11 Signs That You are in Labor


Are you pregnant for the first time? You might be anxious of when you are heading to the labor room. It is high time you get rid of it and get back to routine course of life. It is obvious that there is a cloud of baggage hanging around the whole thing. In reality it is not that easy to predict on when labor pain will start. The process of predicting labor is not a straight forward affair as your body begins to prepare months in advance. Even if there are some symptoms, the actual delivery date may be way ahead. The real question is “Is this the time” but there are some signs that you can hardly ignore.

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11 Must Know Signs of Labor

1} Breathing becomes a lot easier

Weeks before birth, the baby changes locus in anticipation of a head down position. This is a little lower on the womb whereby less pressure is put on the diaphragm. In the meantime a feeling of lightness can be experienced. You can walk in an easy manner and waddling is a thing of the past. On the flip side the trips to the loo will increase as the baby puts pressure on the bladder.

2} The cervix changes

In anticipation of labor the cervix becomes softer. It is gradually going to open and thin out. On your routine check-ups the healthcare provider will be able to have a concise idea. In modern times, it is measured in millimetres, but in the olden days it was counted in terms of fingers. It is considered to be fully open when the cervix is at 10 centimetres.

3} More cramps and back pain will increase

Once the time of birth arises, you are likely to encounter contractions. They cannot be considered to be real labor contractions, but the abdomen getting ready. It is in preparation for the final push and they are of irregular nature. With the passage of time they do become frequent. No form of hurt occurs but they do become uncomfortable as time progresses. You are likely to experience back pains as well.

labor signs


4} A bloody show can be witnessed

Once the cervix begins to thin, the sealing of the cervical canal by the mucus plug is eradicated. It is going to occur on a single lump. The chances of vaginal discharge over a prolonged period of time in bits and pieces also does increase. The blood may be pink or brown and hence the name bloody show. Some women may fail to notice it as well.

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5} Loose joints increase

Once the time of giving birth, the body has to prepare for the big day. The amount of relaxin increases which is a hormone that makes the ligament soften. The main area which needs to soften is the pelvis, but it may resemble a scenario where all the muscles become loose. Just consider that the body is preparing for the anticipated birth of baby.

6} Weight gain stabilizes

With the approaching of baby you will find that weight gain stabilizes. Some women also figure out that they have lost a couple of pounds. The reason for it is that the fluid in the amniotic sac reduces. As additional pressure is put on the bladder your trips to the loo is bound to increase. Stabilization of weight is normal and there is no concern for the baby. They will put on weight in a normal manner.

7} A sudden burst of energy is felt

Once the time sets forth for the arrival of the baby you will feel a sudden increase in your energy levels. In fact you will be longing off to do things that you have been put aside for a long time. You will wake up with all energy of the world. This is a normal occurrence and most moms are part of this situation.

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8} An increase in the level of tiredness expected

In contrast to gladdened with energy, you might feel tired as well. The size of the tummy is at its peak and the burden is slowly weighing your down. Your frequent visits to the loo might be hampering your sleep as well. Whatever may be the reason, relax, ready a book and take it easy as far as you can.

9} Chances of diarrhoea increase

One of the first signs of labor is a raunchy tummy. Though it may seem unpleasant, but health experts consider it is a routine procedure. It is considered to be a natural process to make way for the baby. Do not lose sleep as it is not something to worry about. Increase your intake of water so that you are completely hydrated. Avoid heavy meals and eat light. Food with rich fiber content would be of immense help at this time.

10} The water breaks

All the water in the amniotic sac will rupture and flow out in one gush. This is a rare occurrence and one among ten women is going to encounter this. In normal course it is going to emerge as an odourless, clear liquid. When this happens it is high time for the baby to arrive and a visit to the doctor is necessary.  A word of caution does not insert anything into the vagina as bacteria might be lurking in the corner.

11} The contractions become real

In the final stages of labor, the frequency of the contractions increases. You may find that the contractions are not going to go, even if you change positions. The contractions tend to become more intense and a regular pattern is followed. Normally it starts on the lower back and then proceeds to the lower region of the abdomen. It can move on to the groin and then to the legs.

To conclude, once you reach this stage it is high time that you proceed to the hospital. It is suggested that you keep a bag ready with all your belongings ready before the big day of your life.

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