Health Benefits of Banana Flower for Children



Health Benefits of Banana Flower for Children include rich in antioxidant, treats infection, helps manage diabetes and anemia, heals wounds and burns, rich in vitamins and minerals, reduces anxiety, prevents cancer and heart disease, abundant in dietary fibers, soothes the digestive system, minimizes menstrual pain and bleeding.  

The humble banana, plantain or Musa paradisiaca is eaten and relished by the vast majority of people all over the world, from children to adults. This large and herbaceous plant is commonly found in India and other parts of south-east Asia, apart from other tropical regions.

Health Benefits of Banana Flower for kidsBanana flowers emerge from purple buds from the center of the tip of the stem. The flowers are identified as tubular and white. Almost all parts of this plant are eaten. The flowers, stems, the innermost bracts, the florets, inner core or heart are considered edible by banana lovers of different cuisines. Banana flowers are rich in a range of essential nutrients such as proteins, dietary fibre, Vitamin E, flavonoids and unsaturated fatty acids. They are used in a range of international cuisines and also have a lot of proven medicinal value.

Banana Flowers

Banana flowers or banana blossoms are quite obviously the flowers of the banana tree. Few people know that this amazing plant also has flowers that are as edible and enjoyable as its fruit. In countries that use its flowers in their cuisines, banana flowers are sold just about everywhere–in grocery stores, wayside stalls, farmers’ markets, etc. If you do not live in an area with banana trees, you could find banana flowers in your nearby Asian food stores or at certain specialty markets.

Eating Banana Flowers

By stripping away the outer hard husks, one can find tender, yellowish-green leaves inside. The most tender of them all can be chopped finely and tossed into a salad. Banana flowers are also added to soups and to stir-fries.

How to Use Banana Flowers

For someone tending to a banana plant for the first time, it’s important to know that banana flowers turn brown or black if left exposed to moisture for a protracted period. Once its tough external layer is removed and the inner leaves separated or finely chopped, they can be put into a bowl of water mixed with lemon juice or vinegar to reduce its chances of turning brown.       


11 Must Know Health Benefits of Banana Flowers

Also called banana hearts, banana flowers come with several health benefits, particularly for children. Here they are:

Keeps children safe from life-threatening diseases: Banana flowers are rich in antioxidants that nullify the damaging effects of free radicals that could lead to several chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Medical researchers have suggested that the antioxidant power of banana flowers can be used to create health supplements.

Makes children infection-free: Banana flowers contain extracts of ethanol, which are helpful in treating infection. This is done by preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria, some of which are bacillus subtalis, escherichia coli and bacillus cereus. These flowers are also useful in healing wounds and preventing the malarial parasite, Plasmodium falciparumfrom growing and developing in the body.

Minimizes menstrual pain and bleeding: Young menstruating girls can find much relief from menstrual pain by cooking a cup of banana flowers and eating it along with curds. This is believed to increase the content of the hormone, progesterone, in the body while also reducing the amount of bleeding.

Helps manage diabetes and anaemia: A regular intake of banana flowers can reduce elevated blood sugar levels significantly while also increasing the body’s total haemoglobin levels.

Heals wounds and burns: The juice of banana flowers when applied to burns and wound helps them heal fast. However, if children are known to be allergic to latex, it can cause an anaphylaxis attack which could be dangerous.


Storehouse of vitamins and minerals: Banana flowers are so rich in Vitamins A, C and E that this food is extremely healthy to eat for overall health and growth of bones and muscles in children. They get good vision, a lot of energy for day-to-day activities and regeneration of body cells. The potassium content in banana flowers makes their bones strong and healthy.

Keeps children’s mood elevated and reduces any anxiety: For children who have mood swings or are anxious by nature, banana flowers serve as mood uppers. And for those mentally disturbed children who suffer from bouts of anxiety, banana flowers are a good remedy as they stave off any feelings of anxiety. The magnesium content of banana flowers bring such disturbed kids back to normal without suffering any side-effects.

Prevents cancer and heart disease: Banana flowers are abundant in acids, tannins, antioxidants and flavonoids that help to work against the action of free radicals that cause cancer and heart disease, among other life-endangering diseases.

Promotes health among children’s diet: Banana flowers are abundant in dietary fibre which helps keep in optimal functioning of the body and also lowers cholesterol levels significantly. These foods also keep the intestine healthy while preventing constipation among kids.

Prevents weight loss: Banana flowers also facilitate weight loss since they are rich in fibre, giving children a sated feeling for longer periods.This makes it ideal as a weight loss food for overweight or obese children. Children can get the most out of this food to achieve weight loss by adding it to fresh vegetables in soups or salads.

Soothes the digestive system: Banana flowers are light on the digestive system and are instrumental in treating a range of digestive problems, apart from stomach pain and bloating due to acidity.


Side-effects of Banana Flower

As yet, there isn’t any scientific research that points to the fact that banana flower has side-effects either on children or on adults. This being the case, it is better to be careful and consume this food under a doctor’s supervision.

Banana Flower recipes you can try

Nutritional value of Banana Flowers

According to the African Journal of Biotechnology, 100gm of banana flowers contain the following essential nutrients:

Nutrition Table
Per Serving  of 100 gm
51 kcal
1.6 gm protein
0.6 gm fat
9.9 gm carbohydrates
5.7 gm fiber
56 mg calcium
73.3 mg phosphorous
56.4 mg iron
13 mg copper
553.3 mg potassium
48.7 mg magnesium
1.07 mg Vitamin E