51 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Sons


With mothers’ day round the corner, knocking at your door, and you having completely forgotten about it, how is it even possible to not get paranoid?! However, in today’s high developing world, you do have innumerable options to choose from, even in the eleventh hour, before the arrival of the D-day. Take a look at these 51 exciting and easy last minute gift ideas to do justice to the first lady in your life, and soothe the semi-dormant Oedipus inside you! These ideas will surely leave you wondering what you ever did to deserve such sheer luck!

Mother’s Day Gifts: Last Minute Ideas

mothers day gift

Customized coffee mug

In the age of digitisation of everything, you can easily turn a simple coffee mug into a quirky one with picture of your mother and you. Just run down to the local photocopy and printing shop with a mono coloured mug in your hand and a cute photo of you two. Magic will be done in hours! What more could a mother ask for from her son, when she gets to drink her morning beverage from a mug that has your smiling face on it?

Personalised cushion

Another fun thing to get her in a couple of days is a comfy cushion to help her relax after a hard day’s work. All you have to do is get a family picture printed on its cover, to make it an emotional one. This can be done in one day, at one of the tailoring and bleaching stores.

Photo frame

A photo frame is one of the easiest gifts that you can buy from a stationery or lifestyle store for a reasonable price. Let her decorate the living room with a nice family picture!

photo frame



Men are almost always likely to exclaim, “I know nothing about women’s jewellery!”. Well, that’s a lame excuse, we would say! You can easily get you mum a lovely pendant from a lifestyle store near your place, can’t you? Just take a look at the kind of light jewellery she prefers wearing on most days, and get something similar yet slightly different and beautiful to make her day!

Miniature plant pot

For the mothers with a passion for plants and greenery, what can be a better gift than a tiny pot of saplings or freshly planted seeds? Go to a local nursery or a flower shop and get one for her. It takes minimal effort and at the same time gives you mum the chance to nurture her hobby amidst the hectic work and running after you all day!

mniature plant pot

Flower bouquet

This is probably on of the most cliché products as gifts, yet it never fails to make women smile. Look out for her favourite flowers, though!

Baking kit

Most mums love to bake for their children, especially on the letter’s birthdays. Why not make the best use of this talent and passion of hers? Get a nice baking kit for her, so that she can bake more cakes for you! This will surely make you both happy in the long run!


Remember those moments when you got scolded for leaving traces of tea or coffee on the dining table? By now you know that she is rather obsessed with cleanliness. Gift a pack of wooden coasters to her, so that she is relieved from having to clean the table every time the rest if the family members drink their favourite beverages!



Story book

Give the lady a break from work, will you? A good, inspiring story to read after work might soothe her brain.


Again, please don’t run away from the idea of going shopping for jewellery! These days you can get cool, light earrings at any fashion store. Give her something to adorn in order to add a spark to her pretty face!


Women cannot imagine leaving their homes without handbags, unlike you guys who forcefully stuff everything into your little pockets! Get your mother a pretty sling bag or a vanity bag to keep her belongings organised when is out on the streets. She will love to see that you are caring about being “organised”!



You might as well be caring enough to make sure that she does not stain her pricey clothes in lieu of cooking your favourite recipes!


Boho storage jars

For the perfectly organised lady at home, get her a box of cool jars to keep everything organised.

Jewellery box

Not being able to find the perfect pair of earrings exactly when you need them is something that every woman has to go through, every time! Gift your mother a jewellery box so that she can do away with this agony by storing her belongings well.

Hair care set

With all the pollution outside, women find it difficult to be happy about the condition of their hair these days. Get her a hair spa set or a pack of conditioner to help her keep those locks smooth and silky!

Handmade collage-based greeting card

Still nothing to think of? Get printouts of some of your old pictures with mum and stick them on a large piece of mount board, folded like a card. Write an inspiring and loving message, and you have a mother’s day card ready in hours!

Scented candles

Get you mother some candles to light up while in the bath tub or in the bedroom after a long day’s work.

scented candles


Handmade customised wall hanging

Why don’t you get some family pictures, stick them on a mount board, cut them into cute little heart shapes and attach them to a string? You will have a DIY wall decoration or hanging to gift your mother, which she will absolutely love!

Flower vase

Does you mother love flowers? Well, if you feel that gifting her flowers on such an auspicious day is futile because they will dry up soon and have to be thrown out, get a vase for her. From time to time, she can decorate it with her favourite flowers.


For the chef in her, buy a good recipe book for your mother to be able to find joy in feeding you like she always has!


Skincare set

Working all day definitely has adverse effects on her skin, especially now that she is growing older with each passing day. Get her a facial kit to help her keep glowing.


One of the easiest gifts that most of us can think of, during any occasion, is a bottle of aromatic perfume. Why not do the same for you mother’s special day too?



If you mother is one of those classy women who are connoisseurs of wine, get her a bottle of good, well prepared and brewed wine to make her day!

Tea set

Ever thought about the craze for “chai” that your mother might have? It is high time that you gift her a set of tea making, brewing, and serving equipments to make her feel like royalty.


