Tickle in Throat: Causes, Treatment and Remedies


We all have experienced throat tickle at some point in our lives. Oftentimes, throat tickle clears up on its own because it is usually a symptom of non-serious health condition. One can try home remedies in order to treat the same. However, if the condition is accompanied by more serious symptoms like chills or breathing difficulties, you should seek medical help. In this article, we will be discussing about the causes and the treatment that should be provided for the condition:

All You Need to Know About Tickle in Throat

tickle in throat

How does it feel?

A throat tickle basically feels like a snag and an itchy or rough patch in the back of the mouth. Some people may also face difficulty speaking. The throat may also feel irritated and soar in case post-nasal drip is the cause of it. Due to swelling of the tonsils, one may also feel like they have a lump in their throats.

What are the causes of throat tickle?

There can be a number of causes of a throat tickle. A few of them are as listed below:

External factors

A throat tickle can be a cause of something that may have occurred outside of your body. For instance:

  •       Cold, dry air
  •       First hand or second-hand smoke from cigarettes
  •       Air pollution

Common cold

Common cold causes symptoms in your upper respiratory tract, including the throat. The symptoms may last for maximum 7 to 10 days but not more than that. However, a severe cold may further be a sign of another condition like influenza or sinusitis.



Losing your voice is one of the most common results of laryngitis. This can be caused by raising your voice in a loud environment, yelling or talking for hours at a time. However, it can also be caused by viral and bacterial infections.


Pharyngitis or sore throat can be caused as a result of an inflamed pharynx. A Virus or bacteria such as a cold or group A streptococcus can also lead to this condition.


Allergies occur when your body releases antibodies in order to defend itself from a foreign substance. Wide range of elements like foods, medicines, pollen, pet dander may also cause an allergic reaction. The symptoms may differ from person to person but one of the most common symptoms of allergic rhinitis and food allergies is an itchy throat.

Throat cancer

Talking about a serious condition that could be associated with throat tickle is, throat cancer. If you are an alcoholic or you smoke or have human papillomavirus, you may be more susceptible to this condition. Some of the symptoms of throat cancer are:

  •       Weight loss
  •       Lumps near the throat
  •       Voice change


In case it is accompanied by nasal congestion, chronic cough or pain and pressure in your voice, it may sinusitis or sinus infection. Although, it begins as a viral infection but one may also develop a bacterial or fungal infection during the course of this condition. It may last for weeks or even months and can recur a number of times in a year.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Throat Tickle:

Listed below are the natural home remedies that are effective in treating throat tickle:

  •       Gargle with salt water

Add ½ teaspoon salt to 8 ounces of water and gargle it into your mouth for a short amount of time. Then, spit it out.

  •       Take an over the counter medication (OTC)

OTC pain reliever or a throat spray can be given a try.

  •       Drink clear liquids

Drink plenty of water. You can also drink warm beverages like herbal tea. But do not drink caffeinated and alcoholic beverages as that can lead to dehydration.

  •       Suck on a throat lozenge

Lozenges will help in the stimulation of saliva production. This will keep your throat moist and relieve the tickle. You can also go for hard candies.

  •       Rest

If you suspect that tickle is the result of your body fighting off a virus, try to take it easy. Get more sleep and do not push your body.

  •       Add moisture in the air

Dry and cold air will make your throat a little uncomfortable. You can add a humidifier to your room.

  •       Steer clear of known triggers

You may know what exactly can cause your throat to tickle, for instance allergens like pollen or dust.


The causes of throat tickle may be something minor like a common cold or can also be a result of some serious condition like throat cancer. If you feel that there is nothing serious, you can try the listed home remedies. However, if the condition still deteriorates and you notice no improvement in the symptoms, it is advised that you consult a doctor and seek immediate medical help.


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