11 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Guayusa Tea: Benefits and Side Effects


Guayusa tea has amazing chemicals for our body, helps to increase energy levels of body and it keeps the tummy healthy and problem free, a good source of antioxidants , helps in curing obesity , it is good in taste and helps with hypertension, the vitamins and minerals that are packed in guayusa tea are just the right blends for humans are some of the health benefits of drinking guayusa tea.

Guayusa tea comes from ‘Ilex Guayusa’ Tree which is located in the most vivid and dense forests of the world , ‘The Amazon’ . When we think of Amazon , what comes in our mind ? Obviously the rafflesia , the large variety of flora and fauna , the animals , the insects and the unpredictable weather . If this forest has so many characteristics then one can imagine how beneficial a herb from any tree located in this forest can be .

Guayusa tree is very beneficial for human beings . It was found by many native people in the past centuries who lived near Peru ,  Chile , Bolivia Ecuador and Columbia . What is shocking is that they even traded it . The tree is not for human use but what is important , is the tree’s leaves which are converted into dry herbs . The guayusa herbs are medicinal, hence have both benefits and side effects.

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11  Health Benefits of Drinking Guayusa Tea

Guayusa Tea

Helps to increase energy levels of body

Guayusa tea has a good composition of chemicals which are needed for our body as a super tonic. Coffee and the black tea have really high levels of caffeine but guayusa tea has fewer caffeine levels than coffee. Caffeine taken at good quantity helps us to concentrate and stay active the whole day. Whether it is the young generation, students  or the working population, it is useful for everyone, as people need to work and stay awake to do there all day chorus.  Consuming guayusa tea gives energy to our body and helps remove clumsiness and confusion in our brains.


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Guayusa tea has amazing chemicals for our body

Alkaloids are organic compounds and they have quite a large effect on the physical and mental health of humans . Guayusa tea has the perfect combination compounds in it, one is  xantheose; it acts as a stimulant of the heart, helps increase urine production for good metabolism and helps widen the blood vessels for easy flow in the arteries and veins which  keeps many ailments at bay. The other one is 1,3-dimethylxanthine , it is a therapeutic  drug which helps in the lightening of the mood and helps in the cure of respiratory problems . These two are enough to maintain good health .

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Guayusa tea has the perfect acids to manage your well – being 

Proteins are the most important component of our body . It is required by our immune system to function well . If the body has a deficiency in proteins it piles up to huge loads of problems and health issues . Amino acids are present in guayusa tea , they help in the making of tissues in our body . Amino acids help in neurotransmitting and in the production and regulation of hormones. The amino acid present in guayusa is l-y-glutamylethlamide which helps to release proper amount of caffeine . It also makes one feel happy and uplifted the whole day .

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Guayusa keeps the tummy healthy and problem free

The stomach is the part of our body which digests all food . Today’s fast and busy generation doesn’t have time to keep a check on its diet . Whenever we eat acidic or spicy food our stomach swells and we feel uncomfortable .  Guayusa tea can be used on a daily basis to curb this problem . It keeps the stomach warm and neutral . It helps in digestion and helps reduce inflammation in the inner walls of the stomach . Thus making one feel content and healthy . Guayusa tea is anti-inflammatory . Thus guayusa tea helps in digestion of food in our stomach.

The vitamins and minerals that are packed in guayusa tea are just the right blends for humans 

Guayusa tea is a rich herb from latin america , thus it has a bunch of minerals in it . One is magnesium , which helps in the formation of bones  and in the wearing and tearing process  .the other is potassium , which is available in guayusa tea in just the right amount which a full – grown adult needs . It helps in the regulation of blood pressure , helps in developing muscle strength , and helps keep coronary diseases at bay . Then guayusa tea also has zinc , which is required by our body for synthesizing dna ,and when we get  cuts and smears it helps in covering the wound . The next is chromium , which has really amazing benefits . Today’s generation is more into binge – eating , leading to obesity , chromium helps in curbing hunger and reducing binge – eating .

