What are Postpartum Padsicles?


There are several advantages to utilizing padsicles. After birthing, the physical healing time can prove to be a complex and demanding time for you. You would do well with a natural cooling aid. Padsicles impart the feeling of a cooling pad, and they are combined with herbal treatment and essential oils for the best relaxing sensation.

What is a Postpartum Padsicles?
How to create and utilize Postpartum Padsicles
Things to Remember
Proper Storage
Are the Pads Safe for Use?
What is the difference between Postpartum Padsicles and tucks Pads?
How long do the Padsicles Last?
Are the Padsicles Absorbent?
When to avoid using the Padsicles

All You Need to Know about Postpartum Padsicles

What is Postpartum Padsicles?

It is a cold feminine pad that has been infused with herbs and essential oils to alleviate physical weaknesses that birthing can introduce in women. There are many advantages to using such a homemade cure. For starters, these pads are virtually completely natural. The sole unnatural element is only the pad.

postpartum padsicles

Padsicles are relaxing on the skin as they have infused the healing properties of witch hazel and aloe. Combined with the relaxing effects of the essential oils and the cold of the frozen pad greatly eliminate a fair few of the pains you may experience. They assist with aches from episiotomies and soreness.

How to create and utilize Postpartum Padsicles

You will require the following:

  • Feminine pads (any brand works. Using natural is preferred if it is obtainable)
  • Witch hazel (an astringent, it assists in closing skin pores)
  • Aloe vera gel (it is best to use natural aloe vera gel. It helps with the hydration of the skin.)
  • Lavender essential oil (soothes the skin and assists in decreasing redness and swelling)
  • Frankincense essential oil (assists in regenerating tissues and also in inhibiting scars)
  • Rosemary essential oil (assists in battling contagion and toughening the muscles)
  • Geranium essential oil (assists in mending damaged blood vessels)
  • Spray bottle
  • Aluminum foil


Fill the spray bottle with witch hazel till the halfway limit.  Put 5-10 droplets of all the essential oils into the bottle. In case the smell is not to your liking, add only five drops of that oil. Fill the remaining portion of the bottle with even more witch hazel.

Spread the pads out. Thinly coat aloe vera gel onto all the pads you have spread out. Ensure that you have dirt-free hands or are wearing gloves when distributing the gel.

Spray the mixture from the bottle onto each of the pads. Ensure that you spray enough to moisten the pads but not to the extent that they get sodden. The absorbency of the pads needs to be retained.

Allow the mixture to dry a bit and then cover them in the aluminum foil. You can write down the date where it can be seen on the aluminum foil. Ensure that the pads are stored in the freezer.

Things to Remember

  • Alter the pad once every four hours.
  • Do not utilize more than three to four postpartum padsicles in one day. However, this is only a suggestion and can be changed according to your comfort level.
  • Ensure that the essential oils you procure are stowed in dark glass containers so as to retain their effectiveness.
  • Utilize the pads for only up to four months after the initial delivery.
  • The padsicles can also be useful in treating hemorrhoids.

Proper Storage

Proper storage is very crucial, especially when we are dealing with any homemade treatment. The pads should be covered in aluminum foil and kept in the freezer. Make sure to write the date when you stow them on the aluminum foil itself and throw away any pads that are more than six weeks old.  Remember to wrap them up in the aluminum foil again after procuring one and before putting them once again into the freezer.

Are the Pads Safe for Use?

This is widespread concern about remedies for relief post-childbirth among postnatal mothers. However, postpartum padsicles are quite benign to utilize. On the other hand, the essential oils used in the mixture should be a concern as they are not always well-suited for every individual.

For example, rosemary essential oil should not be used if you happen to have elevated blood pressure levels. The best option is to pay a visit to your doctor before committing to any sort of treatment during the postnatal period.

What is the difference between Postpartum Padsicles and tucks Pads?

Tucks pads are mainly utilized for instantaneous relief from burning and itching skin. They decay and thus, are easier to dispose of. On the other hand, postpartum padsicles are used for long-term relief. It should be noted that tucks pads usually provide short-term relief. As almost all postnatal mothers would prefer long-lasting relief when it concerns ailments after childbirth, padsicles are the way to go.

How long do the Padsicles Last?

After six weeks of being in the freezer, all the essential oils will begin to drop their effectiveness. Aloe vera gel is an exception, as it can maintain its potency for up to a full year. A safe option would be to create a batch that can last you for 30 days at the very least. Once these 30 days are over, then another batch can be made for the next month. This will make sure that the essential oils retain their full potency.

Remember to store the mixture in a dark place to ensure that sunlight does not impair the oils in the spray.

Are the Padsicles Absorbent?

Postpartum padsicles can be absorbent as long as they do not have too much of the essential oil spray. The pads can take in infections from any kind of injury so they should be changed every four hours or so.

When to avoid using the Padsicles

As effective as using a home remedy such as the postpartum padsicle is, there are many reasons to avoid doing so.

For starters, in case of allergies to aloe vera gel, witch hazel, or any essential oils, this treatment should be totally avoided. If any kind of soreness, redness, swelling, or any other kind of irritation happens, this treatment should be avoided. Give a call to your doctor if you have any queries regarding the treatment or if you think you can have an adverse reaction to any of the ingredients used in the mixture.

Padsicles are a great way to bring some amount of relief to postpartum mothers. A natural approach to healing is typically believed to be accepted better by the body. This home treatment is a fantastic way to test the same!