201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with C


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with C, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with C.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with C

CactusEnglishA desert plant
CaddieEnglishA free woman
CadenaEnglishA rhythmic person
CadenceEnglishA rhyhtmic woman, one with the beat
CadeyEnglishA pure-hearted woman
CadyEnglishA flow of sounds that has rhythm
CadynaEnglishA girl with good rhythm
CadynnEnglishA rhythmic girl
CaelynEnglishA heavenly girl
CaetlinEnglishShe is pure
CaetlynEnglishA woman who is pure
CaettiEnglishShort for Caitlyn, means a pure one
CafnaEnglishA rhythmic person
CageEnglishA Confiding space
CagneyEnglishOne who is caged and trapped
CaillaEnglishA ceremonial and young attendant
CaillinEnglishA girl, a female
CaindaleEnglishOne who comes from the valley near the river
CairoEnglishOne who is victorious
CaisieEnglishA piece proclamation
CaitlinEnglishA fair and pure woman
CaldwiellaEnglishShe is from the cold spring
CaleahEnglishA woman known for beauty
CaledonEnglishA tough person
CalicoEnglishA cloth, a material
CalitaEnglishThe loved one
CalleighEnglishA woman warrior
CallenEnglishA woman who is powerful in the battle
CallyrEnglishThe name means lark
CambriaEnglishA place name, one from Cambria
CambrieEnglishAn invented modern name
CambrynEnglishShe has a crooked nose
CameEnglishShe brings joy
CameliaEnglishA name of the flower
CamellaEnglishOne who is like Camelia flower
CamelliaEnglishShe is like a Camelia flower
CamerynEnglishHer nose is crooked
CamiEnglishOne of crooked nose
CamilaEnglishShe attends ceremonials
CamillaEnglishA woman of unblemished character
CamilleEnglishShe is a virgin of pure character
CamilliaEnglishA pure virgin
CamlynEnglishHer nose is beautifully crooked
CammEnglishShe has a bent nose
CammiEnglishShe is very noble
CammieEnglishShe is a flower
CammyEnglishShe is a priest’s helper
CamylleEnglishA virgin with a pure character
CandaceEnglishA pure and sincere woman
CandasaEnglishA woman of clarity
CarolineEnglishA blissful, happy song
CarpathiaEnglishA name of the mountain
CarreenEnglishShe is a manly woman
CarriEnglishA pure man who is free
CarrieEnglishA strong woman
CarrieannEnglishA noble strong girl
CarringtonEnglishA person from the Marsh town
CarrolineEnglishA little free woman
CarryEnglishA song, a carol
CaryannEnglishA gracious and womanly woman
CascadeEnglishTo fall, a cascade
CascaidaEnglishA falling, descending land
CashlinEnglishA very vain woman
CashlynnEnglishA vain girl
CasiEnglishA pet from Cassandra, meaning a prophetess
CassiaEnglishAn empty, vain woman
CassieEnglishA vain young woman
CassielleEnglishThe speed of the God
CassildaEnglishA place where people live
CassiniEnglishA small dwelling place
CassyEnglishShe is like a thorny tree
CastelEnglishA castle. One who lives in a castel
CastleEnglishHe is from a castle
CateEnglishAn innocent and pure girl
CatelinEnglishAn innocent and genuine woman
CatelineEnglishShe is innocent and unsullied
CatelynnEnglishAn unsillied and innocent girl
CaterinEnglishA pure woman
CathEnglishA nickname, means a pure woman
CatharinEnglishA pure and genuine, innocent woman
CatharinaEnglishShe is pure and innocent
CatharineEnglishA genuine and innocent young lady
CatharynEnglishShe is pure
CatheeEnglishShort for Catherine, meaning a pure girl
CatherinEnglishShe is an innocent young woman
CatherinaEnglishShe is a woman of purity and innocence
CatherineEnglishShe is a pure and innocent one, a virgin
CatherynEnglishShe is innocent and a virgin
CathrinEnglishA pure, genuine dame
CathrinaEnglishShe is a dame of innocence and purity
CathrineEnglishA maiden, innocene and pure
CathrynEnglishShe is a pure maiden
CathwulfEnglishA woman pure as a wolf
CathyEnglishA nickname. A pure dame
CatiEnglishA woman who is pure, innocent
CatieEnglishA chaste woman
CatinEnglishA chaste dame
CatlinEnglishAn innocent, pure, genuine woman
CatlynEnglishShe is pure and an innocent girl
CatrinEnglishShe is the chaste one
ChloeFrenchFresh blooming, ripe green shoot
CachetFrenchA desirable and prestigious woman
CadenceFrenchA rhythmic woman, one with the beat
