21 Must-Have Foods in Your Breastfeeding Diet


It is needless to say how important it is for a nursing mother to eat well. Not only will a good diet help keep the mother happy and healthy but will also pass on the nutrients to her baby. Today we list 21 foods you must include in your breast feeding diet.

21 Must-Have Foods in Your Breastfeeding Diet

You’ve just given birth and losing your pregnancy pounds have begun to weigh heavily on your mind. But what’s more important than that is to eat nutritious foods that give you sufficient energy to be a good new mother. If you’re nursing, you need to eat well because if you don’t, your body will draw the required nutrients from your reserves. So, be sure you eat enough for two.

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Here are 21 nutritious foods that you should eat while breastfeeding:

1. Salmon

As a breastfeeding mom, you’ll benefit a lot from eating salmon, a fatty and tasty fish. It is protein-rich and has a huge content of the fat DHA that contributes heavily to the growth and development of your baby’s nervous system. You can go with wild-caught salmon or the farm-raised variety. For extra calcium, eat canned salmon.

2. Water

While breastfeeding, you run the risk of being dehydrated, so keep your energy levels high by drinking a variety of liquids, most of all water. You can also drink milk and juice, but be wary of drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks. However, if you must, limit them to two drinks per day because caffeine enters your breast milk and makes your little one irritable and interferes with his sleep.


3. Leafy greens

Among all the green leafy veggies there are, spinach is the super food. You can also eat other green leafy veggies like broccoli and Swiss chardwhich are replete with Vitamin A. These foods are good for you and your baby. They also contain calcium, iron, antioxidants and Vitamin C.

4. Legumes

Among legumes, you’d do well to eat kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans and other beans, all rich in iron and fibre, and great foods for vegetarian moms. They are also good quality vegetable protein that anyone can eat.

5. Low-fat dairy foods

Some examples of low-fat dairy foods are milk, yogurt and cheese, all necessary foods to eat while you breastfeed. Through milk, you get enough Vitamin D to build your baby’s bones. They also provide Vitamin B complex and protein, making them an excellent source of calcium.

6. Brown Rice

If you concentrate too hard on losing weight, you might make less milk and feel lethargic and dull. To revive your energy, mix brown rice in your diet to give your baby the best quality of milk.

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7. Eggs

You must include eggs into your diet, particularly if they are fortified with DHA. Such eggs increase the level of this vital fatty acid in your breast milk. Eat eggs any way you like–boiled, scrambled or as an omelette.


8. Garlic

This herb has been used by breastfeeding moms for ages, if only to increase your milk production. Add garlic to boost your immunity and your lactation. Garlic is also anti-microbial while also having antioxidant properties that aid in fighting infection and increasing milk supply to your body.

9. Lean Beef

Yet another food that’s rich in iron, lean beef can help you keep pace with your little one’s demands. However, lean beef is also rich in Vitamin B12 and proteins.

10. Blueberries

Make blueberries a part of your diet either as fruit or as juice. They are filled with vitamins and minerals, and they also have carbs to sustain your energy levels.

11. Apricots

Apricots are your must-have foods while you nurse your baby as they contain Vitamins A and C, fibre and potassium. This powerhouse of nutrition can also help increase prolactin, the hormone that tells you that you need to make more milk. Eat them fresh, canned or dried, but don’t ignore apricots.

12. Oranges

A wonderful option to put back all the energy you spend now, oranges are citrus fruits that boost your energy. This makes them excellent food for breastfeeding moms like you. If you can’t sit down and eat the fruit, have it as a drink.

13. Pomegranates

If you have trouble lactating sufficiently, pomegranates will help increase milkproduction. This fruit is highly nutritious and has lots of antioxidants, rendering it very healthy for breastfeeding women.


14. Carrots

Endowed by huge amounts of potassium and carbs, carrots help increase energy levels and stamina in breastfeeding women.Carrots are the original source food of beta carotene, that women need while nursing.

15. Whole-wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is rich in folic acid, which helps your baby develop in the early stages of your pregnancy. Folic acid makes it good for your baby’s health and yours too.

16. Oatmeal

A natural whole grain, oats is a high-fibre food that will keep you going for long and increase your milk production. Oats are also rich iron and can boost your milk production.

17. Sesame seeds

Calcium, fibre, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese are packed in sesame seeds. Toast some seeds and sprinkle them over your veggies.

18. Almonds

You can count on almonds to get your quota of proteins and calcium, something you need while you’re breastfeeding. Remember to take 1000 mg of calcium every day as you will get all the calcium you need for your baby’s bones and teeth to develop.

19. Dates

The calcium content of dates enable it to increase your milk supply, because they too contain prolactin, just like apricots. Besides, they are rich in fibre and are sweet too.


20. Barley

Barley is a hearty grain from which you can get a lot of fiber. It lowers your cholesterol levels and raises your milk supply.

21. Fennel

Add fennel to your salad or drink fennel tea and you’ll get all the fiber and antioxidants you need to carry out your daily duties towards your baby.

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The above-listed 21 super foods for breastfeeding moms can easily be made a part of your daily diet. However, remember to use them in home-cooked food, which you make with few spices and additives, so that your baby doesn’t feed on this food indirectly through your breast milk. So, eat mindfully and be aware of the goodness of all the foods you eat for yourself and your baby.

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