11 Fun and Exciting Poop Games


While there are some people who are too embarrassed to even talk about poop, there are others who actually like to play poop games. And I am one amongst them. I know many of you may think how tacky it would be to play games like these but trust me there can nothing more exciting and fun than poop games. These games are not considerably made for children, in fact, people of all age groups can get involved in poop games. We have listed 11 fun and exciting poop games below:

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11 Best Fun and Exciting Poop Games

poop games

Poop Clicker

So, this one is pretty simple. You just have to keep on clicking the giant poop and poop as much as you can. the more poop you have, the better it is for you. This poop will then help you to buy upgrades when you take a trip to the shop which will further help you to make even more poop.

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Poop analyser– Funny finger

This one is just for fun and it does not show true results. The app is just intended to show you what kind of poop you will have the next time you visit your bathroom. Will it be the Monalisa poop, ghost poop or the surprise poop? You just have to scan your finger on the advanced poop analyzing toilet and you are done!


Farting poo jump story

You have got 25 levels in this game where you have to help the stinky poo Pete on his escape from the bathroom. The game is filled with great humour, adventure, scenery and fun which is why it is one of the best application for the kids and the entire family. Moreover, you can maximize your score by collecting the treasures and power-ups.

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Flying poop

First of all, the game consists of two main characters, poop and penguin and total of ten levels, one main and nine mini-games. You can also upgrade your equipment and collect all the different poops. Go ahead and destroy all your obstacles.

Poo happens

All you have to do is get Yon the pigeon work on time by saving it from the poop falling on its head. The game gets even more challenging when the roads get messier and above that, humans start to drop the objects faster.

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Happy pudding jump

This one is full of action, making it suitable for all age groups. Help the pudding reach new heights by making it bounce from place to place. Also, you can increase your score by grabbing everything you get on your way.


Don’t step in it (Amazon)

This one is my personal favourite. One person puts on a blindfold and the other one spins the spinner. The blindfolded person will then have to take that many steps on the mat while avoiding to step on the poop. One can also re-arrange the poop to give the game a completely new twist.


This game consists of it all, amazing wallpapers, outfits, feeding the pou, cleaning it and basically customizing the whole appearance of your little pou. In addition to this, you can also talk to your pet and listen back from it. Probably one of the best poop game for kids.

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Poop it

The goal is to squash all the friendly looking piles of crap and make them appear all the same. But as this one is a time-based game, so you have to be really quick in completing all your tasks before your time kicks out. So, poop it fast!

Poop game: Muddy Heights

Muddy heights is an amazing game where all you have to do is poop from the roof of a skyscraper. Apart from this, you have also got the option of using WASD to navigate the position of the poop. What else does one want?

Poo game

For this one, you would need at least two to eight people. Unlike any other card game, every player will get to draw and play a card in each turn to throw poo at some other person playing the game or else in order to clean himself.


Weren’t these games super fun and exciting? Finally, you guys have got some fun games to play this weekend with your friends and family. And for those of you who haven’t ever tried poop games before, give these games a try. I am sure you are going to get in love with poop games and you would always want more of them.

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