11 Home Remedies for Hernia During Pregnancy


Hernia is medical condition when the internal organs protrude through an opening in the abdominal wall or some other place. It can be a painful condition. Hernia can interfere with your daily life, especially when you are pregnant. If hernia is not treated in time it can cause severe complications like muscle atrophy, loss of movement etc.

Hernia can be treated with some effective home remedies. Doing gentle exercises can give relief to the hernia problem and also help you lose weight. Taking the right kind of diet is also another natural remedy for treating hernia. Other effective home remedies include castor seed oil, ice pack, and aloe vera gel.

The effective home remedies for hernia are given below:

Home Remedies for Hernia During Pregnancy

Gentle exercise

As oppose to heavy workout, doing gentle exercises everyday can improve your hernia problem. Light exercises like walking, aerobics, even yoga can strengthen the muscles. This strengthening will automatically reduce the size of the opening in the muscular wall. It will also improve the blood circulation. Regular light exercising can also help you lose weight. Losing weight is another way to ensure relief from hernia. Exercising will give relief from the pain also. If you have developed hernia during pregnancy, start exercising!

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Proper diet

Having the right diet is very essential to treat hernia naturally. You must include fiber rich foods in your regular diet. This will improve your bowel movement. Straining for bowel movement aggravates your hernia problem. Fiber rich foods like nuts, apples, pears, beans and avocados can ease this problem. A low fat and protein rich diet is also a natural treatment of hernia. Avoid fatty spicy foods and consume proteins like fish, meats, tuna and cottage cheese. A proper diet is the best way to cure your hernia naturally.


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Hernia During Pregnancy

Cold compress

Applying ice pack on the site of hernia is a wonderful home remedy. The cold of ice can give instant relief from the pain caused by hernia. Hernia causes inflammation. This results in the intense pain. Applying cold compress on the site of hernia will immediately reduce the inflammation. It will also give relief from the bloating due to hernia. Ice is therefore an effective home remedy for hernia during pregnancy. You can wrap a block of ice in a towel and apply on the affected area. Or you can apply ice packs throughout the day.

Castor seed oil

Castor seed oil is very effective as a natural remedy for hernia in the abdomen. This oil can coat the stomach wall in a protective lining. This protection prevents further inflammation form the hernia. It will also reduce the pain. Castor oil also improves digestion, thus ensuring proper bowel movement. Constipation can worsen your hernia. Castor oil helps to prevent constipation. You can make a pack with castor oil and massage it on your site of hernia regularly. But be careful not to consume castor oil. It can prove harmful to you and your baby.

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Ginger root

Ginger root can be the perfect home remedy for treating hernia in the abdomen. It can give relief from the pain. It can also effectively diminish the inflammation due to hernia. Ginger root can be consumed as juice. You can extract juice from fresh ginger and consume it every morning. You can also eat raw ginger. Ginger will treat your hernia. It will also protect your stomach from excessive gastric juices that can aggravate your hernia.


Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains anti inflammatory properties. It is known to be an effective home remedy for hernia. Aloe vera can also soothe your hernia pain. There are many benefits of consuming aloe vera juice if you have hernia. It is also easily accessible. You can drink pure aloe vera juice every morning and see positive results within a few days. You can also consume aloe vera juice before meals to prevent the chances of hernia.

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Licorice root

Licorice root is a healing agent of stomach. The muscular opening in the stomach can be effectively healed by licorice root. Licorice can repair the damage in the abdominal lining and treat the hernia. This herbal extract is known for its anti inflammatory properties. Therefore it can reduce the inflammation from hernia as well. You can licorice root tea every day to naturally cure your hernia problem. But consult your doctor before taking licorice root.

Black pepper

The powder of black pepper is an excellent home remedy for hernia. Black pepper can reduce inflammation of the stomach due to hernia. It can also inhibit acid reflux in the stomach. This prevents further complications if you have hernia. Black pepper can also repair the damage of the muscle in case of hernia. You can use it in your food everyday to get positive results.

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice made of spinach, broccoli, carrots, onions and kale is an excellent home remedy for hernia. This juice is packed with healing properties that can cure your hernia problem. These vegetables have anti inflammatory properties that can reduce your inflammation and soothe the pain. This juice can also speed up the healing of the hernia. You can drink this juice everyday for best results.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also effective as a home remedy for hernia. Hernia can cause excessive acid reflux that may further aggravate your problem. Drinking apple cider vinegar can balance the acidity of your stomach and give you relief from the burning pain of the hernia. It will also provide relief if you experience heartburn from hernia. You can mix organic apple cider vinegar with water and drink it regularly.


Reduce stress

Stress can actually make your hernia worse. Pregnancy is a time when you feel stressed because of hormonal changes. Therefore it is even more important for you to cut your stress to treat the hernia. You will be surprised to see how this can give you immense relief from the hernia problems. Try to do meditation, deep breathing and keep yourself relaxed. You can also use essential oils to help you to keep your mind relaxed.


Hernia can be an annoying problem when you are pregnant. It can cause severe pain and discomfort in movement. Hernia interferes with daily life and cause great problems. Hernia can be treated naturally at home. Try the effective home remedies. But always consult a doctor first to be on the safe side.