11 Top Ghost Apps for Real Ghost Hunting


Ghost Hunting Camera by Weasel, Bubble Bun, Talgameent, Real Ghost Tools by NinjeticStudios, Weaseln and Ghosts by CYBERDROIX are some of the top ghost apps for real ghost hunting.

The idea of the paranormal is something that enthralls us all. At some point in our lives, we have considered the question of the supernatural, about the existence of something above nature and beyond the human.It is always tempting to pursue adventure and almost all of us have performed the customary séance in our teenage years. If you wish to take it a step forward, and take up the mantle once again, here are a few ghost detector apps that can help you along the way:

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11 Best Free Ghost Hunting Apps

ghost hunting apps

Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector) by Weasel

One of the most handy ghost detector apps out there, it makes sure that you are armed with the right tools to ensure safety as you go looking for the paranormal. This app is best suited for Android devices and has an EMF detector that can help detect electromagnetic fields that may be strongly associated with the spiritual realm. The EVP or the electronic voice phenomena helps you analyze any exchange of words that may occur on your expedition. The Ghost Hunting paranormal app has a 1000 word strong EVP dictionary to guarantee an interesting night out.

Ghost Hunting Camera by Weasel

This ghost hunting app is one that appropriates your phone camera and helps use it to your advantage in order to help you out. The Ghost Hunting Camera will scan your surroundings through the lens of your camera and give you the exact stats and facts you need to know to keep you informed about the setting you have chosen for your ghost hunting.


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Ghost Hunting Camera by Bubble Bun

If you are a fan of the mystic realms of the world and are looking for a real ghost hunting app then this is the app for you. With this app in your phone, you don’t need to stake out haunted locations. By accessing the app you can scan your immediate surroundings for the presence of the supernatural. The app has a colour coded structure that helps you understand the nature of the spirit you spot. Green denotes calm spirits, blue is the sign of the presence of a poltergeist and red stands for the dangerous spirits which intend to harm life around them.

Ghost Hunter- EM4 Detector Cam by Talgameent

This real ghost detector is one step ahead of all the other apps of the kind. Suitable for Android devices, this app has the new EM4 algorithm that can help spot and hunt paranormal spirits. While the EM4 technology has been inaccessible for a long time, this app uses the stabilized version of the algorithm. This can be used by experienced hunters to track the movement of spirits and discover their origin stories.

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Real Ghost Detector- Radarby SnowPack Studios

One of the most effective ghost hunting apps out there, this app uses the classic radar technology used in submarines and airplanes to detect paranormal presence around your location. The coloured radar detection makes ghost hunting a relatively simple

SGK-1 Ghost Hunting Kit by Spotted: Ghosts

This ghost detector app also comes with a complete ghost hunting kit that can help you along on your adventures. The app has a built in EMF detector, the SG3 Spirit Box and am EVP Recorder, giving you a holistic approach to aid your ghost hunting activities.


Ghostcom Ghost Communicator by Big Boris Studios

Anyone experienced in the art of ghost hunting can tell you that detecting a presence is only one aspect of ghost hunting. Communication with the spirit and analyzing what it wants is also a key feature. This paranormal app helps you to do just that. Armed with the right tools you can help out the souls trapped in this realm once you find out their stories.

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Real Ghost Tools by Ninjetic Studios

This real ghost hunting app is one for the books. This app not only detects paranormal presence, but also the degree of their strength or weakness. In a whole spectrum of colours, violet indicates the weakest presence whereas red denotes the strongest interference. Visually spirits may not always be detected, but analyzing the degree of EMF provides a scientific approach to ghost hunting.

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator by First Class Media B.V.

This ghost detector app adapts to your setting and accesses the lens of your phone camera to give you the accurate data. The picture you see on your android device through the camera will be a negative image that will help you detect anything out of the ordinary around you. No extra preparation will be necessary for you to slip into ghost hunting mode. Simply start the app and use the built-in communication tools to embark on your supernatural adventures.

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This app adds humour to a stressful hobby and is one of the few paranormal apps that let you scan energy spots on a city-wide scale. You can detect the pockets of spiritual presence in the city that you live in, giving you a fair idea about where to go once the ghost hunting bug hits you. Tools like the magnetophone can give an even more interesting spin as you pursue your curiosities.


Real Ghost Detector PRO by SnowPack Studios

As the name says, this is a professional app for ghost hunters. Top notch tools and technology help you hunt down spirits, and a superb interface makes the app extremely useful when you are in a tight spot on your expeditions.

Charge your phone, grab the flashlight and make sure these apps are running before you set out on your adventure of a lifetime!