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11 Accessories Every New Mom Should Own


Your requirements as a new mom are quite different from those of any normal woman. As you have just become a mom or are going to be one, you must have stocked up on some of the essential requirement of a new mom such as diapers. But there are requirements that are not pretty obvious. The need for these accessories may crop up suddenly. You can obviously send your partner to hunt for it at 2 at night because he is at your beck and call now. You can also get the product shipped on an emergency basis with huge shipping cost. But, there is a easier way.

Stock up on some of the basic accessories that you may require as a new mom, but whose requirement you could not figure out yet. In fact, there is a long list of such items be it teething necklaces or silicone jewellery.

11 Must Have New Mom Accessories

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Nipple creams

Safe and soft nipples are a prerequisite to breastfeeding the baby. You may suffer from cracked, sore or even bleeding nipples, especially within the first 2 months of birth of the baby. Do apply nipple creams like lanoline creams around the nipple in between breastfeeding sessions to keep it soft and prevent it from cracking. This can really be a good technique to enjoy the motherly happiness of sucking by your baby.

Absorbent breast pads

As a new mom you are most likely to leak some amount of milk into the bra. This keeps the bra wet and can be an uncomfortable situation for you. Get some good quality absorbent breast pads for the inside portion of your bra. This will absorb the milk and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Nipple shields

If your baby is finding it difficult to latch on to your nipple and suck milk, then you need something called a nipple shield. These are nipple-shaped items made of silicone which you need to put over your nipple during feeding sessions. There is a hole at the tip of the nipple through which the milk can come out. Because of the large size the babies find it easier to latch on to the nipple.


Protecting pads

Even if you change the baby’s pads at regular intervals, there is no guarantee that the baby will not pee or poop in between the changing sessions. In fact, they are notorious for such mid changing poop and pee. So get some protecting plastic pads on the changing sheet. Even if the baby soils it, the waterproof quality of this item will prevent the bed and the plush changing pad from getting soiled.

Baby teething necklaces

As your baby starts to grow teeth it tends to chew on anything and everything that it can lay its hands on. You need to give him some safe teething item. Teething necklaces can be a great item in this regard. You get both a necklace and a teething product. There are many teething necklaces available, but choose one that is very safe for the baby.

Silicone jewellery

If you want to deck up your baby in colourful jewellery why not use silicone jewellery. In fact these pieces of jewellery can also act as teethers. You can get these items in different colour and design. So deck up your baby in colourful bangles, necklaces and other jewellery and let it chew them up with elan.

Changing pad for outings

A portable changing pad for the baby can be really useful, especially when you are out with him. You can change the baby’s clothing without touching public changing places.

A portable playpen

So where do you want your baby to sleep when you are out with it? Away from you! Actually you can do a better job by buying a portable playpen. Just set it up beside your bed and stay assured that the baby is with you.

Bouncy seat

Babies like new feelings, visuals and sounds. You can get a bouncy seat to keep the baby on so that you can lay the dinner peacefully or do other household chores without the baby screaming at the top of its voice.


Burp clothes

If you have not yet got them then do get some now. You need to make the baby burp, and it is common for babies to throw up while trying to burp. The mess would invariably land on your shoulder and dress. So get some burp clothes so that your clothes are not messed with.

Travel high chair

A small chair with adequate height that is also portable can be a great and useful item, especially when you are out with the baby. It saves room, is hygienic and also works as a comfy seat for the baby.

These accessories can make your life as a new mom somewhat more enjoyable and smooth. In fact there may be some more items that you need to stock up to avoid last minute blues.