18 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Oil for Babies


Lavender oil promotes better sleep, relieves ear aches, soothes teething pain, helps in digestion, heals skin, soothes itching, dries pimples, disinfects clothes, improves blood circulation, calms the mind, and promotes immunity for babies.

Essential oils are extremely useful to improve overall health of babies. Lavender oil is one of the safest and amazing essential oil that you can use on your baby.  It has many plenty of health benefits for babies. Lavender essential oil will help your baby to have a deep sleep with its soothing properties. This essential oil can also relive ear aches and teething problems.

Lavender essential oil also helps in proper digestion and relives stomach pain. This oil can also heal the skin, sooth itching and dry pimples of babies. Lavender essential oil also prevents diarrhea. This essential oil is also useful in disinfecting your baby’s clothes and promotes overall immunity.

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18 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Oil for Babies

The benefits of lavender oil for babies are as follows:


Promotes better sleep

Lavender oil has amazing sedative properties that calm your baby. Studies suggest that lavender essential oil can soothe and help your baby relax. This leads to a deeper and better sleep. Lack of sleep can negative affect your little one’s health. It can make your child irritable and cranky. Using lavender essential oil will ensure proper sleep for your baby. Lavender oil is the most effective essential oil for treating sleeping problems in babies.

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Relieves ear aches

Babies can often have ear pain. This is because fluid accumulates in the ear and is not drained properly. Lavender oil is very effective in this case. You can mix lavender essential oil with carrier oil like coconut oil and apply on the areas outside the ear. Never put any essential oil inside your baby’s ears. Massage the area well. This will help in draining the fluid properly.

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Soothes teething pain

Teething can be very painful for your baby. Lavender essential oil can also soothe teething pain. Its calming properties will help your baby to relax and diminish the pain also. Massage your baby’s jaw line with diluted lavender oil. Do this frequently, almost every half an hour. This will give immense relief from the pain to your little one. Be careful not to apply the oil on your child’s gums. Ingesting essential oils can be harmful for babies.

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Helps in digestion

Digestion problems can cause stomach pain in babies. They become more inconsolable if they feel stomach cramps. But worry not mamas! Lavender oil is an amazing natural remedy for treating cramps in babies. Mix 1 drop of lavender oil in 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil like coconut, almond or jojoba. Apply this on your baby’s tummy and massage clockwise. Do this for at least 30 seconds. It will give instant relief to your baby. You must apply the oil every 30 min for permanent result.

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Heals the skin

Lavender is very effective in healing baby skin from bug bites or infections. The skin of a baby is very sensitive. Any kind of skin problem can become severe in no time. It is also not safe to apply any cream or ointment on their skin. This can complicate things all the more and cause skin irritation. Lavender essential oil is one of the safest essential oil for babies. It is very gentle in nature. This oil can also heal any skin problem of your baby without leaving scars.

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Soothes itching

Lavender oil is one of the gentlest essential oil. It is very effective in treating skin problems in babies. If your baby has itching skin because of any infection or insect bite, lavender oil is the best cure. It also has a cooling effect on the skin that lessens the itching and burning sensation. It is best to apply the diluted form of lavender oil on your baby.  Lavender oil can also sooth the skin in case of itching due to chicken pox.

Dries pimples


One of the amazing benefits of lavender oil is that it can dry pimples and other marks on skin. When your baby has pimples or chicken pox marks, these marks do not go away easily. It can be a permanent problem. Lavender oil is very useful in drying these marks on the skin and diminishes them.

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Disinfects clothes

Germs can spread from everywhere, even clothes. Babies are especially vulnerable to infections because of low immunity. Lavender oil can prevent germs from spreading. Apply a few drops of lavender oil on your baby’s clothes. This will prevent the germs from attacking your baby. It thus successfully prevents infections.

Improves blood circulation

Regular massaging your baby with lavender essential oil can improve blood circulation. This is an amazing benefit of using lavender oil for babies. Lavender oil has properties that oxygenates the organs and also improves blood circulation.


Calms the mind

One of the primary functions of lavender oil is to calm the mind and body. It is therefore very useful for babies. Lavender oil helps them to relax. It has a nice and pleasing smell that relaxes the mind. If your baby is being too cranky, spray this oil on his clothes or pillows. You can also massage his body with lavender oil. Use the diluted form of lavender oil.

Promotes immunity

One of the benefits of lavender essential oil is that it strengthens your baby’s immunity system. Lavender oil can give relief from aches and cramps and also prevent infections. This oil is very effective in building a healthy immune system in your baby. This is one of the major uses of lavender essential oil.

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Lavender oil is one of the essential oils which is very beneficial for babies. This is one of the safest essential oil for babies. It is very gentle and soothing in nature. Lavender oil usually does not cause any harm to your baby’s skin. But be careful that your baby does not ingest the oil. Internal administration of the oil can be harmful for children below 12 years age. In case of external application, it is necessary to use diluted lavender oil for safety. You can diffuse the oil also but in absence of your baby. Never apply essential oils on your baby without consulting the doctor first.

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