31 Best Wii Games for Kids


Metroid- Samus Returns, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Stella Glow, Ever Oasis, Super Mario 3D land, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Super Sluggers, Etrian Odysey V, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus- Uprising, Fantasy Life, Monster hunter generations, Sega 3D classics collection are some of the best wii games for kids.

The Wii is a dedicated machine – ‘games console’ – for playing video games that connect to your television. Made by Nintendo and released in 2006, it’s currently the bestselling console on the market. It’s often credited with having made video games more popular with a broader audience, especially children, women and older people.

31 Best Entertaining Wii Games for Kids

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Nintendo Wii Games for Kids:

Metroid: Samus returns:

I’m fairly certain I’ve lost track of the number of years that I’ve been saying we need a Metroid to remake and now we finally do. Metroid Samus Returns is probably everything you could want for Wii games for kids. It does follow a slightly different formula to say things like Super Metroid in the original Metroid but nevertheless, it is still phenomenal. It remains so loyal to the original source material and yet throws in so many new things that make it far more than just a remaster.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D:

I don’t know whose idea wants to take one of the biggest Wii games ever released and shrink it down onto the new 3ds but good on you. This game is just bursting with content and every single second of it is as enjoyable as the last, well nearly. Colourful characters, brilliant storytelling the whole thing is just an absolute joy from start to finish and makes it one of the best Wii games.


Stella glow:

Stella glow is a Nintendo Wii games for kids that you cannot miss. The whole game is brimming with personality it’s smart, stylish and incredibly satisfying. There’s a whole underlying musical motif to the whole thing and it works really well. It is very similar in some regards to games like Final Fantasy Tactics and the Fire Emblem series and yet it manages to carve its own path. Skip this one and you’ll be missing out.

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Ever Oasis:

Ever Oasis came out so late into the 3DS’s life. With the Nintendo Wii Games for Kids switch, it got totally overlooked by so many people but it is a game like no other. Take Monster Hunter Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and that just a sprinkling of Zelda and you’ve got a vague idea of what this is maybe. It’s incredible fun hugely engrossing and just outright a beautiful game.

Mario Wii games:

Super Mario 3D Land:

What happens if you take a Mario game and you say let’s not quite do 3Dand not quite do 2d. Well, it sounds like a disaster but you get Super Mario 3d Land it’s good enough to be on this list because it’s bloody lovely. It really does straddle that line between 3d Mario and 2d Mario and yet it works really well. This is yet another instance of people thinking that Nintendo’s had a terrible idea and Nintendo proving everyone wrong. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have cat Mario but you know what it’s pretty damn good anyway.

Mario power tennis:

This game exemplifies Mario Wii games at their best, an arcade-like game of fast-paced tennis with plenty of mushrooms, turtle shells and banana peels.

Mario super sluggers:

Mario super sluggers a sequel to Mario superstar baseball and a 2008 release for the Nintendo Wii not to mention a huge satisfaction. It is one of the best Wii games.


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Super smash bros brawl:

This game out of all Mario Wii games is a game where a bunch of iconic Nintendo mascots fight each other on stages based on various Nintendo games it’s a game that’s part of this unique style of fighting games with accessible yet surprisingly deep controls and gameplay mechanics but like a good sequel.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

You get 48 tracks which include a 16 DLC tracks a brand new battle mode of 5 modes and 8 new arenas 35 characters 5 of which are new and of course the same fun rock-solid Mario Kart 8 gameplay but now with a few new tweaks oh and to top it all off the visuals have been slightly enhanced too now running at a full 1080p 60 frames per second

Super Mario Galaxy:

This right here is my favorite game of all time Super Mario Galaxy was the perfect blend of everything Mario did prior but pummelling in a hearty dose of new and innovative development of Mario Galaxy can be traced all the way back to the introduction of the Gamecube in 2000 and in Tendo space World Trade Show Shigeru Miyamoto showed off a tech demo entitled Super Mario 128 the name was not only supposed to insinuate it was a sequel to Super Mario 64 but also describe exactly what it was 128 Mario’s.

Super Mario maker:

Yep, they went and did it they brought Super Mario maker to the 3ds when nobody really expected it. How many people wanted it but I don’t think we actually expected it to happen. It does like the miiverse connectivity which is a bit of a shame but now so does the Wii U version so. It also comes with a load of extra new content and whilst none of that’s gonna set the world on fire the actual editing tool itself is incredibly substantial and superbly well refined.

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Mario golf: World tour:

Do you like Mario? Do you like golf? Then if we got a treat for you yes Mario Golf World Tour is pretty much the quintessential Mario golf game much like the Mario Kart series it just seems to be getting better with age, unlike the Mario Party series. It’s a golf game with Mario. It is one of the best Wii games.

New super Mario bros 2:

Yeah, this one is a little bit of a Marmite game. It doesn’t actively do anything extraordinary in the whole sort of coin motif kind of falls flat for some people but for a lot of other people, it is just a really solid Mario game. At the very least they’re trying something new with all the gold coins and everything and I think for me personally it works.

Etrian Odyssey V:

For a game like Etrian Odyssey 5 beyond the myth, I am willing to make an exception. Atlas is at it yet again with a classic dungeon crawler with modern stylings and you know what is something pretty special. Again I’m not so keen on the art style but it’s the gameplay that matters you know.

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Kirby: planet robobot:

Just when we think we’ve got him pegged he comes up with a new gimmick that is actually really pretty good. Planet robobot allows Kirby to absorb powers through the medium of a mechanoid and not just his job for a change. The idea itself on paper sounds a little bit weak but in practice, it’s stunning and genuinely quite different.

