11 Amazing Health Benefits of Mango Leaves in Your Child’s Diet


Usage of mango leaves lowers blood pressure, treats gall and kidney stones, helps in curing respiratory problems, stops hiccups, heals burns, treats dysentery, fights restlessness, regulates diabetes and helpful in treating hypertension.

Unlike other fruits, mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin C. Although mango leaves are not widely used because it’s benefits are still not known by many people. These leaves contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. However, mango leaves can be used for treating a number of health problems as these can be used as herbal medicine. They can either be consumed in the powdered form or can be boiled in water. These leaves consist of healing and medicinal properties and can be used to treat a number of health problems.

Mango leaves contain a number of components such as tannin, glikosid, steroids, saponins, alkoloids, magniferin, phenolic and flavonoid. One of the benefits of mango leaves is that it can live easily even on the yards. A number of health benefits of mango leaves for children are discussed below in this article:

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11 Health Benefits of Mango Leaves for Kids

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Treats gall and Kidney Stones

You can intake a finely ground powder of mango leaves along with water and keep it in a tumbler overnight. This can help to break the stones and will also flush them out. Thus, mango leaves are widely used in the treatment of kidney stones and gallbladder stones.


Helps to Cure Respiratory Problems

Mango leaves can be used to treat any kind of respiratory problems. It is extremely beneficial for people suffering from cold, bronchitis and asthma. You can boil a few mango leaves in water and add some honey to it, which can be used for treating cough. Apart from this, it is also used to cure voice loss.

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Treating Ear Aches

Earaches can be a lot painful and irritating. Using mango leaves for treating earaches is one of the most effective home remedies as it provides a good relief to the ear pains which can be quite painful and frustrating. You can extract a juice from the mango leaves which can be used as an ear drop and painkiller at the same time. You can heat the juice a bit before using it.

Stops Hiccups:

Mango leaves can prove to be a great remedy not only for treating hiccups but other throat problems as well. For this, you have to burn a few mango leaves and inhale the smoke produced out of it. This will help to cure hiccups as well as throat problems.

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Good for the Gut

Take a few mango leaves and put them in warm water. Close the container and leave it overnight. You can then filter the water the next morning and drink this on an empty stomach. Take this on a regular basis as it acts as a stomach tonic. This will help to flush out the toxins from your body and will keep the stomach kempt.


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Heal Burns

This is one of the simplest remedies for healing burns which can be quite painful. For this, you have to burn a few mango leaves and apply mango leaf ashes to the affected area and this will soothe the skin and bring great relief.

Manage Lowers Blood Pressure

Mango leaves have hypotensive properties which help to lower the blood pressure. These are also helpful in treating the problem of varicose veins and also strengthen the blood vessels.

 Treats Dysentery

Mango leaves are used by a number of people for treating bleeding dysentery. Dry some mango leaves in a shade and collect the powder and take this powder with water twice or thrice a day to stop dysentery.

Fights Restlessness

Mango leaves have proved to be good for people suffering from restlessness due to anxiety. You can add a few mango leaves to your bath water and this will help to relax and refresh your body.

Regulates Diabetes

Mango leaves contain anthocyanidins that are basically tannins, which can help to treat early diabetes. This can also be used to treat diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy. You have to soak the leaves in water for a night and then strain and drink this to help relieve the symptoms of diabetes. Apart from this, it can also be used to treat hyperglycaemia.


Treatment of Hypertension

Mango leaves tea can be used for treating hypertension and also, to strengthen the blood vessels that can apparently lead to hypertension. Drinking mango leaves tea every day can help to treat the same and this is also recommended by a number of experts. You can also add a few mango leaves to your bath water which can be a good home remedy.

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