21 Best Gifts for New Moms


Lactation cookies, memory foam slippers, comfortable night wear, washable nursing pads, food steamer and blender, bathroom hamper, spill proof and insulated coffee mug, kneading back and neck messager, gift cards for massages, a grocery shopping gift card and concealer stick are some of the best gifts for new moms.

Conceiving and birthing a child is the turning point in the life of any woman. As things take a turn for the better with a little bundle of joy now sharing the ride, the few months following the birth of the baby can undeniably be hectic for anyone. The new mother must not only make changes for the little one, but adjust to a new and tiresome routine while simultaneously allowing her body to heal itself in the postpartum phase.

If anyone needs a little bit of pampering and a reminder that she is loved and valued, it is a woman who has recently become a mother. While choosing a gifts for new moms, try and remember the life she leads as of now- characterized by sleepless nights, constant worry, possible panic and an obvious lack of attention to herself- to come up with the best gifts for new moms that you can present her with.

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21 Top Gifts for New Moms

gifts for new moms

Here is a list of new mom giftsthat you can choose from, with reasons why each of these options qualify as the greatest gift ideas for new moms:


Lactation cookies

With the brand new job of being a mother, a new mom clearly has a lot on her plate! But worrying about nursing and lactation is a common cause of concern for new mothers. To somewhat ebb her worries you may give her a pack of lactation cookies in the post-partum phase. They are usually organically prepared, from ingredients that are designed to help the production of milk in her body. No wonder it is a great gift idea for new moms!

Memory foam slippers

A new mom may have stay on her feet for a long time as she gets better at putting her baby to sleep. Meanwhile, you may get her a pair of memory foam slippers and try to give her aching feet some comfort throughout the day.

Comfortable night wear

As a woman gets accustomed to the massive changes in her life, you can get her a set of comfortable night clothes that she can sleep in. With a little human in her hands who is yet to be potty-trained, an extra set of comfortable clothes may be really handy!

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Washable nursing pads

This is a great gift idea for new moms and also for women who prefer eco-friendly products. These nursing pads may be used during nursing and can be cleaned thereafter, making it suitable for reuse.

Food steamer and blender

Get a new food steamer and blender for the new mother so that she can take the easy way out, at least in the kitchen. The appliance will help her cook, and easily prepare food for her baby once its diet expands to include semi-solid food in the early months.


Bathroom hamper

A bathroom hamper will be a much appreciated gift from any new mother, who can put it to good use. Choose a pretty design that suits her tastes to make her job a little easier.

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Bio oil

Stretch marks may be the markers of a woman who has borne a child, but many women may be upset with the marks on get stomach. Get her a bottle of Bio Oil and encourage her to message it on her marks every day to slowly get rid of them all.

Spill proof and insulated coffee mug

Sleepless nights are a part and parcel of the early days in post-pregnancy. To make those nights a little more tolerable and to prevent any possible accidents, you can always get a spill proof coffee mug for the new mother who needs coffee to survive!

Kangaroo bag

By getting a kangaroo bag for the new mother, you can make sure that she can multitask and get things done while her baby is with her all along! The kangaroo bag leaves her arms free to tackle whatever task she wishes to complete.

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Trendy diaper bags

For the fashion-conscious mother who likes to show off her motherhood, you can get a trendy diaper bag. While it is big enough to hold everything that you may need, a trendy diaper bag does not sacrifice style in order to be merely utilitarian.

Dry shampoo

A new mother has rarely any time to groom herself. By getting her a shampoo, you may be handing her an easy way of making her hair presentable when she plans to go out.

Lavender bath soap

There is nothing more relaxing than a bath to a woman who has been working hard, stressed and often sleepless. A lavender bath soap may be one of the best gifts for new moms, that will encourage them to take a luxuriating bath and remind them that they should also be paying attention to herself.

Bath soak

To enhance the experience of a long, warm bath, you may get her a set that will enable her to soak in the water for greater comfort. The soak is aimed at letting her feel content and rejuvenated as she reprises her role as a new mother.

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A book

In the hurried and hectic life, chances are that she has not read a book in a while. For women who like to read, you could get them a book in their favourite genre. Even for women who are not very fond of reading, a book can actually serve to take her mind off things for a while, allowing her to relax if not enjoy the experience.


Kneading back and neck messager

This is clearly one of the best gifts for new moms who are perpetually in need of a message. Get them a machine so that they can relieve the stress in their neck and back muscles from time to time.

Gift cards for massages

While a machine may be serviceable, nothing compares to the real experience of getting a message. Get her a gift card from the message parlor she likes, so that she can avail it at her time and convenience.

A grocery shopping gift card

When you are tired already, grocery shopping can be even more difficult than usual. Get a grocery shopping gift card from a departmental store that offers home deliveries, so that the new mom can take care of her chores from the comfort of her home.

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Concealer stick

A concealer stick may help take care of the dark circles which are a given from all the sleepless nights of early motherhood. Therefore it qualifies as a great new mom gift that you can give to a woman.


New mother or not, a woman will always appreciate some good old lipstick. Get her a shade that she will like and make her feel great about herself.


Stuff for her baby

Her child is the most important part of her life right now. If you wish to impress a new mother with the thoughtful nature of your gift, getting something for her baby is a safe route to take.

A photo album

While she is living through some hectic times, every mother looks back at this phase with love and nostalgia through the rest of their lives. Get her a photo album and encourage her to preserve moments of this phase, to look back upon and cherish later.

Be a tad bit more thoughtful for what a new mother is going through, and show your support my showering her in love and gifts that will surely contribute to her happiness!