Oral Sex During Pregnancy – Is It Safe for The Baby?


Sex during pregnancy is quite a debatable topic as different women take it differently. However, on a common platform, most women seem to be okay with the idea of sexual activity during pregnancy, and actually enjoy it! According to a recent research conducted at Stanford, women who have sex regularly while pregnant, have lower chances of experiencing pre-term labour. Oral sex is a highly pleasurable part of the entire act, but there are some important things to keep in mind while receiving it or giving it, when you are carrying a child.

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Oral sex is completely safe during pregnancy, and won’t have any negative effects on your child, as long as you are sleeping with one person on a regular basis, and are not susceptible to changing partners too often. Since there is always a minute risk factor involved in every activity while pregnant, here is an integrated list of things to remember while enjoying oral sex during your pregnancy:

Oral Sex During Pregnancy: Things to Remember

oral sex during pregnancy

Try not to breathe heavily while going down on your pregnant partner:

Heavy breathing and panting while sucking your partner’s vaginal opening can lead to blowing air inside the vagina. This can potentially block a blood vessel, which is called “air embolism”, resulting in a major risk situation for your partner and the foetus. The threat involves an increased force in the air passage, which can put excess pressure on the foetus’ brain and damage it in worst circumstances. The best way to avoid this is to stick to licking around the clitoris and the outer and inner lips, and gain maximum pleasure without running a risk of harming the baby!


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Try to limit the frequency a little (!):

Yes. Although it might sound preachy, try to reduce the number of times you engage in oral sex, when you are pregnant. Although oral sex is absolutely safe if done properly, keeping in mind the precautions, too much of this act might result in infections in the uterus. The bacteria coming from the mouth of the person giving oral sex, has the potential to harm the developing foetus.

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Don’t go down on a partner with complicated pregnancy:

If you know that your partner’s pregnancy is a complicated one, refrain from engaging in oral sex, or better still, consult your gynaecologist. Women with complicated pregnancies are prone to experiencing pre-term labour. Orgasms from oral sex, along with the bacteria from your mouth, have a high chance of resulting in contractions that might lead to untimely labour or miscarriage in certain cases.


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Use a dental dam:

To make sure that everything is as clean as possible, use a dental dam while performing oral sex on your pregnant partner. A dental dam is a thin sheet of latex that is put between your mouth and your partner’s genitals. This is generally recommended by doctors because many studies suggest that one is capable of transmitting HIV via small cuts on and around the genitalia. This might also negatively affect the foetus.

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Make sure that your mouth is clean:

Performing oral sex on your partner is bound to result in mutual ecstasy. However, it is vital to make sure that when you are performing this activity on your pregnant partner, you must have a clean mouth. Firstly, a mouth filled with food particles or remnants is not the best place for your partner’s genitalia to be entertained! Secondly, a dirty mouth is the breeding ground for bad bacteria, which might travel to your partners’ uterus and eventually affect the growth of the foetus.


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Ask the doctor about risk factors if your pregnant partner is HIV positive:

A pregnant woman, who is HIV positive, is at a higher risk of facing complications in their later stages. According to doctors, special care has to be rendered to HIV positive pregnant women who are pursuing conception. Hence, in this situation, it is unwise to do anything without asking the gynaecologist and/or sexologist.

Make sure that the penis and its surrounding area is clean:

For a change, when you are asking your pregnant partner to perform oral sex on you, make sure that you have taken a long shower! Your genitalia and its surroundings must be clean, so that she doesn’t contract any infection through her mouth. Doctors have prescribed swallowing of the semen as perfectly safe, but you have to make sure that you are not HIV positive, a regular drug dependent. And you should maintain good health. Infections passing through your pregnant partner’s mouth to her stomach, abdomen, and uterus can be deadly, leading to threatened abortion or miscarriage even in the early stages.

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Know whether your partner is infected with STD(s):

When you are pregnant, it is even more vital to know about your partner’s sexual health. This is because it also involves another life, which is developing inside you. Both giving and receiving oral sex involve risk factors leading to transmission of the disease through the mouth and abrasions in the genitalia respectively. Either way, if you contract an STD, the baby will be at high risk of lack of growth, deformity, prenatal death, and social stigma it if survives. Hence, make sure that you talk to your partner before engaging in this act while carrying a baby.

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Pregnancy is definitely not going to stop you from engaging in oral sex if you want to, be assured of that! The only concern that doctors have, and you should too, is that pregnancy involves lots of risks as it is a period of delicate growth. Therefore, make sure to follow the safety guidelines, and you are good to go!

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!