CailaFrenchA lady from the forest
CalandreFrenchA french name meaning Lark
CalanthaFrenchOne who is like a beautiful flower
CalantheFrenchTo have the beauty of the flower
CalanthiaFrenchShe is pretty like a flower
CaleighFrenchA slender girl from the forest
CallalilyFrenchOne like the lily flower
CamileFrenchA free-born woman
CamilleFrenchShe is a virgin of pure character
CandideFrenchWhite glowing, sweet thing
CandieFrenchBright glowing thing
CandrilaFrenchShe is one from the ashes
CantarellaFrenchA name of the deadly poision
CapucineFrenchA woman who wears a hood
CareenFrenchShe is a free woman
CaressFrenchA very tender touch, to caress someone
CaressaFrenchShe is of a gentle touch
CaresseFrenchAn endearing touch
CarineFrenchA pure and beloved woman
CarinetFrenchShe is a dear woman
CaroleFrenchA strong female
CaroleeFrenchShe has a strength of a full-grown man
CarolenaFrenchShe is a free person
CarolienFrenchOne who is like a song of happiness
CarolinFrenchA happiness that the song brings
CarolinneFrenchA woman who is like a happy song
CatleuFrenchA girl who is chaste and pure
CatrinelFrenchShe is the one who is pure and genuine
CayenneFrenchA woman who is like a hot spice
CamilaLatinShe attends ceremonials
CaeraLatinCaera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend.
CaesareaLatinA woman leader
CaiaLatinA rejoicing woman
CaietaLatinA Latin name meaning the nursed Aeneas
CaigeLatinA wise and wealthy woman
CaledoniaLatinA woman from Scottish
CalpurniaLatinA woman of big power
CandLatinOne who dazzles like a bright and glowing light
CanelaLatinShe is like a cinnamon
CannaLatinShe is a reed
CapellaLatinA little feminine goat
CarmanLatinA singing woman
CatharinusLatinA pure one
CayetanaLatinPerson from Gaeta
CeceLatinA blind woman
CeceiliaLatinA woman without sight, a blind woman
CeceliaLatinShe who was born with no sight
CecelyLatinA blind girl
CecelyaLatinA girl with a dim-sight
CeciliLatinA little blind one
CeciliaLatinA woman who was born blind
CecilieLatinShe who is blind
CecilijaLatinA blind one
CecilleLatinShe has no sight
CecilliaLatinShe is with no sight
CecilloLatinA blind little one
CecilyLatinA woman who is dim-sighted
CecyLatinA dim-sighted girl
CecyliaLatinShe is dim-sighted
CeeLatinIt means blind; they are the sixth one
CeilLatinIt means blind; they are the sixth one
CeleneLatinGoddess of the Moon
CeleniaLatinA variation of name Selina; She is the goddess of the Moon
CelestLatinA heavenly body usually used as last name
CelestiaLatinThe one born in heaven like an Angel
CelestriaLatinThe one born in heaven
CeliaLatinThe one from heaven
CelinaLatinDerived from Caelum; heavenly
CelindaLatinVariation of Selina; Goddess of the Moon
CelineLatinA hammer; they are heavenly
CelisseLatinA celestial body
CellinaLatinA heavenly body
CelyseLatinA heavenly, dim- lighted person
CenturyLatinThe one hundred
CeraLatinA fiery person
CerellaLatinSpringtime; the Lord
CerenaLatinThe one having a serene personality
CerinaLatinThe one having a serene personality
CerisLatinCharity; the beloved one
CatalinaSpanishA woman of great purity
CadelariaSpanishA woman born in the Candlemas
CalidaSpanishShe is the most beautiful
CaliforniaSpanishA US state name
CalliSpanishOne who is the most beautiful among all women
CalvinaSpanishA bald woman
CalvineSpanishA hairless woman
CalyndaSpanishShe is a beauty
CambreySpanishA changing woman
CambriSpanishShe is changing
CamileSpanishA free-born woman
CancianaSpanishOne belonging to Anzio, Italy.
CandelaSpanishShe burns like a candle
CandelariaSpanishShe is like a candle
CandeloraSpanishA form of Candelaria, meaning candle.
CandessSpanishA little candle
CandiSpanishOne who glows brightly
CandiceSpanishA sparkling, glowing woman
CandilaSpanishHer glow is white
CanyonSpanishA very large ravine, a canyon
CareneSpanishA little beloved, pure and darling one
CariSpanishA very dear one
CarianaSpanishA little darling one
CaridadSpanishA very charitable person
CarillaSpanishmain woman
CarinaSpanishShe who is dear
CarindaSpanishA beloved dear girl
CarinnaSpanishA lady who is very little and dear
CaritaSpanishA beloved, dear, deeply cared for a woman

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