11 Natural Home Remedies for Ovarian Cysts


Apple cider vinegar, beetroot, reduce estrogen, heat therapy, epsom salt bath, almonds, dong quai root, tribulus, wild yam root, maca root and dandelion are some of the natural home remedies for ovarian cyst.

What is an ovarian cyst?

Ovarian Cysts are growths within a woman’s ovary and are filled with fluid. Most ovarian cysts tend to go away on their own and are rendered harmless; however there are certain cases where the cysts can rupture which can cause a severe amount of damage to the female reproductive system. Damage from these ruptures can displace the ovary by attaching it to other organs. These cysts generally occur before menopause and can rarely develop in women after their childbearing years.

The most common type of ovarian cyst is the polycystic ovaries. This has become one of the leading endocrine disorders among women. In this type of cyst, the ovaries may enlarge and become twice their natural size.

11 Must Know Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst

ovarian cyst

Apple cider vinegar

There are certain types of ovarian cysts that can develop due to a potassium deficiency. A great remedy for this is apple cider vinegar. This helps shrink those cysts caused by potassium deficiency as it is high in potassium. Simply add a table spoon of apple cider vinegar into warm water and mix in a table spoon of black strap molasses. Stir well and drink about two glasses of the solution daily until your cysts disappear. This solution will also help with excessive bleeding as well as bloating and cramping throughout your menstrual cycle.


Beetroot has great detoxifying abilities. It has a compound known as betacyanin which helps boost the liver’s detoxifying function. Although this remedy may not directly reduce your ovarian cyst, it is a fantastic way to reduce the symptoms caused by the cyst. Mix half a cup of beetroot juice with a tablespoon of black strap molasses and a table spoon of aloe vera gel. Drink the solution before breakfast on a daily basis and follow this until your symptoms have reduced.


Reduce estrogen

This really is not a complicated one. Certain cysts are caused due to an increase in hormonal imbalance. The easiest fix for this is to adjust your diet by reducing the intake of food that is high in their production of estrogen. Avoid exposure to xenoestrogens and begin taking a supplement called diindolylmethane (dim). You can avoid xenoestrogens by avoiding soy foods and eating only organic meat and dairy products. It is also important to avoid heating up food in plastic and to avoid drinking from plastic water bottles altogether. Check your beauty products for mineral oils or parabens. Start using natural detergents.

Heat therapy

Some of you may be familiar with the undeniable agony caused by menstrual cramps. The same kind of pain you may face when dealing with ovarian cysts. Using heat therapy can help with that pain. Heat therapy is almost as effective as taking over the counter (otc) drugs to ease the pain. Not to mention is it a more natural and healthy solution. You can make your own by taking a glass bottle, filling it with hot water and then wrapping it in a t-shirt or thin hand towel. The heat in it should last for about 20 minutes. Just place the wrapped bottle over the area that you feel is cramping.

Epsom salt bath

Here is another remedy to ease those nasty cramps. Ideally you should add two cups of epsom salts to a hot bath, let it dissolve completely, and soak in it until you feel better. The heat relaxes the tensed muscles causing the cramps or pain from cysts. You can find epsom salts at your nearest pharmaceutical.


Snacking on almonds which are known to be high in magnesium can help reduce the discomfort caused by the cysts. This is known to relieve the pain. They can be eaten raw and make for a good snack while experiencing chronic pain. They seem like a simple solution unless you are allergic to nuts, then you may want to skip this remedy and try another.

Dong quai root

This traditional chinese herb helps in balancing hormones which are one of the causes of ovarian cyst. It also helps create a healthy circulation in your reproductive organs as well as reducing the pain caused by the cysts.


Ingesting the aerial parts and the fruit prior to ovulation can help normalize ovulation. It has found to be a nourishing tonic for the overall female reproductive system, especially the ovaries.


Wild yam root

Wild yam root is another remedy for hormonal imbalance and can help reduce pain caused by ovarian cysts as well as other ovarian complications.

Maca root

This butterscotch scented root is found in central peru and has been cultivated as a vegetable crop for over 3000 years. It produces progesterone which helps create a balance in hormones without actually containing hormones itself. This is a great ovarian cyst treatment.


Eating a cup of dandelion greens can provide your body with 218mg of potassium and 2000mg of minerals required by your body on a daily basis. It also helps reduce cysts in your body overall and is a great home remedy for ovarian cysts.

You may not always be aware that you have cysts as most of them go away on their own. If you do experience sharp pelvic pain or pain accompanied by fever and nausea, it is important that you contact a doctor immediately as they are symptoms of a ruptured cyst. This being said, try some of the home remedies to see which suits your body best in relieving yourself of pain and discomfort.



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