Is Kefir Safe While Pregnant: Benefits and Risk


An important health drink is Kefir which does not have any major side effects associated with it. On a personal level I use it to make me cleaner and the feel good factor from inside. I am not a health buff, but exercise is an integral part of my routine whereby I make sure to consume Kefir.

There is no harm in stating that it is a beautiful health drink of all times. Now the question is whether consuming Kefir while pregnant a great idea?To find answers to the above question, it is necessary to understand what good things Kefir brings on the table, for the drinkers.

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The Benefits Associated with Kefir

1} Digest tract is cleaned

First and foremost it cleans the digestive tract of an individual, which ensures that no form of toxins or pathogenic materials make their way into the food and then the bloodstream. From your intestines the bad bacteria is flushed out as well. Your digestion is regulated with colon and the metabolism. It is known to treat the diarrhea, prevents colon cancer and leaks the syndrome of gut.

2} Regulation of immune system

The immune system is regulated with the help of this health drink. In the process you tend to become resistant to any form of disease and have a control over HIV or AIDS. Many people have been using it for their benefit for a considerable amount of time. The immune system acts as a protective barrier against good health. The probiotics found in Kefir drink work wonders.

3} Control over the blood sugar levels

Thirdly it goes on to regulate your blood sugar levels along with cholesterol. The grains of Kefir are incorporated from bacteria eating sugar or lactose. This is welcome news for someone who is resistant to lactose or diabetics. Inside your intestines, the probiotics die early. In hindsight they keep on munching the sugar that comes along and passes through your digestive tract.



4} A beauty drink

Fourthly it is not only considered to be a health drink but at the same time a beauty beverage as well. It can make the skin and the hair smoother. Since the balance of sugar levels are maintained it is a worthy drink for all the weight watchers. Kefir can go on to work its magic on numerous health conditions along with a host of diseases. This would include ulcer, anxiety or hypertension so that the overall wellbeing of your health is ensured.

But having harped on the positives, you got to expect such a valuable health drink has got to have some negative impact to it. Nothing is perfect in the world but kefir is very close to it. Let us now understand if there are any side effects of kefir and how does it go on to effect pregnant women.

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The side effects of Kefir

One of the special qualities of kefir is that it is organic in stature. You can say that it is a nature’s gift whereby a host of chemical processes or lab experiments are involved. Some even go on to say that God went on to feed Moses with Kefir.

 In the Bible you are likely to come across the description of Kefir as something fluffy, white and at the same time nutritious in content. As kefir substantiates the fact that it is all natural and an organic product it is hardly a matter of surprise that it does not have any major side effects.


The mechanism of preparation

The preparation of your own drink of Kefir does involve a series of steps as well. To your milk you can add kefir grains as well. The grains will ferment the milk and this is the process. The only drawback which you are likely to encounter is a visit to the toilet on a regular basis.

The view point of the health experts

The real element of surprise that the experts in the domain of woman health have to say is that kefir needs to be consumed regularly and not once. It is recommended that the pregnant women drink yoghurt on a regular basis, so that the occurrence of bacterium in the form of Group B Beta strap is eradicated.

There is a high risk of passing strep on to the baby that can be pretty harmful and cause infection to the little one. Kefir works out to be an ideal drink as it is embedded with probiotics. Many nurses are used to consume Kefir on a concurrent basis as well.

It is not only the bacterium strep, but yeast infection is also a problem that is a major cause of concern among pregnant women. This form of infection start in the breasts and it could make its way to the baby as the mother begins to feed the new born.

 If you are into the consumption of probiotics on a regular basis, this is going to reduce the risk as health experts predict with yeast infection.

The Ingredients of Kefir

Another school of thought from a health specialist is about the content of probiotics in kefir. It is a natural food product whereby the level of it is kept intact in your intestine. In a lot of ways it works out better than the average diary product like the typical yoghurt.


It is suggested that you consume a cup of Kefir every day to keep the yeast infections at bay. Any form of discharge or discomfort in the vagina is a foregone conclusion especially if you are a lady in the age bracket of 40 years.

When you have sufficient amount of Kefir in the diet or whole food supplements in combination with Kefir is taken there is not going to be reduction in complaints in yeast infections or any form of vaginal itching.

To conclude, let us understand the fact that kefir is not a health drink or something chemically produced which makes it safe for all of us. In the words of national Kefir organization kefir it is not only considered to be safe for women but it is recommended on all counts. Particularly in case of pregnant women it can absorb the excess nutrients.

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