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11 Natural Remedies To Cure Mosquito Bites In Babies

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It’s sad but true that babies are often bitten by mosquitoes more than adults. This is because they are easy prey to mosquitoes and are unaware of these pesky insects in their environment. Insects like mosquitoes are seen everywhere, particularly in playgrounds where children visit.

However, you can’t completely avoid mosquito bites entirely but they can be reduced to a great extent. On the home front, parents should be very careful of their kids’ surroundings so that they are not easy prey for mosquitoes to attack young kids.

Mosquitoes can sting very hard and can also leave ugly marks on the skin of little kids. These bites can give kids an itch and skin irritation and, in some cases, there’s also a swelling. Though these bites are common, it could be a source of worry to parents if their babies or kids also suffer from high fever. The fever may need a doctor’s immediate attention which could demand a blood test.

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How to prevent mosquito bites

Despite all the care that parents may take of their children,these little ones will always be prone to mosquito bites. Parents who want their children to always be safe and healthy may benefit by following the list given below of natural remedies of curing mosquito bites on their babies.

  1. Parents should take care not to take their babies into mosquito-infested areas or to open-air places like ponds, pools and to places where they infest, such as damp gardens, garbage cans, etc.

Mosquito Bites In Babies

  1. Fix mosquito-repelling screens on the windows and doors of the home so that these pests have no entry route into the home.
  2. Parents and their babies should leave home only after sunrise and return home by sunset so that they avoid a mosquito attack.
  3. Care should be taken to get rid of any stagnant water in pools or in the yard so that it doesn’t serve as breeding grounds for these insects.
  4. Parents should rub in a mosquito-repellent on the skin of babies as a preventative. While applying this, care should be taken to see that only the face and hands of the infant are exposed. Ensure that your child is dressed in long-sleeved shirts and long pants if you feel sure that you’re going to be in an area where mosquitoes could be in large numbers. Dress him in soft shades of clothes so that they don’t attract mosquitoes.

Natural remedies To Cure Mosquito Bites In Babies


Vinegar is acidic in nature and can therefore be successfully used as an antiseptic for mosquito bites for babies. To use vinegar, bathe your baby in warm water and a few teaspoons of vinegar. You can also apply a little vinegar on the bites directly for instant relief.

Soap bar

Rub a bit of soap bar on the bite for temporary relief from the itchiness.

Mosquito Bites In Babies

Aloe Vera

As in most things, Aloe Vera is an ideal remedy. Here too, it provides relief from mosquito bites. To use it, either apply its juice directly on the infected spot or its organic juice can be used. Aloe also helps reduce swelling due to the mosquito bite. Besides, it helps heal wounds cause by mosquito bites.

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To get rid of that nasty sting, apply mint-flavored toothpaste on the bite. Let it dry before washing it off.

Raw honey

Dab honey on the mosquito bites as it contains antimicrobial properties that prevent further infection.

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Water and baking soda

Add a little water to baking soda and make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste generously on the bite sites to get rid of the itchiness and irritation. Very soon after you do this, your baby will sleep peacefully with the pain and itching gone.

Salt paste

Add sufficient water to salt to make a paste of it and apply it to the mosquito bite for quick relief from the stinging pain.


Though they may reduce you to tears, yet they are excellent in getting the sting out of a mosquito bite on a baby’s skin. However, once the onion has done its job, wash the area well.

Applying a few drops of lemon juice to the affected area also helps owing to the acidic content and Vitamin C present in it.

Mosquito bites can cause bumps and may even lead to serious illness, if not taken care of immediately. It may leave your little one painful and you would never want to see your baby cry in pain. So make sure that you follow all preventive measure and stay safe.

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