How Much Water Should My 2-Year Old Drink?


We are all aware of the importance of water in our life. Yes, water is an essential nutrient. But a much neglected one. 60 to 70 per cent of our body is made up of water and when we do not hydrate it well, it is inevitable that we will face health problems. People often claim that they are too busy during the day to grab a glass of water. Not just that, our modern lifestyle and tastes also influence the amount of water we drink on a daily basis.

People often say that they would usually prefer drinking something else other than water. Of course, when water is replaced with sugar laden sodas or juices, the body gets addicted to this stuff to quench thirst. You feel you have hydrated yourself, but in vain. The body gets further dehydrated leading to host of diseases.

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How Much Water Should A Toddler Drink?

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How much water should my 2-year old drink?

Water is very important for the growth and development of your toddler. Therefore, parents should get their children into the habit of drinking water from a very young age. If you are wondering how much water should 2-year-old drink per day, the answer is on an average your 1 to 3-year-old toddler needs or the recommended water intake of toddlers are 5-6 cups of water in a day. This water may come from milk, fruit juices or from the food.

The water requirements of a toddler also depend on the climate. If you are staying in a hot and humid climate then your toddler may require more water to prevent dehydration and exhaustion. Also, if your toddler is physically very active, he may need more water to keep his body hydrated. In case, your toddler has some illness such as cold, flu or diarrhea then your baby should have more water.


Therefore, you need not worry as long as your kid is drinking enough water. However, if he suffers from any water related problems, it’s best to consult a doctor.

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How much water should an adult drink per day?

The daily four-to-six cup rule is for generally healthy people. It’s possible to take in too much water if you have certain health conditions, such as thyroid disease or kidney, liver, or heart problems; or if you’re taking medications that make you retain water, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), opiate pain medications, and some antidepressants.

How much water a day should you drink if you fit into that category? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Dr. Seifter says water intake must be individualized, and you should check with your doctor to be sure you’re getting the right amount.

But even a healthy person’s water needs will vary, especially if you’re losing water through sweat because you’re exercising, or because you’re outside on a hot day. If you’re wondering how much water you should drink on those occasions, speak with your doctor, but a general rule of thumb for healthy people is to drink two to three cups of water per hour, or more if you’re sweating heavily.

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Is too much water bad for health?

All the cells and organs in your body need water to function properly. However, excessive water consumption can lead to water intoxication. This has been known to be fatal in some cases.

What is water intoxication?

Also known as water poisoning, water intoxication is the disruption of brain function due to drinking too much water. Drinking a lot of water increases the amount of water in your blood. This water can dilute the electrolytes in your blood, especially sodium. When sodium levels fall below 135 mmol/l, it is called hypernatremia.

Sodium helps balance fluids between the inside and outside of cells. When sodium levels drop due to excess water consumption, fluids shifts from the outside to the inside of cells, causing them to swell. When this happens to brain cells, it can produce dangerous and potentially life-threatening effects. Therefore, just be careful and do not overdose on water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Boosted energy

Dehydration zaps you of energy, leaving you feel depleted and tired. Not only will water be an ideal pick-me-up, it also encourages your heart to pump blood more effectively through your body, helping to effectively transfer oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells.

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Weight loss

Drinking more water is a key to losing weight. Not only does it have zero calories, but it also is a natural appetite suppressant, reduces eating intake if consumed before meals, and also helps boost your metabolism – especially if your glass is icy cold. Because of this, your body must work to warm the water up, burning a few extra calories in the process.


Stress relief

Approximately 70% to 80% of your brain is made up of water. If you’re dehydrated, your body and your mind are stressed. Also, the body is functioning at its best when properly hydrated, which helps you feel great and contributes to your happiness.

Improved fitness

Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramps and lubricates the body’s joints. When you’re well hydrated, you can exercise for extended periods of time at optimum performance.

Better skin

Drinking water hydrates skin cells and nourishes them, making your face look younger. It also flushes out toxins and improves circulation and blood flow, helping your skin glow. Also, dehydration brings out the fine lines and wrinkles in your face, so keeping hydrated will do wonders to making your skin look its best!

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Regular digestion

Water helps break up particles of waste in your body and helps pass them smoothly through your digestive tract. Dehydration leaves your colon dry, making it difficult to pass waste.

Gets rid of impurities

Drinking plenty of water gets rid of waste through sweat and urination which reduces the risk of kidney stones and uti’s (urinary tract infections). Specifically it dilutes the impurities in your urine that can build up to create kidney stones.


So what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of water right away. Stay healthy, stay fit! Happy parenting.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!