11 Early Flu Symptoms in Children


The flu is a very contagious disease caused by influenza virus. Children are more vulnerable to flu than adults. Almost 20,000 children get hospitalized every year because of flu. Children under the age of five years are more prone to flu. Flu can occur anytime and it is not easily identified. Most people confuse fly symptoms with normal cold.

Flu symptoms stay longer than normal. There are many early flu symptoms evident in children. Symptoms like headache, vomiting and fever are early fly symptoms. Also stomach pain, sore throat and extreme fatigue are fly symptoms. Flu is not a major illness. However lack of treatment in time can cause severe complications. Keep reading to know what the early flu symptoms in children are.

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The early flu symptoms in children are given below:

Early Flu Symptoms in Children


Headache is a symptom of flu in children. It is one of the early symptoms. If your kid is having severe headache constantly, it can be because of flu virus. Headache from common cold is milder than headache from flu. It is important to immediately consult a pediatrician. Early diagnosis of flu can prevent further health complications from arising.


Nausea and vomiting are sure shot signs of flu. Influenza virus often affects the stomach and causes gastrointestinal problems. If your child vomits frequently, or has diarrhea, it can be because of flu. Frequent vomiting can make your child dehydrated. This can further complicate matters. It is necessary to consult a doctor if your baby is vomiting a lot.


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Early Flu

Body ache

Body ache is a common early flu symptom. It is often ignored as a possible sign. People take body ache to be a result of physical exertion. Even common cold can sometimes cause body ache. But flu virus can also cause body aches in children. It especially occurs in the back and legs. Sometimes chills may also accompany the body ache. It is not necessary to feel chills only if your kid has fever. Both of these are symptoms of flu in its early stage. Take your child to a doctor immediately if he has body ache and chills.


Persistent dry coughing can be an indication of flu in your child. If your kid is suffering from chronic cough, it can be warning sign. Flu often results in excessive coughing in children. This cough can be accompanied with a wheezing. Your child can also have chest tightness. All these are early signs of flu. If you notice your child wheezing and coughing, take him to a doctor. Early detection of flu can prevent serious complications like pneumonia and bronchitis.

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Sore throat

One of the early signs of flu is sore throat. Persistent coughing can lead to sore throat in children. There are some flu viruses which can cause swollen throat in children. Usually there is no coughing in this type of flu. Your kid may have scratchy throat and can have difficulty swallowing food. He can face problem while drinking also. Sore throat is not always a result of common cold. Therefore it is important to notify the doctor if your baby has a sore throat.


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A high grade fever is almost surely a sign of flu. The fever can shoot up to 104 degree F. High fever like this does not happen in common cold. It is an early sign of flu. It indicates that your kid has infections in his body. Fever is a very common early symptom of flu in children. It may or may not be accompanied by chills. Notify the doctor at the earliest if your kid is running high fever.

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Excessive fatigue

Any child feeling extremely exhausted for no reason may have flu. Extreme fatigue is an early symptom of flu. This may occur before any other symptom of flu. You may notice that your kid has suddenly started feeling fatigued even without doing any physical activity. This fatigue can disrupt the normal activity of a child. Do not ignore if your child shows extreme fatigue. Take him to the doctor at the earliest for diagnosis.

Stomach ache

Stomach pain can also be an early sign of flu. Flu virus often affects the gastro-intestine of children. It causes stomach bug in many children. Stomach cramps are common in children as symptom of flu. This is one of the earliest signs of flu. If your kid has constant stomach cramps, he may have contracted flu.

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Loss of appetite

This is one early sign of flu that often gets ignored. Not many are aware that lack of appetite can be a sign of flu. Flu can rid your child off his appetite. He may not be interested in eating even his favorite food. You may notice him throw a fit while eating. This is because of his feeling nauseous all the time. If your child suddenly loses his appetite, get him checked by a doctor.

Ear pain

This may be a surprise but ear pain can be an early sign of flu. This is not very common and not all children experience ear pain. But if your kid has ear pain it might just be flu. It is therefore important not to ignore ear pain in your child. Early detection of flu can save your child from suffering further health complications.

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Your child can show dizziness if he has contracted flu. Dizziness can be one of the early signs of flu. This is also not very common. But some kids may experience dizziness if they have flu. Dizziness comes from feeling fatigued and losing appetite. It can be a dangerous symptom and should not be ignored. Immediately consult a doctor if your child experiences dizziness constantly.


Flu is an infectious disease that is also contagious. Your kid can contract flu from any other infected kid. Flu is not a very serious illness. It can be treated with medications and also home remedies. Most of the flu symptoms last for about three four days. With proper care and treatment it vanishes by two weeks. But if your child has blue lips, has stiff neck or seizure, immediately take him to a doctor. Other emergency symptoms are fever with rash, not communicating, having difficulty urinating. Sometimes flu virus can get too serious and result in severe complications.

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