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Masturbation During Pregnancy: Can it Harm the Baby


During pregnancy, every woman is extra careful about her habits. After all it is the question of the health of her baby. But there are some common myths prevalent during pregnancy. She should be able to identify the facts and the myths. One of the common myths during pregnancy is about masturbation and sexual intercourse. So let us get to know about this topic in brief

How is masturbation related to pregnancy?

Every woman has different preference in masturbation. During pregnancy, some woman report increase in libido, while some feel complete opposite. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body, masturbation with penetration and sex should be often avoided after first trimester because the physical stress and risk of may be high. Masturbation without penetration can be continued, but it should be avoided in high risk pregnancy and late pregnancy. Orgasm causes irregular increases in the contractions. They are known as Braxton-hicks contractions, but they taper eventually. In high risk pregnancies and late pregnancies there is a risk of preterm delivery, hence should be avoided.

Masturbation During Pregnancy: Benefits and Risks

masturbation during pregnancy

Benefits of masturbation during pregnancy

Relieves stress stress in pregnancy should be avoided in all the cases. Stress causes lots of unwanted side effects like hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic problems in pregnancy. Masturbation helps to relieve mental as well as physical tension in muscles.

Relieves morning sickness some women have reported the decrease in the episodes of morning sickness.

Reduces swollen feet– swollen feet are caused due to imbalance in the fluid in body. This may be due to hypertension, excess stress on the feet, dehydration or due to diabetes. Masturbation relieves tension and in turn keeps the mood swings in check hence the fluctuation in blood pressure is reduced, causing decrease in chance of attack of hypertension and also reduction of swollen feet.


High risk pregnancies

Pregnancy after the age of 35– pregnancy after the age of 35 is considered as high risk pregnancy, as the ovum at that age have became old. The eggs in female body are not formed new every time. They are present before the birth. Hence after the age of 35 they get old. Thus there is risk of genetic problems, ectopic pregnancy etc. Hence at such time doctor suggests to avoid masturbations, as the irregular and increased contraction may create more problems to the baby.

Baby not in normal position– normal position of the baby during labour is anterior vertex. It means the head of the baby is down and it is facing at the back. But sometimes the baby may be present at any other position. At such times unwanted and irregular contractions can be proved dangerous. Hence it should be avoided during pregnancy.

Position of uterus- the position of the uterus in a normal female is ante flexed i.e. bent forward. It lies just behind the bladder and in front of the rectum. In pregnancy the uterus starts expanding. Pregnant uterus grows to almost 28-30 cm in length and 20-24 cm in breadth. Thus it compresses other organs. But its ante flexed position doesn’t create problem in functioning of other organs. Rarely the normal position of the uterus in a female may be extroverted or extended i.e. opposite of normal position or bent backwards. In such cases this may cause uncomfortable situation to the baby. Hence doctor may suggest avoiding masturbation.

Anaemia in mother– anaemia in mother is most common and dangerous condition. Hence during pregnancy, iron and folic acid supplements are always given. Also a woman should take care of her nutritional needs. Masturbation is avoided in anaemia because is the reason for weakness in women. The body of woman is not ready for such kind of work out.

Urinary tracts in infections– urinary tract infection are a great risk in pregnancy. Masturbation may cause them to spread in upper vaginal tract. Also masturbation without clean equipments may be a cause of urinary tract infections. They are very dangerous for baby. Hence urinary tract infections should be cleared as soon as possible.

Placenta previa– placenta previa is a condition where placenta covers the cervix. It happens in second half of the pregnancy. The symptoms mainly are bleeding without pain. In such cases, limited physical activity and sexual abstinence is suggested. Hence proper care should be taken.


Bleeding during pregnancy– any cause of unknown bleeding should be reported to doctor. Bleeding may be caused due to urinary tract infections, placenta previa, mechanical injuries to vagina, subchorionic bleeding etc. All these cause require immediate attention.

Ectopic pregnancy– a pregnancy where foetus develops outside the uterus is known as ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy has a risk of premature baby, still born baby or low oxygen in baby. Hence in such conditions, irregular contractions may be dangerous to the baby.

Risk of premature baby– risk of premature baby is present, if other suffers from kidney problems, diabetes, ectopic pregnancies etc. In such already risky pregnancies masturbation may act as a synergist. Hence doctor may suggest you to avoid it.

Self pleasuring is absolutely not wrong and nor it is a subject of embarrassment. It is need of human body. Any doubts and queries about it should be asked to doctor without any hesitation. Normally there is no risk in masturbation during pregnancy, if there is then doctor will tell you about it. But do ask your doctor about any doubts and queries that you face. Also maintaining proper hygienic practices during masturbation is very important. Clean hands and clean equipments should be used. Otherwise there is risk of infections.

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