11 Best Health Benefits of Quenepas for Children


Quenepas boosts immune system, improves bone health, stimulates blood circulation, supports digestive system, soothes diarrhoea, promotes eye health, and prevents anemia. It acts as a healthy snack and also a great source of vitamins and rare amino acids.

There are many names by which Quenepas are known. Some common ones are Spanish lime, honeyberry, mapo, skinip, mamoncillo etc. The green colored fruit has a hard exterior and there is soft-jelly-like consistency in the interiors. The fruit has a combination of sour and sweet taste. Rich in various kinds of nutrients, the jellylike pulp of the fruit has many benefits for the young and the old alike.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Quenepas for Children

quenepas for kids

Helps in boosting the immune system

Like all tropical fruits, quenepas abound in various kinds of minerals and vitamin C. With these components, the body functions well and the immune system is also strengthened. The fruit also abounds in vitamin A, which helps in stimulating white blood cell production in the body.

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Improves overall bone health

Quenepas are excellent sources of calcium along with having small amounts of iron as well. As a result, the strength of the bones is enhanced significantly with this amazing fruit. Aging leads to weakness in the bones and causes bone ailments like arthritis and osteoporosis. Consuming quenepas strengthens the bones for old age as well.

Stimulates blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is crucial for the functioning of a body. This fruit is a rich source of iron, which augments production of red blood cells in the body and stimulates circulation. With proper circulation, oxygen reaches to all the organs in the body in a smooth manner, ensuring the functioning of the organs as well. Weakness and fatigue can be combated well with this fruit.

Supports digestive health

Digestive fiber is one of the most important compounds of quenepas. Fiber is important for ensuring healthy digestive health. Along with being high in fiber content, this fruit is low in sugar content. Various kinds of digestive problems can be kept at bay with regular intake of this tropical fruit.

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A Rich source of vitamins

Children need different kinds of vitamins for proper growth and development. Quenepas abound in different kinds of vitamins; special mention needs to be made of vitamin A and vitamin C. These vitamins ensure proper working of the body by boosting immunity and preventing infections and ailments.

Acts as a healthy snack

Children love to munch on various things from time to time and there is no better snack than quenepas for the same. Keep the pizzas, pastries and doughnuts aside and let the child snack on quenepas. The child will get healthy calories from the fruit intake, which amounts to almost 58 calories.

Great source of rare amino acids

Quenepas contain some rare kinds of amino acids, which the body finds difficult to produce naturally. The amino acid contained in this tropical fruit is known as tryptophan and helps in treating various kinds of health problems successfully. Insomnia is a condition which is combated with this amino acid.

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Helps in soothing away diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common complaint with many children and adults alike. The largest seed of the quenepas when crushed and roasted can help in soothing diarrhea excellently. Add some honey to the crushed seeds and consume the same.

Helps in promoting healthy eyes in children

Eyesight issues are high on the rise in children. Even small kids are seen with heavy glasses for weak eyesight. The tropical fruit of quenepas is rich in vitamin A and this component is directly related to eye health. Deficiency of vitamin A can lead to various kinds of problems for the eye. Include the fruit in the daily diet of kids for ensuring good eye health.

Helps in maintaining better teeth

Quenepas abound in calcium as well as phosphorus. While these minerals enhance bone health, they are also equally important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Phosphorus is important for teeth maintenance and this fruit has abundant amounts of phosphorus.

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Helps in preventing anemia

Quenepas has iron in abundance. As a result, healthy red blood cells are produced by the body as well. Children who suffer from anemia can definitely consume quenepas as iron boosts the formation of red blood cells and anemia can be prevented. Take the fruit in recommended doses.

The healthy fruit can be consumed in different ways – in raw form or even after cooking. Choose the one that seems most suitable.



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