11 Smart Ways to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding


Exercising, planning your meals, getting enough sleep, eating whole foods, staying hydrated, consulting a dietician, and eating enough are some of the smart ways to lose weight while breastfeeding.

We all know how hard it is to get back to our pre-pregnancy weight. But now that we have the baby by our side, there also come a number of responsibilities along with it. On top of that, all those sleepless nights and stress will make it even more difficult for you to hit the gym. But this isn’t the only option we have right? We have got a lot of options for all those mothers who wish to lose weight while they are breastfeeding.

In fact, opt for some home workout or moderate exercises and more importantly keep a healthy diet and you will see the difference within yourself. I have often heard people talking about how breastfeeding can be one of the best ways to lose weight and yes this is true to some extent. You burn a lot of calories and if it is balanced, you will see a drop in your weight. But our bodies are not the same. While some of us can lose weight while breastfeeding so easily, there are others who actually gain weight while doing the same. So here are some of the effective ways to lose weight for all the women right here who are breastfeeding and want to lose some pounds.

How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding: 11 Smart Ways

lose weight while breastfeeding


The first and foremost thing that comes to our mind when we want to lose weight is exercising. But that does not mean that you have to be in the gym for all day long, you need to do moderate and light exercises. Cross fit or insanity is not something that you should depend on, right now because that may hurt your breast milk supply. Make sure you have a healthy food not just for the gym but it will also be beneficial for you and your baby. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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Don’t depend on quick fixes

“You can lose 10 pounds in 1 day!” NO, this isn’t true and this will never come true in case you think of having some antibiotics. This can be detrimental to your breast milk supply. Take it steadily, have patience. Do not depend or rely completely on something that is going to affect your breast milk supply. Moreover, quick fixes diet is not even reliable most of the times.

Plan your meals

If you want to lose weight, the best thing is to make a plan and set your goals accordingly. Plan ahead of what you are going to eat later in the day and what is healthier for you as a breastfeeding mother. Consult a dietician and get a plan for you that is full of healthy food.

Get enough sleep

We all know how difficult it is to sleep when you have a baby by your side. It almost becomes impossible at times to make the baby sleep which ends up sacrificing your sleep as well. Apart from this, avoid stress at all costs. The more you stress, the more weight you gain. So this is absolutely that you have to go for. De-stress and sleep when your baby falls asleep.

Take it steadily

Go slow and don’t think of losing a number of pounds at once as this can harm your breast milk supply. It is perfectly fine until you lose 1.5 pounds a week but not more than that. Give your body some time to recover from the childbirth and let it relax.

Check your measurements

At times, it may not be possible for you to lose weight in numbers but keep a check on your measurements. All you need is a measurement tape. So it’s not a problem until you notice a nuance in your measurements. You can just tone up your body and not go after reducing the numbers apparently.

Eat whole foods

Avoid processed foods at any cost; rather go for eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help you to lose your weight in a healthier way and also glow up your skin.


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Consult a dietician

One of the best things you can do is to opt for an appointment with a dietician or a nutritionist. They are the ones who specialize in this field and will set your goals accordingly. They will take into consideration your individual goals and will let you know what can be the best plan for you.

Find new ways to exercise

Gym is not the only option when you have to lose weight. There are several other ways to lose a number of pounds. For instance, you can put your baby in a baby carrier and go for a walk or you can watch some videos online where you can do the workout at your place itself.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots and lots of water, in fact as much as you can throughout the day. This will keep your body hydrated and is also helpful during weight loss. Carry a bottle by your side and keep having sips from it at regular intervals. This will probably get you in the habit of drinking water frequently. Not only this, but drinking water also leads to successful breastfeeding and flush out extra toxins out of your body.

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Eat enough

You have to keep a check on the calories you intake and calories you burn throughout the day. Make sure to eat healthy food that contains good calories or fat. Do not eat anything super sugary or intake lots of calories. Keep it balanced so that you do not suffer from losing your weight later on.