Hydrogen Water: Miracle or Fad?


Hydrogen water keeps the oral cavity healthy and free from diseases, it has wonderful antioxidant capabilities, easily reaches the brain, making it more efficient, helps in overcoming inflammation, weakness in the muscles and fatigue is reduced and weight loss can be easily done by drinking hydrogen water.

Water is the life supporting part of our life. Water has hydrogen in it, without it we humans won’t be able to live our life. No matter what tasty dish you hog on, no matter whatever you get to eat the whole day, water is something that gives us energy and power to do something and be active the whole day. Water is necessary for even animals both land and sea. It is required for other purposes also in industry, in villages, and in agriculture. Recently there have been certain modifications in the concentration of hydrogen molecules in it. When water has more hydrogen molecules in it, then it is called hydrogen water. Let’s discover if it is a miracle or fad.

hydrogen water benefits

Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is simply water or h2o, which has extra hydrogen added to it. This addition of hydrogen helps in many processes of the body. It keeps diseases away. Hydrogen water has antioxidants which help the body to stop aging and get more nutrients in order to function properly. The anti-oxidants in hydrogen water keep the body healthy and away from many heart disease and cancer. The chance of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases lowers due to the presence of antioxidants in the hydrogen water. It was discovered by a team of scientist in japan in the year 2007. It has many health benefits and is known to keep many diseases at bay. Many athletes and even common people have experienced the benefits of drinking hydrogen water and it has proven to be really healthy.

Hydrogen Bonding

Hydrogen is one of the tasteless, colorless and odorless gases present in the atmosphere of earth. It is electropositive and oxygen is electronegative, thus both gases are highly radical (that is highly reactive). Hydrogen’s two molecules bond with one oxygen thus forming a v shape structure, and the hydrogen atoms have an angle to the oxygen atom in between the range of 107 degrees-120 degrees.  As the hydrogen molecule is electropositive and oxygen electronegative, when water is formed many such v shape structures are present in it thus one oxygen atom might combine with more than two hydrogens leading to the formation of a cage-like structure. Thus, when the electropositive hydrogen combines with the electronegative oxygen and continues this process it is called hydrogen bonding in water, and when extra hydrogen is infused more such combinations are formed leading to the formation of hydrogen water.

Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

Keeps The Oral Cavity Healthy

Hydrogen water is a great anti-inflammatory agent. Thus it stops any inflammation in the gums. It helps the blood in oxidation because of which the effects of other medicines and oral hygienic tools increase. It helps to kill bacteria that affects the oral health, the gums, and teeth.


Wonderful Antioxidant Capabilities

Hydrogen water helps the body to get rid of toxic cells. It helps the body in supplying the right amount of hydrogen and oxygen thus leading to reduced chances of heart diseases and stroke. It keeps the skin fresh and healthy. Hydrogen water delays the wear and tear of cells and stops them from damaging.

Easily Reaches The Brain, Making It More Efficient

It reaches the brain as it is dissolved in the blood, the compounds like these get mixed with the blood vessels in no time. As a result, the antioxidant in the brain helps in stopping memory and learning problems. It also makes the cognitive power of the brain really strong thus helping the brain to accept signals from the neuron as soon as possible and making our brain more efficient.

Helps in Overcoming Inflammation

Many parts of the body suffer inflammation or redness and swelling when suffering from any disease. The discussion around the anti-inflammatory effects is ambiguous but it has been proven in some pilot case studies that it heals inflammatory parts of the body. It has anti-inflammatory powers.

Weakness in the Muscles and Fatigue is Reduced

During exercise, many people experience the formation of lactic acid. This is because during exercise the body does not get enough oxygen so lactate is formed in some areas of the body and muscles. This lactate formation can lead to cramps, muscle weakness, post-exercise fatigue and soreness in the muscles. When hydrogen water is taken during or after exercise the chances of muscle fatigue is reduced because of the supply of hydrogen and oxygen in the body.

Helps in Weight Loss

Hydrogen water helps the body to form energy as much as possible. This energy is formed by the oxygen and hydrogen present in the body. Thus, the energy is increased without any extra intake of food. The body becomes more active with the same amount of diet, as a result, the fat burn takes place, leading to weight loss.

Keeps The Liver and Lungs Healthy

Drinking hydrogen water helps the liver in getting oxidation and reduces stress. It also helped in shielding the cells of the liver with the help of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The lungs may suffer injury due to the absence of oxygen or due to a lot of pollution. Hydrogen water reduces the injury and stress faced by the lungs due to the intake of extra hydrogen and oxygen. It stops inflammation in the lungs and helps in clean breathing, leading to an increase in the lungs activity, giving our body more energy per day.


Increase Metabolism

Hydrogen water protects the powerhouse of the cell the mitochondria. Because of which the metabolism of the body increases, the immune system gets stronger and resistant to diseases. Hydrogen water also affects the stem cells and the dna, because of which longevity of human life can increase.

Thus it can be concluded that hydrogen water has a variety of positive effects on our brain, immune system, dna structure, bones, muscles and overall health. It is sure a miracle, if just by increasing hydrogen concentration in water if we get so many benefits for our health than what can be better than this. It is better than many medicines out there which have so many side effects and are not easily available on the counter. Hydrogen water is available online and also in the stores at affordable prices in the form of tablets.

The molecule of hydrogen H2 has no side effects as soon as it’s intake is done the hydrogen is absorbed by the body. It is also proved that less quantity of hydrogen water gives more benefits and stronger effects than taking larger quantities of intake. Large quantities intake is also not harmful at all. Thus, it can be said hydrogen water is a wonderful miracle, of which the people are not aware yet.



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