11 Health Benefits Of Chironji Seeds For Kids


Chironji seeds come from the Chironji tree that is native to India. It grows abundantly in the North-Western parts of the country, due to its particular endurance of harsh climates. They are also known as sunflower seeds. The scientific name of this tree is Buchanania lanzan. Another common name is Charoli.

Chironji seeds are often taken as a healthier alternative for almonds. They are extensively used in many Indian curries and other recipes, which makes it an integral part of the Indian cuisine. Chironji seeds are not only popular for their health benefits, but they are also delicious to taste. They are also used in Ayurvedic medicine.

In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of chironji seeds for children. Children need a proper does of all kinds of nutrients while growing up, so it is important for them to follow a diet, which has a healthy balance of all the important nutrients. Let us see how chironji seeds can prove to be beneficial for kids-

11 Health Benefits Of Chironji Seeds For Kids

1. Treats diarrhea

The astringent properties present in the oil extracted from the chironji seeds have the capability to regularize bowel movements. They work by binding the stool particles together. Chironji oil is, therefore, effectively used in treating diarrhea. Adding a few drops of this oil to a fruit juice or ORS is the best method of consumption and can help your child in dealing with diarrhea.

2. Prevents diabetes

More and more children are becoming susceptible to diabetes in recent times. A lot of factors including an unhealthy diet, lack of play time or hereditary factors are some of the reason behind this. The leaf extract of the chironji plant has anti-diabetic properties, according to some studies.

Chironji Seeds


3. Source of protein

Chironji seeds contain a good source of protein, which helps in overall muscle and body building and therefore, are extremely crucial for your growing children. As one of the vital nutrients, protein will help in regenerating body cells, which further helps in muscle building. Therefore, consuming chironji seeds are the best way to promote your child’s growth.

4. Source of fiber

Fiber helps in maintaining as well as helping in cleaning our digestion system. For this reason, consuming fiber foods will help to promote a healthy digestion system in everyone. It is known that chironji seeds also provides with a lot of the necessary fiber. A healthy digestive system also aids in weight loss, so these seeds are essential in maintaining your child’s extra weight.

5. Boosts the immune system

Chironji seeds are rich in vitamins and mineral, which makes them a superfood, one that fights against all kinds of diseases and health problems. These seeds boost our immunity system and are therefore crucial for your child’s immunity, since children are more susceptible to diseases than adults due to their developing immune system.

6. Improves memory

One of the numerous health benefits of chironji seeds is that it helps in improving memory and therefore, helps in promoting the health of the brain. Your child is growing up with all his organs rapidly developing. It is also the age  hen one’s mental and cognitive functions develop properly. So, it will be extremely beneficial to feed your child chironji seeds.

7. Helps with fatigue

Another great health benefit of chironji seeds is the way it acts as a tonic. Indeed, with this function, chironji seeds will help your child to relieve the fatigue and chronic tiredness that result from too much of playing and studying. Alternatively, a healthy diet goes a long way in relieving one of fatigue and tiredness.

8. Helps with respiratory issues

A blocked nose can easily be cleared by taking steam with water infused with a few drops of chironji oil. The mucous in the nasal passages is removed almost instantly. Chest congestion and nasal congestion can be relieved very easily using chironji seeds since they possess expectorant properties. Therefore, if your child is suffering from these respiratory issues, you can try to include chironji seeds in the treatment for that.


9. Prevents inflammation and treats wounds

Both chironji seeds and chironji oil are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Chironji seeds can help to provide immediate relief from burning sensations in various parts of the body. Chironji oil also helps to relieve itching, rashes, blemishes etc on the skin. The oil is also effective in treating scars and various skin infections. It can also help to provide relief from inflammation and pain in the joints. Studies have shown that chironji seeds help in healing wounds very fast and also facilitate tissue remodeling.

10. Healthy skin

Chironji seeds also help in maintain healthy skin. Children often don’t know how to take care of themselves, so in order to maintain their skin; you can include chironji seeds in their diet.

11. Treats mouth ulcers

The medicine made from these seeds is known to cure mouth ulcer.

Keeping all these health benefits in mind, go ahead and include these seeds in your child’s diet right away!