Is it the morning of mother’s day today and you still haven’t bought anything for her? To save yourself from shame and your mother from the pangs of a heavy heart, run out to the nearest grocery store and buy a pack of Cadbury’s celebrations to gift her. What’s better than a day that starts on a sweet note?

Wanderlust calendar

Working day in and day out is bound to make your mother feel gloomy at times. Get her a calender filled with pictures of all the prettiest places on earth so that she feels better while looking at her regular schedule.

Table cover

One of the most common things most mothers get worried about, while having guests over for meals is the texture of the table cover, more than the food served! So get a floral printed table cover for her to greet the guests in style.


Getting your mother a scarf from a pretty local boutique is not only easy on your pocket but also something that will save her from both the sun as well as the cold winds.


Her favourite breakfast spread

What’s better for a mother than waking up to her child, that too the male chauvinist son, having prepared a lavish breakfast?

A table booked for a family lunch or dinner at her favourite restaurant: Or, better still, if you cannot cook, just take some time out of your schedule to visit her favourite eatery and book a seat by the window, for a family meal. Your mum will truly enjoy being under the limelight, all pampered, for that entire day!


Jewellery is probably as easy a gift as a book is. Jut get her a German silver bracelet with some crystals encrypted on it.


A poster of wonder woman, her favourite heroine, her favourite actor, writer, or any fictional character can work wonders on her mood early in the morning. Get a printout of the same, on a hard A1 sized paper and keep it on the dining table for her to be all surprised!

Fridge magnets

Since your mother keeps running towards the fridge to make sure that all the food is in place so that the family members are well fed, gift her a couple of cool magnets to decorate its surface. It will be quite an enthralling piece of gift as it will be a part of her dining room decorations!


Is your mum always keeping a tab on the time as she multi-tasks? Get a quirky watch for her this mother’s day and help her manage things timely!


DIY jar filled with love

If nothing else comes to your mind, just grab an old yet clean jar from the kitchen and fill it up with bits of colourful paper, each filled in with a message of love, inspiration, or gratitude. And, keep a box of tissues handy as she might shed some tears on receiving this gift!

Portable board game kit

Help your mother make the best use of the little time that she gets out of her busy schedule to meet the extended family or friends. Engaging in a light board game will improve the mood of the gathering.

Gift voucher from her favourite shopping site

In this age of online shopping, quickly get her a shopping voucher so that she can choose her gift herself. Safe thing to do!

Storage boxes for her wardrobe

Unlike you, young man, your mother happens to be very organised! If not anything else, get her some colourful boxes from the local store so that she can keep all her belongings in the cupboard separated and better organised.


If you are a painter, make a nice picturesque painting for her to decorate her room or the drawing room with. She will definitely love it! What’s better than her son taking the time to prepare a gift manually?


This is something that can save your day. Just go to the nearest stationery store and get your mother a cool diary as a mother’s day gift. Don’t forget to write a loving note to go with it!


Amazon prime or Netflix membership

Spend some of your savings and get your mother a membership to one of the online movie sites. Let her enjoy not only this mother’s day, but also for the rest of the year, until the next mother’s day!


How about a wonder woman, a catwoman, or a supermom t-shirt? You can get these cliché t-shirts in any of the garment stores and are awesome gifts too.

Snack box

Another easy thing to gift your mother if you haven’t thought of anything else until the eleventh hour. It is also a healthy option.

Passport holder

As organised as your mum is, maybe you’d want to help her get even more organised. Buy a passport and card holder for her, so that she can travel comfortably in style.


Did you know that brands like Frastrack can help you out even in the last minute if you want to buy quirky stuff? Get a pair of stylish shades for mother so that she can brave the sun and go out whenever she wants to.

Slow cooking pot

Cooking can be a painful activity is it is done like a regular chore. Gift your mum a slow cooker so that she can throw in all the veggies and let them cook while she gets other important work done.


slow cooking pot

Health check-up voucher

As you know that women are more prone to numerous diseases, get her a health check coupon from a reputed clinic so that she can get her health right back on track. A son caring for his mother’s health is the best thing that she would want to see!

Portable bluetooth speakers

Help your mum add some spice to the gatherings with her girlfriends. Get her a tiny speaker that she can carry everywhere. Add some music to her social life!

A weekend family holiday at the nearest vacation spot

Of course, a weekend getaway is the best thing that everybody in the family yearns for, literally all the time. Discuss with the other members of the family and book a resort for the perfect holiday that will definitely come as a surprise for your mother!

Spa voucher

Every woman deserves a day off, to relax at the spa and get a full body massage. Why not give her the pleasure of the same this mother’s day?

Yoga mat

Whether your super mum is into yoga or not, just gift her a yoga mat so that she begins to think about her health. Apart from being an easy last minute gift, it also serves as a catalyst to make her feel concerned about her own self.


yoga mat

Now you must be thinking which one(s) to choose from this extensive list of goodies for your wonder woman! Remember that there isn’t much time in hand. It is, after all, you who will understand best what is good for your mother. Think about the things that she likes and the things that she has been wanting for in the past few days or months. To get her one or two of those will definitely blow her mind. Have a great mother’s day!