Top 12 Backyard Party Games for All Ages


Caterpillar hunt, donut eating contest, rainbow relay race, frisbee toss, frozen t-shirt race, water balloon dodge ball, pool price search, musical patio chairs, bottle catch and spike ball are some of the best backyard party games for all ages.

Summer is a great time to spend some time partying with your friends and family. But are you tired of playing those same backyard games over and over again? Are you in search of some new and exciting backyard games? Well, you are at the right place! We have some great collection of games with added twists that will be perfect to make your day ‘Well Spent’.

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12 Best Backyard Party Games That Everyone Love

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Caterpillar hunt

This one would be great for your little one. Get some wool of various colours and cut 1-2 inch lengths of all. Now you can hide them all over across your backyard and ask your kids to find them. Whoever finds the most of them will be given a prize. It’s up to you to decide whether you want your kids to play individually or as a team.

Donut eating contest

I am a huge donut lover and thus, this one is my personal favourite. All you have to do is, hang a number of donuts from a string and attach that string to a clothesline. Now be it kids or adults, you all have to eat those hanging donuts without using your hands. Let that mouth get full of donuts!


Rainbow relay race

Split your kids into two teams, A and B. Give a paintbrush to each child and dip each paintbrush in a different rainbow colour. Place a piece of poster board at one end of the backyard and ask your kids to run to that particular place and swipe their paintbrush in a rainbow arc on the board. Whichever team completes it at the earliest wins the game.

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Frisbee toss

Take a cardboard box and make a hole on both sides of the box in a rectangular shape. Make sure that the hole is large enough to fit the Frisbee. Use colourful tape, painting colours etc to decorate the cardboard box so that it suits the theme of the party.

Frozen t-shirt race

Get a bunch of t-shirts and soak them in water. Now place them in plastic bags and put them in the freezer. The t-shirts will all be frozen the next day. Now, hold a race in which all the participants will have to defrost the tees and put them on. Whoever gets it done the quickest will win the game. Isn’t this the perfect game for a sunny day?

Water balloon dodge ball

Well, the name says it all! But this time you have to do this with water balloons. Just make sure you don’t hit someone’s face.

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Pool price search

Have you got a pool in your backyard? If yes, fill the pool with a number of things like toys, balls etc and hide certain treasures on the bottom of the pool. Allow only five to six people enter the pool at once and whoever finds the largest number of treasures will be the winner. But the challenge is that you can only use your feet while picking up the treasures from the pool.  For kids, you can use inflatable pools and also provide them with glasses for their safety.

Musical patio chairs

This game will forever be in trend! Place a number of chairs and play some tracks. You all will have to sit on a chair as and when the music stops. Anyone who misses on a chair will lose and the one remaining till the end will be the winner. But for an added twist this time, try to play it blindfolded.

Bon Appetite

Are you hungry yet want to play a game at the same time? We have the solution for you! Make two teams, A and B. Each team has to line up beside a table and you all work together to make a sandwich. The person standing at the end of the line will then have to eat it.  Whichever team gets it done the earliest will win the game. You can also choose any other food item of your choice.

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Bottle catch

We all have those empty bleach bottles at our home and this time you can make use of them. Just cut the end of those empty bleach bottles and make sure they are clean. You can remove the label and rather decorate them with colourful tape, papers etc. Now, play catch using these bottles.

Spike ball

Ask two people to play at a time. One of them smacks the ball onto the net making sure that it bounces back up towards your opponent. The other player will then try to control the ball and bounce it back to the first player. In case any of the player misses the ball, the other one will score a point. Set a goal and whoever reaches it first, wins the game.


Balloon stomp

Balloons always serve to give us a new game idea. In this one, all you have to do is pop your friends’ balloons, keeping yours safe for the longest time. The last one to keep his/her balloon safe will win the game. So, run all across your backyard to save your balloon!

I hope you found these backyard games exciting and worth considering. If you have any more suggestions, do let us know. And yes, do not forget to keep your sunscreen and especially your water bottles along so that you stay hydrated.

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