11 Best Workout Apps for Busy Moms


Mom, essential part of everyone’s life. A life without mom or a family without a mother is just incomplete. Hard to live and survive. Well, a mother is never free. Because being a mother it is a tough and ongoing job. People feel that women staying at home have no work to do but they are wrong a woman who is a housewife works 24 hours a day. And a working woman who has both the thing together that is office and family. To manage these two is a big job in itself. No one can imagine life without a mother, she is the best manager or best coordinator one can have in their life.

Talking about working women, according to me they are super women who does both the thing hand in hand that is having a job and also taking care of their family. It is really not easy to balance both the thing at a time, raising a kid, giving the family appropriate time and then having work pressure, like managing all these are not easy.

Maximum of the women leaves their respective jobs once they become mother because the responsibility rises and a lot of thing changes physically mentally and one cannot work in that pressure. At that time family comes first and then any other idea of career. Salute to all those ladies who are multi talented and they do believe in themselves and get support from their family as well.

Most of the moms are really busy now a day because they are not only moms but a working woman too. In such a busy life taking out time for themselves is tough but is really important. A pregnant woman after becoming mom goes through a lot of thing and faces a lot of change physically and emotionally. So every woman wants to be fit and wants to come back to their early shape and this after becoming a mother is sort of hard and next to impossible because there comes too many jobs at a time. So, looking at one’s physical appearance is the last thing one does. But being fit and taking time for one is important in life otherwise one will go mad.

Now a day’s technology has everything one will ever dream of, apps are there for every problem one goes through in their life. Google has all answer to every human problem. Life became easy and accessible because of internet, apps and social media. And I believe we should use this in the betterment of self and also the world.

Apps for Moms: Top 11 Workout Apps

Best Workout Apps for Busy Moms



Every woman goes through a hectic schedule and is not possible for them to take out time for self fitness. Still many women want to make fitness a part of their daily routine and so do this app helps there. This app helps the person to pick an exercise and also set a timing that how much time they can give to the exercise and based on that the app brings up illustration and the timing goes accordingly.

Sworkit walks one through each move with illustration and timer. There are other ways to perform the task as well if one get confused or is not able to understand the exercise she can see a video related to that exercise.

Charity miles

If fitness comes with an earning intension then fitness becomes more interesting. This app lets you earn for every mile you walk. This app is basically for walkers and runners. They can earn around rupees 6.5 for every mile they cover. At the end of every day one will summarize the distance and monetary impact.


Now, fitness always doesn’t need a lot of time or exercise, fitness can be anywhere, anytime like walking in the room or climbing stairs etc. this app keep a track of how many stairs one is climbing in a day or how many meters or kilometers one is walking. At the end of the day one can compare the graph of one day with the other.

Nike training club

This app is basically for all those who are confuse about what they should start with. This app helps you to figure out what you should start with and also in which level you should start with. You can also challenge yourself and can also win medals. There will be multiple workouts to achieve your goal.

Women’s health

The most important part of one’s life is health. Taking care of health and also being fit at the same time is important. Its not easy to manage whole family, outdoor works and then again one’s health. This app helps women to keep an eye on their health and also make sure to show their personal progress.



This app prepares a nine week course for an individual, and it makes a routine. Daily workout, 30 minutes for each exercise. It shows the progress at the end of the day. This app guides the user to make out ways to combine walking and jogging.

Strava cycling

This app is basically for the cycling lovers. There are women who loves cycling and this app helps them to bridge the gap between their fitness and their hobby. This app helps you summarize how much you have travelled and where you went. Total distance and speed of the ride took by your side.


Those who are creative this app is for them who can try something new and different with their workout routines. It allows you to try any type of workout that too anywhere. This also guides one to perform basic exercise to more complex level.

All in yoga

There are a lot of women who loves yoga. There are number of exercise and poses one can create own workouts. There are photos as well as videos to guide each pose.

Virtual trainer

There are multiple training programs each for four weeks. These programs are divided as indoor, outdoor. Each exercise lasts for 6 to 20 min. one will get the outlet after performing all the exercise given in there and can stop whenever needed to.


This app is little competitive, this app compares your workout with other people who are using this app. It makes you feel more like working out and compete with others who are using this app. Very effective as well as efficient.


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