Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?


Most young couples worry whether they can continue to enjoy a sex life, even while the woman is pregnant. However, doctors advise them that if the pregnancy is normal, they can continue to make love till the woman’s bags actually break. However, if a pregnant woman has a history of cervical weakness, bleeding or a low-lying placenta, it’s important to speak to the doctor. If the pregnancy is normal, sex between two partners is not the cause of an early miscarriage and nor of any vaginal infections.

Early in a woman’s pregnancy, she suffers fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, breast tenderness and nausea, which could lower her sexual desire. As her pregnancy progresses, she suffers back pain and weight gain, besides other symptoms, which could take away the enthusiasm and energy for sex.

Her emotions too could impinge on her sex drive. She may be too worried about how her pregnancy will develop and whether the coming of the baby will affect their relationship. These thoughts could lower her sex drive.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy

How women feel through their trimesters

During the first trimester, women do not feel any great desire for sex because they are tired and nauseous. However, by the time they are into, their second trimester, they begin to feel much better, there’s more lubrication in the private parts and they have a distended genital area, making sex enjoyable now. Besides, their bump is still growing. However, in the third trimester, the stomach continues to grow and she feels tired. At this time, sex is low on her horizon, besides, she finds it physically very difficult to move around in the final weeks before childbirth.

Sex During Pregnancy

Women have various experiences during pregnancy, such as:

Vaginal infections

Pregnant women should not worry about contracting vaginal infection. If the woman is given antibiotics for her condition, sex will not interfere with it. In fact, vaginal infections can also have a low chance of having a pre-term baby. If a pregnant woman does have a vaginal infection, her partner or husband should wear a condom so that he does not catch the infection.


Premature baby

According to studies, there’s no connection between having a normal sex life an having a premature baby. Research has even indicated that women who have regular sex during pregnancy may be less likely to give birth prematurely. Having orgasms may also be related to a lower chance of giving birth early. If a woman’s sex urges prevail during her pregnancy, then she should continue to lead a normal sex life while being pregnant. Enjoying satisfying sex during pregnancy helps a couple’s relationship, before and after the birth of a baby.

Does sex harm the foetus?

The foetus won’t be affected if couples have sex, with the male partner on top. Women are safeguarded against infection due to the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix. The baby is also protected by the amniotic sac and the womb’s strong muscles. If a woman reaches orgasm, she will notice that her baby moves around more. The doctor will advise women not to have sex in these circumstances:

  • Bleeding
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Broken waters
  • A history of cervical weakness
  • A low-lying placenta, particularly if accompanied by bleeding

Pregnant women may also be medically advised not to have sex if her husband suffers from genital herpes. If the pregnant woman catches genital herpes from physical contact with her husband during her first pregnancy, then it could affect the development of her baby.

Is sex enjoyable during pregnancy?

This can vary from couple to couple. For some women, it’s more enjoyable during pregnancy, but not for others. Women who enjoy sex more during pregnancy do so because there’s an increase of blood flow to the pelvis during pregnancy which causes the genitals to distend, which brings with it much more sexual sensation and satisfaction. However, those women who do not find sex enjoyable during pregnancy feel that they feel very uncomfortable when intercourse ends.

There are many pregnant women who feel that their clitoris isn’t as sensitive during pregnancy or that their orgasms aren’t as powerful as before. It’s also common for women to find that they cannot reach orgasm easily when they are pregnant with a baby.

Some pregnant women find sex during pregnancy extremely painful. This happens when the penetration is particularly deep. But women can be made comfortable by their partners if they take sexual positions which sexual penetration isn’t as deep or is under their control.



During pregnancy, women should have fun while they can, listen to the demands of their bodies and be open with their partners.