Fire Emblem:

And it was a pretty tough choice between fates and awakening and even though fate is advanced enough to have characters with feet we had to give it to awakening just because of Crom. All right not just because but he is pretty isn’t he.


Rune Factory 4:

Rune factory 4 is a unique kind of Wii u games. It’s sort of a combination of farming simulator, dating simulator and action RPG sort of blended together in a weird way. But you know what they’ve somehow made it work it’s certainly not gonna be for everyone but if that sounds like your cup of tea then you would be bonkers to give this one.

Kid Icarus: Uprising:

Alright I’ll admit it I haven’t really heard of Kid Icarus until smash bros and I’m gonna remain pretty steadfast in saying that I don’t really like Pitts as a character but Kid Icarus Uprising is an insane amount of fun. It’s fast-paced, it uses the ds in an interesting way and overall there’s nothing quite like it out there on the system. It is one of the earlier games for the 3ds but it’s aged surprisingly well.

Fantasy life:

We’re back on the farming sins except this time fantasy life allows you to do pretty much whatever you want. It’s not the most straightforward of games given the number of jobs that there are available but if you give it the time it will reward you. This Wii games for kids is one of the best Wii games.

Donkey kong country:

Even though tropical freeze will stand as one of my favourite platformers ever. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3d is definitely a game worth investing in. For me personally, it has a bit of an edge over that we original simply because it doesn’t require you to use any waggle controls or even blow into the microphone which I genuinely thought they would make you do. It’s insanely good fun and if you’d like the original Donkey Kong Country you cannot miss this one.

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Shin Megami Tensei IV:

The game is a Wii u games and is vast and it is so engrossing that you will lose yourself in a matter of moments. I genuinely don’t think there’s a 3ds game out there there’s this ambitious and manages to keep its theme so consistent. Without even researching it further just buy it. This Wii games for kids is one of the best Wii games.


Poochy and Yoshi’s:

It may not be as pretty as that the original but one thing that pooch in Yoshi’s woolly world has that the original does not is just that Poochie that’s hard to say not to. This is essentially the same original Wii U game but with additional stuff and a few little things taken out. But on the whole, it runs and plays beautifully and yes as I said it doesn’t look quite as good but even then I still think it looks damn tasty. It is one of the best Wii games.

Monster hunter generations:

Choosing this Wii u games was a really tough one for me. I have played so much Monster Hunter ultimate and yet not that much of generations well at least in comparison. The addition of the hunting Styles opens things up an enormous lie and basically makes it so that you’ve got maybe three times as many weapons I mean not really but it’s kind of like that and just like every other monster hunter game before it really rewards player understanding above all else. You can have the best armour, the best weapon it doesn’t matter if you go up against an enemy you don’t know you are probably gonna get seven shades of something knocked out of you. It’s hardcore but my god is it worth it.

Sega 3D classics collection:

This entry does feel a little bit of a cheat because it’s so many games in one but you know what I don’t care. It’s got everything you could want from a classic Sega collection. It’s got power drift poyo Sonic, Thunder blade, Galaxy force, altered beast and fantasy zone. If you’re a retro Sega fan you just can’t go wrong. This Wii games for kids is one of the best Wii games.

Dragon Quest VIII:

If like me you haven’t really played any Dragon Quest games before this one then don’t worry because this is as good a place to start as. Any memorable characters, colourful style, the fun combat this has got the whole kit and caboodle. In fact, if we’re being brutally honest this isn’t just one of the best RPGs on 3ds it’s one of the best RPGs pretty much full stop. It is a remake of an older game but to be honest it might as well be a brand new title it’s had that much done to it. Skip this one at your peril.

Luigi’s Mansion: dark moon:

Whilst the original game may not have aged all that well although I still absolutely love it. Luigi’s Mansion Darkmoon is a cracking adventure. It takes on a slightly different format than the original instead of being spread out over multiple mansions rather than one and it’s more of a sort of a mission challenge based affair rather than a standalone adventure but even so, it’s Luigi’s Mansion. This Wii games for kids is one of the best Wii games.

Rhythm heaven megamix:

Rhythm heaven seems to stick around. It’s got a very Japanese style I think it’s safe to say but that kind of unusual weirdness in the eyes of a westerner works superbly. Lee, it’s oddly similar in some regards to games like warrior we’re only much more fleshed out with each individual game but it’s not the only rhythm game on this list Nasir.


Theatrhythm final fantasy:

All right if you know about the original game then Theatrhythm Final Fantasy curtain call may seem like a sort of a cheap and lazy expansion. But actually, even though it’s not technically a sequel it almost could be. The amount of additional content is staggering frankly the controls are tied the music’s great and the new modes add a fresh and different perspective. If it’s a choice between this and Rhythm Heaven you’re gonna need to speak to someone far more qualified than me.

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Bravely second:

Crumbs and blimey when you think Square-Enix have run out of ideas they come up with a franchise like bravely default. It’s a fresh original and just downright incredibly enjoyable JRPG. The proof, that square isn’t just gonna rest on its final fantasy laurels. For us, the sequel only just about beats the original but really it’s not by a lot. This Wii games for kids is one of the best Wii games.

Star Fox 64 3D:

The original Star Fox 64 was far from perfect but this fixes a lot of the issues that the original had including performance. Also, it looks better you can take it on the go it’s not a perfect game but honestly it probably is as I’ve said before the best Starfox game we have.

The Legend of Zelda:

It is a bit of an odd decision to go all the way back to 2d Zelda after having so many 3d and given that the 3ds is more than capable of running 3d Zelda games. But even so, you know what it’s just a different style of game.