15 Benefits of Mango Skin in Your Diet


Most of us are aware of the health benefits that fruits provide us. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals but what most of us don’t know is that the skin of these fruits along with certain seeds contains a plethora of nutritional properties. Mango is often considered as an exotic fruit available in multiple flavours. Mango is a rich source of Vitamin C; it is good for the hair and skin due to its rich anti-oxidant nature. These succulent mangoes have an inherent delicious taste and not only the pulp but the skin of it, commonly understood as mango peel is a veiled gem. Mango peels have an array of vitamins and fibres. It can be easily consumed in the form of shakes, chips, pickling and what not.

15 Amazing Health Benefits Mango Skin

mango skin benefits

Dietary Fibre

Mango peels contain a high level of dietary fibre that can be easily consumed after proper cleansing. They significantly add a large portion of fibre content in the daily diet of the people. It helps regulate the digestive system and enhances its mechanism.

Healing and Immunity

Due to the accumulation of Vitamin C in the skin of mangoes it helps heal wounds and bruises. When ingested mango peels enriches the body and strengthens the immunity system. It is especially essential for young children and grandparents since it boosts the body’s ability to resist diseases like cold and pneumonia. It regulates the stress level of the body ensuring a healthy mental state.

Prevents Cancer

The mango peels are extremely rich in phytonutrients which not only work as insect repellent but a vital medicine against fungi. The antioxidants present in the mango peel assist the body in fighting against cancer and lower the cholesterol level of the body. Mandarin a specific anti-oxidant is only found in mango peel whereas the pulp contains only 1-2% of this antioxidant. It helps the body fight the harmful UV rays of the skin preventing skin cancer. When used as a scrub it helps remove tanning. The antioxidants also give a rich glow to the skin and hair.

Improves Vision

The presence of vitamin A in the skin of the mango makes it a highly demanded commodity. It improves the vision of the eye and also toughens the neurological function of the body. Mango peels not only strengthens the body but also helps it fight against food allergies and reactionary inflammation.


Helps Satisfy Food Cravings

Mango is a rich source of calories and carbohydrates. One mango contains 86 calories on an average yet the mango peel does not contain the same amount of calories when compared to the pulp. The skin of the mango excels in vitamins and minerals yet contain lesser amount of carbs. Thus it is a good substitute and satisfies cravings without increasing weight.

Prevents Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is the most common complain registered in any clinic during the summer season. Mango skin comes in as a handy source of precaution to protect family members from heat strokes. Generally one chopped cube of mango is blended with water and honey to form an energy drink but to keep it low in calories the mango is often substituted by mango peel. It prevents sunstrokes and cools down the body temperature providing instant relief from the heat.

Alkalizes the Body

The concentrated presence of tartaric acid, citric acid along with malic acid in mango skin helps in alkalizing the body. This helps regulate the blood pH level of the body due to the prior presence of strong acids in the body. It supports healthy weight loss, healthy heart and checks kidney stones.

Helps During Pregnancy

Mango peels contains larger amount of mineral and vitamin concentrate thus making them more beneficial than the pulp. During pregnancy doctors suggest a supervised consumption of mangoes as they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid as well as potassium and iron essential for an expecting mother.

Skin Care

Mango peels act as a strong exfoliator for the face and a natural scrub to the body. It unclogs the body pores and adds freshness to the face. It gives a natural glow to the hair and skin without removing the essential oils from the skin. It clears the face from acne and clears the facial pores. Keeping a freshly cut mango peel on the face with minimum amount of pulp does the trick for a clean face.

Controls Diabetes

Along with the mango skin, its leaves too are a healthy source of multiple nutrients that stimulate the proper functioning of the body. One must boil the mango leaves and peel together for fifteen minutes and leave the mixture to soak overnight and later consume it in the morning to control diabetes.


Prevents Asthma

Asthma is a recurring disease in many individuals be it adults or children. It makes the body weak and prone to infections. Several researches prove that mango peels contain a high concentration of vitamin C that helps fight asthma by not only strengthening the lungs but improvising the immunity system making it capable of combating against diseases.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Mango peels are a direct source to a healthy dose of potassium. This factor of the fruit makes it a much sought after food product for to prevent hypertension. Studies conducted by Stanford hospitals suggest that potassium helps to fight hypertensive problems in individuals.

Can Help During the Treatment of Diarrhoea

Mango peels and leaves are rich in tannins. After drying them they can be used if anyone in the vicinity suffers from diarrhoea. It restores all the nutrients that might have been drained from the body. The multiplicity of minerals and vitamins in the skin of mangoes help in replenishing a dehydrated body. s

Healthy hair

Due to its high quantity of vitamin A and C mango pulps becomes rich in collagen. This property of mangoes makes it a prime remedy for dull and damaged hair. Its application on the scalp to its regular consumption aids in adding life to the hair.

Good for bones

Mango skin is extremely beneficial if one desires healthy and strong bones. Vitamin A traces present in the peel is an important source of bone strength. The presence of the crucial Vitamin C assists the further production of connective tissues and rich bones.

Though the benefits of mango peels is a lesser known fact yet it I a rich agent of multiple nutrients that provide the basic nourishment to the body.