Guayusa tea has many psychological benefits for our overall well – being 

Guayusa tea helps our body in relaxing and overcoming stress . This is because of the caffeine content in it , it helps to stay awake . It helps in facing fears and keeps us stable in times of having problems in our life . Guayusa tea can really help when we are in a chaotic or messy condition , it helps in maintaining the body and mind’s equilibrium .

A good source of antioxidants 

The human race living on earth at present is vulnerable to many heart diseases and even heart and other cancers . Guayusa tea is a great antioxidant which helps in the oxidation process thus leading to prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases .

Guayusa tea can be a great help in curing obesity 

Guayusa tea helps the body to keep a track of the lungs , kidney , urinary functions and toning the immune system . It kills hunger due to the presence of chromium , it helps in making our body feel that we are full after eating . Thus , it helps in curing obesity and overweight in people . This is because it has an acid named chlorogenic .


Guayusa tea has leu which stops ageing 

Guayusa tea has a perfect concentration of leucine , which is required by many beauty pageants and celebrities . All women in their 40s want to look young and vibrant . This tea has this wonderful ingredient which slows the process of old age and helps cure wrinkles and other signs of aging .

It is good in taste and helps with hypertension

Guayusa tea can be a magic wand if one has hypertension . The caffeine content in it helps in maintaining the equilibrium of mood swings the whole day . The flow of blood is also made easy thus it helps the body in avoiding hypertension . It helps one to stay happy and focused the whole day . What is hitting the most to the young generation these days is depression , anxiety, and hypertension , and guayusa tea can be a good way of help .

Helps stay alert the whole day , tastes good and can be brewed with any herb of your choice

Guayusa tea helps to stay alert and active the whole day . It has an uplifting nature and as soon as you drink it you will feel  full of vigor. What is more interesting in this tea is that it tastes good even after being over – cooked . Guayusa tea can be brewed with any herb of your choice , thus giving  suitable nutrients to your  body .

Side effects of drinking guayusa tea

  • Excess of anything is bad for our health . Guayusa tea is also not good if taken in excessive quantities .
  • Taking guayusa tea can lead to an increase in blood pressure , thus causing heart disease and other cardiovascular disease , but this happens only if the person is allergic or sensitive to caffeine consumption .
  • Guayusa tea is a powerful herb which shows , it effects as soon as it is consumed . Thus , excess quantities should not be consumed as it ca upset and disturb the equilibrium of the digestive system and the stomach .
  • Excessive consumption of guayusa tea can also lead to insomnia because it brings the energy to stay awake for long hours . Also, the high consumption can lead to anxiety attacks and increase in heartbeat .
  • Consumption of guayusa tea can make you feel jittery and crashing throughout the whole day .

Guayusa tea v/s yerba mate

Guayusa tea Yerba mate
– It grows in the upper parts of amazon forest , in regions such as peru and ecuador .
– It grows in argentina and brazil . The scientific name is ilex paraguariensis.
– It has comparatively fewer levels of caffeine , which is good for daily consumption .
– It has really high levels of caffeine content as compared to guayusa tea .
– Guayusa tea is fit for consumption by children .
– Yerba mate is not fit for consumption by children , this is because it’s the harmful effect on children due to the high caffeine content .
– Guayusa tea can make one feel jittery and crashing throughout the day if taken in large quantities .
– It is comparatively better than guaysusa , as no matter what quantity is taken it does not makes you feel jittery or crashing the whole day .
– Guayusa tea has a sweetness , thus tasting good while consumption .
– Yerba mate is known for bitter taste , and smoky flavour .
– Guayusa tea is suitable for pregnant and lactating women due to it’s comparatively low caffeine content as compared to yerba mate .
– Yerba mate is strong as compared to guayusa tea , thus it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women .
-So , if you want a light punch of caffeine with sweetness to make you feel energetic whole day, guayusa tea is recommended .
-If you want a smoky punch of high caffeine content with a bitter taste , yerba mate is recommended .




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