11 Traditional Games to Make Your Child A Genius


Childhood is a delicate period of a child’s life as in this period he is most prone to developing his brain and himself. As a parent, you might have tried to get him in the best school or give him the best diet, but have you ever wondered that small games can make your child a genius. Yes, it is absolutely true that playing games will not only make your child smart but will also increase his memory and concentration power.

The eleven best games you should make him play or, can play with him, are given below and trust me the results will be amazing and astounding.

Traditional Games: 11 Ways to Make Your Child A Genius

Games to Make Your Child a Genius

For infants below three years of age

Mix and match

The traditional game of mix and match will help your tod to develop his brain at such a tender and small age. Firstly you need to let him observe while you do things the things. You can play this with familiar objects, like take some socks and some handkerchiefs in a bowl and separate them one by one. You can use other things like almond, raisins, pulses or toy cars. This will make him understand shapes and colors slowly and gradually.

Count on this

It is a fun game by which your tod can learn numbers. All you need to do is adapt this habit of counting things on an everyday basis like for example you can count the number of strips present on his t-shirt or count the stairs with him while you walk through them. You never know, your tod might learn them and even if he doesn’t, then don’t get too harsh on him, after all, it’s just the starting.

For toddlers aged between three years and six years

Building blocks

This game is the best one to make your toddler learn about all shapes and sizes. Building block game works by putting blocks of different shapes and sizes on one another by maintaining the balance. You can also have a little competition with him, and of course let him win, so that he gets encouraged and this way he will learn better.


Removing tape game

It is one of the best games to increase concentration power of your toddler. Concentration is the building element of the brain and we all are very well aware that how easily kids are distracted, so to keep him engaged you can play this game. All you need is different colored tape and stick them by not completely overlapping them on one another. Ask your toddler to remove one colored tape at a time, demonstrate this to him by scratching with your fingers before.

I spy games

This game will help your child to follow instructions, enhance attention, develop language and will increase his spatial awareness. You can hide some items like a fruit or three rocks and let him search for them in the house. This will make him smart and will keep him ahead always. He can also play this game outdoors with other kids of his age as that will also develop a feeling of team spirit in him.

For children aged between six years and nine years

Crossword puzzle

This game will not only make your child’s brain sharp but will also improve his vocabulary and general knowledge. You can search for some crossword puzzle on the internet or you can make one yourself and put the words as an answer to some questions. The questions can be related to his subjects or any general topic, then let your child find the correct answer to the question in that puzzle.


Sudoku brings a sense of calm and order as this game will offer your child a relaxing way to take a break from his lessons. This game also helps your child’s brain to stay healthy. If the brain develops at the small age, then he can achieve milestones in the future.


Chess is a game for people of all ages. You can play the game of chess with your child. Chess will also develop the memory of your child as the chain theory is complicated and many players memorize different opening variations. Chess also improves concentration as during the game you are focused on only one main goal that is to checkmate and become the victor.

For children above nine years of age

Brain yoga

Brain yoga is a simple technique which has been scientifically validated, that can increase the intellectual capacity of your child and will sharpen his memory and concentration. It energizes and activates the brain by synchronizing alpha brainwaves. It results in greater intelligence and creativity and promotes proper functioning of the brain. It is a form of acupressure and breathing technique.



There are many memory games that will keep your child’s brain strong and advance. You can play the game of atlas with your child. In this game, everyone has to add a name of a country or state starting from the last letter of the previous country’s name said by some other player. Along with a new name, the player is required to remember and say the entire chain of names said earlier. This will enhance his memory as well as his knowledge because he will get to learn so many countries names.

Math game

Math games like finding the number of squares in a given picture or making the maximum number of perfect squares from given dots can boost your child’s brain by almost 80 percent. Math games are perfect for familiarizing your child with numbers identification, counting, addition, subtraction and many other basic principles of mathematics.

Make sure your child is indulging in all these games or any other game that can help him grow mentally. Also, do not let him watch television or spent entire day on the internet. Along with the games mentioned above, ask him to spend some time in outdoor games with his friends too because everything is required in balance for a proper and efficient development of a child.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!