11 Signs Labour is Near


Each and every pregnancy out there is different and every labor does come in a different way. Though there are some of the common things that are linked with all the symptoms and these symptoms involve painful contractions, increase in vaginal discharge and tremendous back pain and this often tends to haunt you before your labor. There will be a lot of mucus that would be discharged as well along with the disturbed stomach and mood swings. The muscles will be tightening and you might have sudden cravings for different things and all these are considered to be the signs of labor.

Labor causes discomfort but is really amazing because you get to experience discomfort for the only temporary period of time and the excitement about the baby. So, it is interesting too in order to examine the particular signs that indicate that the delivery time is however approaching.

11 Signs That Indicate Labour is Near

Back Pain

Sharp back pains are considered to be one of the major signs of labor and it is initially like the pre menstrual pain and in this, the abdominal pain is however unrelenting as you will initially get a feeling that you are on your periods. But this pain is initially worse than periods and the cramps will be more painful. Make sure you don’t bleed and if you do you should consult a doctor immediately.

Painful Contractions

This sign is considered to be one of the evilest sign that indicates that you in your labor. It first arrives for short period of time and then it will initially sustain for a longer period of time and this usually happens to each and every woman who has been in labor. You need not worry about it because if the pain goes beyond the limits you can initially consult a doctor.

Extreme Sweating

The hormonal change in the body generally triggers more flow of blood in the veins and this leads to extreme seating. Sometimes, it can be embarrassing for a woman especially when you are somewhere out because extreme sweat would also mean that you’ve body odour and it stinks as well. So, in these kinds of cases, you need to take quick baths and keep yourself as much dry as possible.


Blood tinged Mucus

It is considered to be a very common sign of labor if there is a discharge of blood tinged mucus takes place and if you initially face similar discharge then it is considered to be obvious that you are undergoing labor. It indicates that the muscle plugs are the ones that block the uterus and have been broken as well. That’s the reason there is a blood in the discharge of mucus that is coming out and you cannot deny the fact that this is one of the most persuasive signs of labor that is barring the breakage of water.

Water breaking

One of the most obvious sign is that you are already in labor and this means that your membrane will split and the fluid called amniotic will initially come out. This is in fact, one of the last signs that you initially wait for and then you run the hospital when this actually happens. Normally it is considered wise if you get admitted before the due date because you get assured that you are in safe hands.

Increase in Vaginal Discharge

As the hormonal flow and the blood pressure increases in the body this cause a lot of pressure in the uterus and the entire abdominal area is however severely challenged at the same time. In most of the cases the increase in Vaginal Discharge is very common and sometimes it is quite embarrassing if you don’t change your inners more often.

Mood Swings

These hormonal changes initially make way for those sudden mood swings and you might all of a sudden get mood swings without any prior information or sign. Basically, all the flow of hormones and blood lead you to this situation. Your temper will be out of control in this situation and your partner can initially face wrath at times but later on you will feel sorry about the same. You need not worry as it will get back to normal once you deliver your baby.

Incongruous Urges

It takes place when the hormonal flows are at the peak and that is the reason sometimes you might feel incongruous urges like you feel like doing the dishes or cleaning the room. At this point, your brain acts in a different way and you might get cravings for the food that you normally don’t like and all of these signs suggest that you are in your labor.

Disturbed Sleep

At this point, you might have numerous nightmares and you might wake up without any reason and this initially happens because of the increased blood flow and the hormones flow known as estrogens. This will make you have all of those weird and bad dreams and sometimes when you sleep in the day time then these dreams can scare you and you might wake up.


Lowering of Drop in position

One of the most helpful signs of labor is that lowering your drop position of your belly. You will initially have cravings for more food and would want to drink more of water. This lowered down position will initially allow you to intake more food as usual and this will help your baby to move down slowly.

Upset Tummy

You might get the loose motion and at the same time have constipation too and your digestion will initially become slow and at the wrong moments your intestine will relax and this might initially create a lot of additional pressure. Constipation initially leads to many of the acute problems for you as you might feel gassy. At the same time, you will feel like burping more and this will be cause very awkward moment for you and yes there is nothing you should be embarrassed of as it is very common and it will be cured with time.

If any of the above mentioned things happens to you then you definitely shouldn’t wait for even a second and shall rush to the hospital before the predetermined delivery date because otherwise, it might risk your life. So, do not wait for the water to break because it will increase the risks.

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