7 Sex Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy


Congratulations on your pregnancy and the forthcoming journey of parenthood. Pregnancy brings with it various dos and don’ts – regarding what food to take and what to avoid, how to lead life, what to wear and what not to wear and most importantly whether to have sex during the 40 months or not. Well, it varies from one woman to another as how her pregnancy turns out to be. Many women are scared and reluctant to have sex during pregnancy; while others are free and love to enjoy their intimacy with their partner. It is important that you seek advice and consultation of your doctor if having sex is safe during pregnancy is right for you or not.

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Mentioned below are some sex positions which should be avoided during pregnancy as these can cause harm to the mom and the unborn child growing within her:

Sex Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy

In the 1st trimester

  1. In the 1st trimester, there are no restrictions on any sex positions. Just see that there is no kind of discomfort and pain during sex. In case there is some other kind of medical condition, your doctor might advice to take some break between sex so that your body regains vitality. Whatever said, it is recommended to avoid extremely rough and vigorous sex during the 1st Refrain from anal sex as it might lead to infections.
  2. If you are into oral sex, it is recommended not to blow air into the vagina as it might lead to air embolism and become fatal for you and the baby. Also ensure that you thoroughly wash the vagina after sex.

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In the 2nd trimester

  1. During the 2nd trimester, it is better to avoid sex positions in which you have to lie on your back. The missionary position is perfect example for this kind. In such a position, where you have to be on your back and your partner is on your top, there are chances of the growing uterus squeezing the main blood vessels. And when this happens, the flow of blood to the placenta slows down. This is not desirable and can cause harm to the baby.

Some of the safest sex positions during the 2nd trimester are the doggy style, the scissor position, spooning and woman on top.

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sex positions during pregnancy

In the 3rd trimester

In the 3rd trimester, the belly gets enlarged and there is an issue with the body balance as a result. Try sex positions which are comfortable and which don’t stress the belly much. Doctors recommended not indulging in hard core sex 4 weeks before due date, even if your physical and mental conditions are perfectly okay.

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  1. It is recommended to strictly avoid sexual positions which need the woman to lie on her back. This includes the missionary position as well. Refrain from this position during the 3rd
  2. On the lap is another position which should be avoided at this stage of pregnancy. This sex position involves deep penetration which is not good in the last trimester. The woman sits on top by straddling the lap of the man facing him. Her movements are up and down with the penis penetrating her deep inside. She supports herself with her knees.
  3. Trying and avoid the turtle position too during advanced pregnancy in 3rd Derived from doggy style only, the woman needs to be on her fours and then gradually sits on her bottom and wraps her arms around the knees. The penetration takes place from behind when the man sits upright on his knees. The face of the female will be lying on the floor. This will put pressure on the belly directly and cause discomfort and problem to the woman and her unborn child.
  4. The last position that should be avoided during pregnancy in 3rd trimester is the anvil position as it involves deep penetration to hit the cervix. For this, you need to lie on your back like missionary position. But you have to pull up your legs to your chest, which is impossible at this stage of pregnancy. The man will position himself on you will support from his hands. Position the legs in a manner that the ankles or the calves are on the man’s shoulders on either side.

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Take these precautionary measures and enjoy sex even during pregnancy without any fear!