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How Much Sex During Pregnancy?


It is a great desire of every woman to conceive her own child because they believe that the gift of motherhood is the greatest joy any woman can ever feel. Pregnancy is not that easy, as carrying a child for nine long months can be stressful. But there are several perks attached to it which are helpful to relieve strain, and one of them is sex.

Sex during pregnancy, is it safe?

You must have heard that sex during pregnancy should be avoided and most of the women believe that they should not have sex while they are pregnant, but the truth is that sex during pregnancy might be the best sex you will ever have. The best part is that it will help to strengthen the muscles for your labor and delivery.

Sex During Pregnancy: Things You Should Know

How much sex during pregnancy

There are many reasons why sex during pregnancy is good, and they are

Sex lowers blood pressure

Yes, sex during pregnancy will help you to lower blood pressure because, during intercourse, a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is released which is a great stress reliever. This hormone will help to alleviate the built-up tension and strain and will keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

Enables sound sleep

It’s obvious that during pregnancy women often experience all kinds of discomforts starting from back pain and frequent urination, and due to this, sleeping hours get disrupted and shortened as the fetus grows in the womb. Having an intercourse resulting in orgasm will make you feel wonderful and you will have an excellent sleep.


Better intimacy with your partner

Sex during pregnancy will make an unbreakable bond with your partner that will remain forever. Many believe that women are very abrasive while pregnancy and they avoid sex, however, this is not true because oxytocin, a hormone released during sex, will boost emotional attachment and makes a pregnant woman more sympathetic, supportive and trusting.

Reduces pain

It is surprising to know that sex will help reduce the pregnancy pain. Certain hormones such as prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone increase the blood flow to the pelvic area including the vagina, which in turn increases the lubrication and sensitivity.

How much sex is good sex during pregnancy (trimester wise)

Pregnancy usually lasts about nine months or forty weeks and is divided into three trimesters. The first trimesters is from week one until week 12, the second trimester is between week 13 and week 26, and the third trimester if from week 27 until birth. If you become pregnant, your womb doesn’t shed its lining, as it normally does at the end of the menstrual cycle, and your periods temporarily stop.

How much sex is safe during pregnancy is explained below in accordance to the trimester you are in

The first trimester

It is safe to have sex during the first trimester, but your body might not feel the same way. As many, not all, women find their sex drive diminishing during this trimester because they may be too exhausted and nauseated to think about sex and so it might limit their desire to be touched. It is very important to listen to your body, especially when you are growing a life inside of you. If you are not feeling in the mood, then don’t have sex. Also, don’t worry because your interest is likely to pick up again, in next trimester.

The second trimester

For the second trimester, hopefully, any of that nausea you were having has gone away. You are getting bigger in this trimester and probably wondering how sex is going to work, now that your body is visibly pregnant. During this time, a little creativity goes a long way, as second trimester is the best time to have sex. While missionary position might make you uncomfortable or stressed at the near thought, you can try a few other positions, like the woman on top, spooning, side by side, or rear-entry sex. Keep in mind that the more direct access to your clitoris you and your partner have, the better off you are, and you can’t really get that from missionary position anyway.


The third trimester

Your body is definitely bigger, but you probably noticed that already. You may have a great sex drive, but you might be confused by how to actually do it while you are so round. During the third trimester also, missionary position is not ideal because the weight of your partner will put too much pressure on your uterus and, well, it won’t be that comfortable anyway. Also, due to blood pressure changes, you may become dizzily and nauseated, lying on your back. When the woman is on top or side by side, then not only you can control the pace of sex, but there is no pressure on the uterus. And, in case you are past due date, then you might want to speed up labor to get your baby out, and a pleasurable sex can do that because during orgasm, uterine contractions may spur on labor, and after 40 plus weeks of pregnancy, that’s a good thing.

When sex is not safe during pregnancy

There are many benefits to having sex during pregnancy, but it is not always safe. In some situations, women should be cautious because it might cause few problems. Some of the situations in which the pregnant women should be cautious and must consult her doctor before having sex are given below.

  • If there is bleeding in the first trimester
  • If there is a twin pregnancy
  • If the woman has an infection
  • The placenta is in a low position because having sex can lead to bleeding from the placenta which may be difficult to control.

Things to remember

Sex will not induce abortions or will trigger labor. As far as safety is concerned, it is quite safe because it will not hurt the baby at any point, as the baby has the cushioning of the amniotic fluid around him, along with the uterus wall and maternal tummy. Usually, the sex is safe in the second and third trimester, the only problem is the position. So, if the couple is able to have sex in sideward position, then obviously there is no problem, but if at all, there is anything else, then you must consult your doctor for further suggestions.

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