15 Myths about Coronavirus Debunked


There is a lot of misinformation floating around the news regarding the new Coronavirus. While sharing personal advice is often well-meaning, it is important to focus on published scientific facts. Social media is spreading plenty of fake rumors about COVID-19, especially when it comes to health and prevention. Here are 15 myths about COVID-19 debunked:

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15 Myths Debunked about the COVID-19

The New Coronavirus was Deliberately Created and Released by Humans

Viruses can change over time. Sometimes a disease outbreak appears when a virus that is common in an animal such as a pig, bat or bird undergoes changes and passes to humans.

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Drink Lots of Water to Flush the Virus into Your Stomach where Acid will Kill it

You cannot “flush out” any virus from your airways by drinking water. The idea that drinking water will push the virus into your stomach where it will be killed is stupid and not based on any scientific facts or studies.

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You can’t get the Coronavirus Twice

There have been reports of patients previously released from hospitals in mainland China who later tested positive for COVID-19 a second time, but health officials say that this is most likely due to errors in testing. as you experience an illness, you develop immunity and your body will be ready to fight that illness again.

Gargling Salt Water can Help Prevent Coronavirus

Gargling salt water will help with a sore throat, but not the coronavirus.


Cocaine can Kill Coronavirus

Cocaine will make you high, not healthy. It started, like so many things, on social media and appeals to may as a way to stave off boredom. It is an addictive drug that causes serious problems and is harmful to people’s health.

Vinegar can Kill the Coronavirus

Vinegar has a ton of uses, but preventing coronavirus isn’t one of them. Vinegar is known to kill bacteria, but COVID-19 is a virus.

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Spraying Alcohol or Chlorine all Over Your Body can Kill Coronavirus

While it is important to regularly sanitize and wash your hands, spraying yourself with chlorine and alcohol won’t help you if you’re already infected.


Pets can Spread the Coronavirus

If you’re worried about your cat or dog for catching and spreading coronavirus, you can rest easy. A coronavirus, by definition, is a virus that spreads from animals to humans, but COVID-19 is a particular strain of coronavirus and there is no evidence that pets such as dogs and cats have infected humans.

Masturbation will Keep the Coronavirus at Bay

Look, while pleasuring yourself will help stave off boredom, getting yourself off won’t protect you from any viral infections, despite the rumors that have been circulating on social media. Even so, if masturbating keeps you from going out in public or commingling with another possibly sick party, then who says it doesn’t help prevent the spread of infection?

Eating Garlic can Protect you from the Coronavirus

Garlic has microbial properties, but it can’t prevent infection. There is no evidence found from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the coronavirus.

You can get the Coronavirus from Mail and Packages from China

Viruses won’t live long on objects like letters and packages and the chances of contracting coronavirus from your mail are very slim. You should avoid ordering non-essential items through the mail right now — but that’s to lighten the burden you’re placing on people like delivery drivers, not because the packages themselves could be carrying the virus.


Heat can Kill the Coronavirus

Heat can kill the virus — but only extreme heat and the heat in your everyday normal life won’t kill coronavirus. The disease is spreading in hotter climates such as Singapore and Australia, there’s reason to believe warmer weather won’t be enough to stop it.

Anyone can get Coronavirus Testing

A doctor will determine if you need to be tested or not. While we’re waiting for coronavirus tests become more readily available, as of now, they’re not. Doctors should make that call based on their diagnosis of your symptoms.

Kids can’t get the Coronavirus

Kids can get COVID-19 — and they can definitely spread it around cause they typically don’t care about hygiene and always love puttings things and hands in their mouths.

Drink Water Every 15 Minutes to Prevent the Coronavirus from Entering Your Lungs

Drinking water won’t stop you from getting sick and while staying hydrated can keep your body healthy and prevent headaches, drinking water every 15 minutes does not prevent coronavirus.