Mother’s Day Card Ideas for Kids


This 2015, Mothers Day falls on May 10th i.e. on Sunday. Make this Mothers Day special by making crafts and gifts for your mother. A beautiful craft or a gift goes a long way in showing your love towards your mother. Make her feel very special this year with your lovely and lively gifts and crafts.

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids
Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Here are some ideas about Mothers Day crafts and gifts that you can easily make at home.

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

  • Fingerprint Dandelion Craft: This is an easy craft from Crafty This craft requires a plain color card. Use your imagination in bringing out a good and creative message on to the card along with some art work.
  • I Love You Mommy: This is a simple craft that any kid can do. All it takes is to make foot prints shaped like heart and say I Love You Mommy. Check out this craft.
  • You are My Sunshine: This is a hand print craft that can be made very easily by toddlers or kids. And this craft is so adorable.
  • You’re the Apple of My Eye: Here’s another cute foot printed craft by a kid to his or her mother. And this is so cute.
  • We Love Owl Grandma: This craft reminds us that Mothers Day is not only for moms but for grandmas as well.
  • Chipper Recycle Craft: This craft requires pinned toilet paper roll. When pinned, the roll resembles heart shape which can be dipped in colors.
  • Pop Up Card Craft: This is a new design of a greeting card which can be used to convey a number of messages, each one as a surprise. Make this craft and surprise your mom.
  • Paper Bouquet with Hand print flowers: This is another simple yet wonderful craft. Take a large sheet of paper and roll it on one side so that it becomes a cone. Take another white paper and make hand printed flowers on it. Now place this paper inside the open end of the cone and it will resemble a bouquet.
  • Another Hand Print Bouquet: This is another simple bouquet craft for your grandma. I’m sure your grandma will appreciate the efforts.
  • WOW MOM: This is one of the very creative crafts that we’ve seen recently. No wonder you say WOW! when your mom does something impossible.
  • Mom, I Love U This Much: Show your mom how much you love her quite literally.
  • I Love You Mom Because: This craft just like the Pop up Card craft mentioned earlier is another way of saying many good things about your mom.
  • Best Mom Hands Down: This craft gives a new meaning to the expression “Hands Down”.
  • Hand Print Flower Pot: This hand print flower pot will definitely make a place in the memory lanes.
  • Thumb Print Flower: Here’s a thumb print flower plant for your mother. Oh! There’s a great poem in the end.
  • Purse Card For Your Mom: This craft resembles a purse, but it is a greeting card.
  • To The Moon N Back: This is another creative way of saying “I love you to the moon and back”.
  • Flip Flap Flower Card: This greeting craft is made with flowers and the petals hide the message. One needs to flip the petals to read them.
  • Hand Card Greeting: By drawing your palm outline and cutting the shape out, you can make a beautiful craft which gives out the heart shape.
  • Love You This Much craft: Here’s another “Love You This Much” craft. This time, there are two hand cutouts and a paper strip stuck in between them.
  • Pop Up Greeting Card: Here’s another pop up greeting card, where a heart shape pops out.
  • Greeting Card with Fabric Flower: Here’s a Mothers Day Greeting card with a fabric flower attached to it.
  • Mothers Day Flower Card: Here’s a greeting card with flowers attached to the card and the card has your message on it.
  • Folded Paper Flower Card: This is another greeting card craft you can try for this Mother’s Day.
  • 3D Flower Craft Idea: This craft will let you create your own 3D flower that can be pasted on to a greeting card.
  • Sealed Greeting Card: Here’s a greeting card for Mothers Day which looks as though it is almost sealed.
  • Butterfly Greeting Card: This is a greeting card with butterflies on it. Not quite literally, but it has butterfly cut outs pasted on it.
  • Flower Pot Card: This card resembles a flower pot envelope with flowers inside it. As you pull the flowers, the flowers will have messages on it.
  • Card With Heart and Flowers: This card has a heart shape and lots of flowers pasted on it. The heart shape will have the message.
  • Mother And Baby Owl Hugging Card: This card has cut outs of a mother and baby owl hugging.
  • Cupcake Cover Cards: This greeting card has cupcake covers that can be used as flowers with photos of your loved ones in the middle.
  • 3D Butterfly Greeting Card: This greeting card has number of butterfly cutouts of different sizes piled on top of one another and pasted on a greeting card.
  • Folding Card Craft: Here’s a greeting card which can be folded. Unfolding the card, it gives out the message on it.
  • Mom, You’re Purrfect: This is a good way of conveying your greetings to your mother on this Mothers Day. And it’s Purrfect!
  • Mom, You Rock: Here’s another craft that pretty much conveys the message.
  • If Moms Were Flowers: This craft not only has good design on it, but it also has a great message and greeting.
  • Fireflies In a Jar: This Mothers Day greeting card craft is very creative in its own right.
  • Love You Bunches Mom: This greeting card has a bunch of grapes on it and this message.
  • Showering With Love: This greeting card has a watering can and showers of love.
  • One In A Minion: And, how can we ever forget the adorable Despicable Me Minions? Here’s one craft which says “Mom, You’re One In A Minion”
  • Home is where: Here’s a greeting card which shows the importance of mom. The craft is made with paper and popsicle sticks.
  • Love You Berry Much: This is another creative way of saying I love you to your mom on this Mothers Day.
  • You Hold My Heart: This card has a mother owl holding a heart along with her baby owl.
  • Newspaper Card: Here’s a newspaper greeting which has the breaking news on it. “World’s Best Mom”.
  • Mama Bird Hugging Baby Bird: A picture speaks a thousand words and this is one of them.
  • 1 Mom: This card craft will make your mom really feel like someone special. And she really is.
  • Super Mom: We almost forgot about this craft. Every mom out there is a Super Mom. Here’s one card idea for your Super Mom.
  • World’s Most Marvelous Mom: This card has a drawing of mom and has “World’s Most Marvelous Mom” written on it.
  • Card describing qualities of mom: This card is a good way of showing your mom what she is made of.
  • Thank you, Mom: This card craft is a drawing of a baby being delivered by a stork.
  • I Love You With a Cherry on Top: This card craft is an ice cream cone with all the messages on it.
  • Mom’s Resume: This card craft is about your mom’s resume. In other words, what she does best and what she does for your family, etc.
  • Mother Bunny with babies: This greeting card craft has a mother bunny with her baby bunnies.
  • My Mother is the Sweetest: This card craft has ice cream and it says “My Mother is the Sweetest”.
  • Hand Made Painting: This is one simple way of making a craft yourself for your mom.
  • You’re Pretty Awesome: Here’s a card craft which says “Mom, You’re Pretty Awesome”.
  • Always There: This card has all those things that you’ve always wanted to say to your mom.
  • Flowers For Juggling Mom: Here’s a card depicting an overly juggling mom being gifted flowers by her son.