can kick swelling goodbye!